christmas inspiration for 2013

Yes, you read that headline right.  I’m busy planning for Christmas 2013.  Despite (or in spite of?) the fact that I never fully embraced Christmas 2012.  Much like this blogger – who, by the way, made me feel so much better about myself and my home.


So instead of taking down my 2012 decorations – a task I’m putting off until this weekend – I’m plotting how to change things up in 2013.  My inspiration comes from a favorite ornament I gave my son a few years ago …


Christmas Ornament Car tree on top 1


Something about that  car with the tree on top has me dreaming of a tree-filled table tops.  Plural.  So instead of taking the ornaments off our 2012 tree, I’m busy Googling “bottle brush Christmas trees” and “mini Christmas trees.”  I hit pay dirt here  and placed two orders for 21 assorted sizes for the low, low price of $9.99 each.


And now I’m dreaming about dyeing or spray painting them fun colors … or maybe I’ll just leave them as is … or maybe I’ll douse them in glitter …


Oh the possibilities are endless.  And I have 330+ days to decide …

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  1. I think that’s the best way to do it, 360+ days in advance! :) Especially with the low prices going on right now!
    Happy New Year, Linda!

  2. those trees are pure christmas joy! can’t wait til next december to see what you do. ;)

  3. Boscov’s? Now I’m homesick.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Great idea, Linda! I noticed the colorful ones you pinned recently and loved them. I just ordered two sets! I have been scouring the flea markets for these and cannot find any, so these, on sale, are excellent! Thanks for sharing. Let the great bottle brush tree bonanza begin!

  5. oh my…… you need a glass of wine to rethink thinking about christmas decor for next year.

  6. Wow you do like to plan ahead LOL! What a sweet ornament from your son! I just started taking some things down today since my daughter is off at a friends house for a sleep over.I will finish tomorrow although I don’t have much to do this year since I kept it pretty simple.

  7. Linda…it must be the name…great minds think alike..
    I was in Walmart yesterday and picked up all their small trees green and white @.30 each.
    I thought I did great… I know a crazy but I’m already doing Christmas crafts for 2013…

  8. I bought a bunch of stuff 80% off at Hobby Lobby today and I’m itching to put it up! I guess I’ll just count down the days :)

  9. Planning ahead is the way to go. I have a thing for trees and love having them all over the house at Christmas. I’ve also dyed many a bottle brush tree too. Beware, it’s addicting.

  10. Because of home repairs (and limited holiday decorations), I, too, am looking forward to Christmas 2013. Keep the ideas flowing!

  11. I was thinking about that too, I mean getting a head start on Christmas for next year. Seems like when you live in the blogging world, you have to do everything a month ahead of time or your posts about it are already late! I had seen Allison’s post earlier and it made me feel better too! Have a great weekend my friend!


  12. This is fantastic! I didn’t get much into 2012 Christmas, either and was already thinking about what to do in 2013, although, I haven’t shopped any “end of year” clearance sales, so Christmas 2013 is probably gonna end on a “wah wah” note, too. Oh, well.

  13. Ann Drake says:

    Great idea to do this now. My problem would be remembering where I put the stuff when next Christmas rolls around!

  14. I was really in the mood for bottle brush trees this year too. I think they are coming back in a big way next Christmas :) Great idea stocking up!

  15. You can always bleach those trees to get white or cream and then use koolaid to dye them! I’ve got two bags of 21 each that I got at kmart for 5.99 each! Can’t wait till next holiday – maybe I will just prepare for Christmas all year long!

  16. After I read your blog I ordered some bottle brush trees for myself. Thanks for the info.

  17. I love that you’re thinking about Christmas 2013. Feels so good not to be alone :)

  18. Nothing like getting in the Christmas spirit in January! By the time Christmas actually gets here, you’ll have actually turned into Mrs. Clause.

  19. I am fighting the urge to click the link for the trees. I’m afraid I might want some.


  20. Wow. I am not sure whether to be impressed or think you are a bit crazy :). I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Christmas 2013!

  21. Love it! Funny, I just moved one of those out of my space at Paris Flea that got misplaced there. I am sort of behind you on Christmas 2012. I really admire your planning skills! My kids and husband were so kind to me that they put away all of the Christmas stuff. That is what you get when you have a bad cold right after Christmas. I am so looking forward to what you are sharing in 2013. Oh, and guess what? I bought a ticket to Haven! I figured, why not? I am going to figure out a way to get there!

  22. That’s the way! Have some fun now, put it all away before the bulbs start to pop out of the ground, and then next December you’ll surprise yourself with lovely new things.

  23. $7.50 at Sears and free shipping to store.

  24. I hear ya, Linda.

    I slacked badly at Christmas, but I blame my 3 year old. The tree was a playset for his animals and any vignette I made was immediately covered in toys.

    Oops. Forgot to blog that as well.

    Hope you are well!

  25. I’m with you, Linda in several ways. Christmas creeped up on me too soon. I’ve decided to post a holiday decoration each month so I will be ready for 2013. I went crazy over the bottle brush trees too so thanks for the link! I wish I could find the white ones, but I guess they can be bleached.

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