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The other day we went to Sam’s high school holiday concert. Sam plays the double bass, sometimes called the bass fiddle. He wore a tuxedo with a cockeyed bowtie and did very well, even if he might have been somewhat uncomfortable. Best part was when he grinned and waved at the sweet girl he likes a lot in the fourth row who had come down to the school in the evening just to see him play.


Before we sat down to watch and listen, Linda and Moll and I had dinner near the school, and Moll talked the entire time. Did you know 12-year-old girls like to talk? I love every syllable.


But…during the time at Sam’s school, I had to use the men’s room. And there was a man helping his disabled friend pee. He was holding his friend up, with his friend’s pants down, and he was talking to his friend the whole time. Didn’t matter that there were adults and kids going in and out, some staring, some rushing past. This man was focused on his buddy to make sure he could do what he needed and could hear him talking. There was a sense of, “This is what we do because we’re friends,” to all of it.


I was grumpy for a lot of reasons when we got to the school that evening. That cured it.


Things have been crazy in this country, no matter where you are or whose political party you believe in. Let’s try to keep calm and have a few laughs along the way.


And help your friends, especially when they need it most and when it may be very tough for you.


Happy holidays to all of you!

~ Mike


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  1. says

    Well that post sure didn’t go where I thought it was going too, but then again, I’m glad it went where those guys hoped it would go.


  2. says

    Mike, dang nabbit, you made me cry… Merry Christmas! (it was a good cry.. yeah know, kinda like the Hallmark Christmas commercials… sorry but I’m sure Linda understands!)

  3. says

    “did you know 12 year old girls like to talk” LOL hahaha

    a few years ago a friend of mine fell while running to catch the bus in NYC and broke both of her wrists … you can imagine all of the things her husband and friends helped her with at that time, it does just teach us a new normal.

    here’s wishing good will to all and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  4. says

    What a touching post… It also reminded me to cherish the moments we have with our kids. My 10-year-old can talk my ear off, and I often find myself tuning her out. I wonder if I will miss those moments when she’s all grown up. I should appreciate them now.

    My son also plays the double bass. Isn’t it the most fabulous instrument ever? I adore it.

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