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When I started blogging, it was a lonely experience.  Just me, my laptop, and my trusty beagle …

Then I discovered link parties. And I linked up.  People came.  They saw.  They commented.  A few conversations were started in those comment threads …

And then I found these ladies. And they invited me to do the unthinkable.  A link party on my very own blog …

And you all came by.  And linked up.  361 strong. 

Nowadays blogging doesn’t feel like such a solitary experience.  I feel like a real part of a real community made up of real live people …

So a big ‘thank you’ to all of you who took part in our Imagine the Impossibilities challenge and link party.  So many inspiring impossibilities. Really. Truly. It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just 10 features …

… and if you’ve been featured, please feel free to grab that lovely button Andrea from The Cottage Market created for us …

So here goes …

Stacey  at Flickerwhips took on the big boy tools for her Impossibilities challenge … and kicked some serious you-know-what in her quest to build a new shelf for her bathroom.  I’ve dubbed her the “power tool diva” …


Katie at Team Skelly took on the Big Purge followed by the dreaded Deep Clean … you know, the one where you’re down on your hands and knees scrubbing baseboards and actually moving furniture to vacuum under and behind.  And once the place was spotless, she went ahead and included a home tour …

Sarah at Adventures of our Fami-ly handmade this adorable “Quiet Book” for her nephew.  She even designed a few of her very own pages, like this Chicago skyline that, naturally, caught this Chicagoan’s eye …


Sherry at Pondered Primed Perfected shared her amazing laundry room makeover.  There was a lot of purging and destroying and rebuilding going on at her house last month.  Oh, and be sure to tell Sherry that she’s wrong … her laundry room makeover is absolutely magazine-worthy!


Laura over at Whimsical Perspective truly achieved her “farmhouse chic” design goal when remodeling her kitchen.  Check out the chalk painted cabinets, butcher block countertops, and amazing vintage touches.  It’s truly a dramatic before and after ‘impossibilities’ story …


We drove Laura from Top This Top That to surgery to repair tendons injured as she raced to complete her family’s game room.  We didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt as part of this challenge.   She completed this amazing space …. which had stalled last fall … with one hand and one hubby lending a helping hand …


Ritajoy from Harbour Breeze had been slowly crafting her basement craft room for a couple of years, but when the Impossibilities challenge came a knocking, she high kicked it into high gear.  Her new creative space … created on a budget of $89 … gives me hope that I can turn my very own ugly basement into something both pretty and functional one day …


Jeni at A Place 2 Call Home spent two years living in a master bedroom that never quite felt right.  So when she and her husband decided to move rooms to live in the room with the better closet, she decided it was time for a change of color and decor … just in time for the Impossibilities challenge.  And make sure you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over her oops paint chevron side table …


Cindy at Oakview Cottage purchased an antique armoire three years ago but was never really thrilled with the finish.  And there it sat, for three years, with that very finish she was never thrilled with … until the Impossibilities challenge.  And oh what a beautiful change of finish she gave it.  Mixing her own chalk paint and then glazing it – a first for Cindy …


When Amy at Home Happy Home told me she was going to paint stripes in her foyer … and told me this on January 23 to boot … I was a bit skeptical.   But Amy pulled through.  Not only did she paint amazingly even stripes, but she also painted the wood trim white (a three coat-er job).  The black front door is the perfect finishing touch …


And I just wanted to end with a shout out to three very honest bloggers who shared their hard-earned lessons when their Impossibilities projects didn’t go quite as planned …

and our final party attendee who linked up just under the wire,
Jessica at This Heroes Nest

Make sure you stop by my fabulous 5 Impossibilities co-hosts to check out their 10 features (just click on their banners below) …

We did our features independently, so there may be some overlap …




And I’ll be highlighting additional posts that caught my eye on Facebook and Pinterest over the next few days …

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  1. …and Kirby DID NOT SMACK ONE SINGLE EIGHTH GRADER! But she did drink a lot of wine.

  2. thank you so much my friend for the fabulous experience…mission accomplished and so much more! sending you a big (hug) and you can paint my ceiling any time ; )

  3. I really enjoyed the party! Thanks for hosting.

  4. Would love for you to follow me back.
    Thanks for hosting these parties I love seeing what others are up to.


  5. Linda- fabulous party, great inspiration and lots of fun. Next time can you have more snacks and wine though?
    Looking forward to partying again!
    PS thanks for the shout out!

  6. Thank you for the feature, Linda! I had such a great time participating and meeting you lovely ladies!

  7. So glad it was you who had to choose, and not me! There is so much talent out there! You picked some wonderful features! Thanks for following my blog, & I am now following back!

  8. So much inspiration here!


  9. They are all so fabulous! Thanks again for hosting such a cool link up!

  10. Hi Linda! You are just the sweetest ~ thanks for your compliments. And not only that…thanks for pushing off your goals to deal with all of us! It becomes quite a juggling act, doesn’t it!? Well, I think you are awesome. And not just cuz you totally talked me up here!!! Can’t wait to see what you do in those bedrooms.
    Have a great day. (And get that bed out of the entry quick…before someone shows up!)

  11. Thank you so much for the feature! And thanks to you and your blogging friends for encouraging us to tackle those “impossible projects!”

  12. Such a fun party…so many wonderful impossibilities!

  13. So many great link ups – so hard to pick just 10! You picked some winners! What a fun experience doing our first link party together (it seemed like an Impossible just a few short months ago)!

  14. loved these links too! had a wonderful time doing the challenge and with you!! :)

  15. These are all beautiful links; I think the challenge encouraged us to overcome our fears and procrastinations and helped us to discover our hidden talents. It was fun.

  16. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words and for featuring me. I feel so blessed!!! There were so many fabulous people whom were challenged to create, I’m so glad I did, for sure, now I can enjoy my lovely armoire!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Such a great party with lots of inspirations!

  18. Great work on everyone’s part, a real yeoman’s job! I just found that new Linky Follower through GraceinAz’s blog a couple of days ago. It’s on my blog and I’m following yours, too. I just put it on my other blog,too and trying to see how this is all connected(?)…

  19. Thanks for the feature Linda! I’m secretly hoping we do this again next year! I can’t believe how many people took on the challenge! Amazing!!

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