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There are a number of blogs today who are recognizing a day of silence in memory of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  I, too, am devastated about what happened last Friday and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Newtown, Connecticut.   And I, too, had planned to remain silent here on the blog today.  That is until my husband sent me this post on Sunday afternoon.  It seemed to strike the perfect note as a reminder to cherish each and every moment of our children’s young lives …




Today I took my twelve-year-old daughter to the mall. She needed to get a Secret Santa gift for a classmate and I needed to get her brother some actual collared shirts he might wear in those odd occasions when a T-shirt just isn’t highbrow enough. He was smart enough to use the “I have a lot of homework” excuse to stay home, and gave me power of parent to buy his shirts for him.


Going to a mall nine days before Christmas sounds like a quiet afternoon, doesn’t it? Like sprinting across one of the runways at O’Hare. And I was surprised to find that The Old Navy was quite busy. Why so many people decide it’s a fun idea to bring every single person in their household on a routine shopping trip is beyond me. But there they were, blocking important aisles. Such as the ones we needed to use.


We got what we needed, and that was good, but the best parts were the drive up and back and the walk through the mall and even the browsing at the stores. Molly wouldn’t stop talking to me. Wonderful stuff. Talking about school, her friends, television shows, videos, clothes, dreams, the stores and buildings and sculptures along the way – a tireless stream-of-consciousness narration. All in that sweet voice, punctuated with a young lady’s laugh.


It won’t always be this way, I know, so I soaked in all I could. I’ll save it for a dry day.


And now I have to return Sam’s shirts. Wrong size.


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    I cherish all the moments with my daughter.She is our only.Not just because of what happened recently.But because of how fast time goes by and you never know from what day from the next how one second could be life changing.We have experienced that.
    I was not planning to post today so I won’t.But I took time away from my blog this weekend and shared my feelings with my readers.I did not want any comments so I turned it off.I wanted time with my family and time to reflect.I will continue to keep all those in Connecticut in my prayers.

  2. says

    Thanks for posting! somehow the ‘keeping silent’ hasn’t felt totally right to me – not judging at all either way – but I’m glad to see this post! It feels right to me!

  3. says

    Perfect. Thank you for sharing. I was silent…on my own…all weekend. I chose to post yesterday out of the need to reconnect with everyone. I’m so glad you posted this…it gives me the chance to say that I’m grateful for our friendship. Because I am you know. So grateful. Have a good day!

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    It was so good to “hear” from you! And what a special time with your daughter! Can you imagine making that same trip on a Saturday afternoon??? What were we thinking??!!! Oddly enough the mall itself wasn’t packed, just the parking lot… well bath and body works too! It was a truly wonderful time together! Okay I want you to imagine this picture… a store filled with women (Bath & Bodyworks) myself, TWO teen boys, and my husband. And it was the boys who wanted to go in… they love the men’s collection of body/hair wash, body sprays, and cologne! I had to laugh at the expression on my husband’s face when he realized no one was going to hangout outside of the store with him! priceless!!

    Thank you so very much for sharing! Have a wonderful week!

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    It’s those little moments, isn’t it, that we sometimes forget about. The ones that no one thinks to take pictures of. But sometimes those are the ones that make for the sweetest memories. I’m so sad for the community of Newtown, and all those future memories that are now lost.

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