decisions, decisions



That’s my email screaming at me each day.




It exclaimed on Saturday.  And the dreaded countdown began.




Doomsday is calling.  One screaming email at a time …




Yikes.  I need to get my act in gear.  And get that order placed.


You see, I decided to go with a Pottery Barn sofa for my living room remodel.  Mostly because my sister pointed out that I would regret my decision if I went with the cheaper Walmart couch.  And she’s right.


So at the prompting of my comrade in sofa indecision – who is also being taunted by those screaming countdown emails – I hit the Pottery Barn store yesterday.  I sat on the couches.  Touched the fabric samples.  Chatted with the sales manager.


A decision or two was made.  Twill fabric.  In the color Parchment.  A nice neutral.  It reads a bit darker in person than on the website.  But now?  Now I need to decide between a slipcover or no slipcover …




I like the tailored look of the no slipcover Buchanan sofa.  Clean lines.  And it has a whopping 3 1/2 inches on the slip-covered sofa …


I’m not a big fan of the skirt, but the slipcover PB Comfort sofa just seems so much more practical.  With kids.  And a dog who will claim this sofa as his own …


So please chime in.



Winking smile


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  1. Jeanne says

    Oh, slipcover by all means!! I have off white on all my pieces and LOVE it. Not only practical, but love the casual, yet elegant feel they add to a room. And you can always change to another slipcover if you tire of these.

  2. says

    So much pressure, I’ll type fast…. just like you would of regretted the WalMart sofa, I think too you will regret not getting the slipcover. Unless of course the cushions come off of the other one for washing.

  3. Dee says

    Slipcover! And when the kids are gone someday, you can always take off the slipcover and you’ll have a blank slate for reupholstering! :)

  4. Anne says

    I am in favor of the slip cover.I actually like the skirt too.Gives it a softer look.And may be better if you are concerned about stains and things.

  5. says

    Kids + dog + light color = slipcover! But I hear you on liking the clean lines of no slipcover. Plenty of time for that when you’re a grandma, right? (Every time I tell myself that I can do something when the kids are grown and gone, I immediately think about how much I will miss them and how that something will be small comfort. I’m perverse like that.)

    Looking forward to seeing your room come together.

  6. says

    I have to admit I bought my slip covered sofa without a lot of research. I bought the IKEA one with the white slip cover. I hated it. My dog trashed it within the first month. I would wash/soak/bleach those slip covers and some of the paw marks did not come out. So I upgraded to a slip cover from Comfort Works. It’s 100% polyester (looks like linen) so the paw marks don’t really sink in. I can wash them and they come out looking lovely. So by this time (money wise) I could have had the good couch from Pottery Barn. I would say definitely go with the slip covers. If you didn’t have kids or a dog I wouldn’t say that…but I think you will need to wash them. Also make sure that they are completely washable. I think Kim at Savvy Southern Style has the PB slipcovers and she washes them all the time. I think hers are white…

  7. Joelle says

    Go with the slipcovered sofa and save your sanity! We have a Pottery Barn Charleston slipcovered sofa that has beautifully weathered 3 kids, 1 yellow lab (yes, think Marley and Me) and 4 cats for the past 7 years. I have both denim and twill slipcovers and wash them a bunch!

    Good luck!

  8. says

    I used the Ikea Ektorp slip covered sofa in our rec room remodel last year and its been great. Maybe you want to go a bit fancier in your living room… The slip covers are washable and dry cleanable and the dog is not a problem in our house. She prefers the leather chairs! Anyway, the Ikea version is very inexpensive and there are tons of other slip cover options available for it. Just a thought.

  9. says

    Slip cover! This coming from a woman with 3 teenage boys, a 105 lb dog who is not “allowed” on the sofa, and owns a slipcovered sofa from Ikea. Fitted washable slipcovers are the answer! Oh buy an extra if possible, that way you can switch out the clean for the soiled and never have to worry about it sitting “nekked” for any length of time!

  10. says

    I have the Buchanan, and we’ve loved it to death for over 2 years. It is a workhorse! I’m planning on slipcovering it myself, but I bought it at PB Outlet for $400 – so I can take the time to do that. I can say, though, that the fabric cleans very well, so if you’re worried about that – don’t be. You’ll love either one :)

  11. says

    I say go with the 3 seat cushion version. We inherited a sofa the style of the two cushion version and I hate it. the back pillows are not reversible/interchangeable/only flip one direction so they are worn into weird wing shapes. Oh and its laura ashley esque flowerprint. The only good part is that it had the best sofa bed. I am still searching for a slipcover for this beast.

  12. says

    Slip cover – because neurosis of the most evil kind will set in as soon as one of those children or that dog makes a mark on that thing and then you’ll wish you had gone with the cheapo Walmart version – just to calm your nerves. You will walk around for days, months perhaps, cursing all upper class slip covered sofas and your waiting on coupons and discounts and all those decisions, decisions….and then you’ll put a cute throw on the thing and shake your head every time you look at it, with disgust. It will become your nemesis.

    Live free. Slip cover!!


  13. Jessica M. says

    slip cover, slip cover, slip cover….for the love of God please slip cover! I have 5 kids and wish more than anything that I had gone with the slip cover sofa – sadly, I did not! Now it is too pricey to have one made (sad face)…..

  14. says

    I agree with everyone else. I love the look of the 3 cushion couch, but the slipcover is sooooo practical! My parents actually have the same couch in the same color and they have spilled everything on it (red wine, vomit, etc.), but it continues to come out. My biggest regret is not getting a slipcover and now we just cover the couch with a blanket whenever my kids sit on it (not very practical).

  15. says

    It’s your money. Get the one you love and have it scotch guarded. Just my two bits cuz you’re gonna be looking at it for a long, long time.

  16. says

    Ummmm…..(small hand tenatively raising). I’m going to buck the trend. I really like the clean lines of the sofa without the slipcover.

    I’m just sayin’.

    :) me

  17. says

    I have a giant sectional that we bought with slipcovers. The couch itself is solid and should last until my children are long gone. The fabric we knew was going to wear out. It wore out in 9 years. Red and faded, and so gross. I was ooing and ahhhing over the PB neutral slipcovered sectional. It looks exactly like mine, but theirs is clean. I finally decided my big present to myself would be to have all new slipcovers made in the same neutral. It won’t fade, I can wash it all the time and won’t worry about it fading. It is neutral colored so I can change my decor if I feel like it and not stuck with RED for the rest of my life. Go for it, that deal isn’t going to last forever. Then you can write a post about how awesome it looks and how glad you are you listened to me!!! (LOL)

  18. says

    The Buchanan would be my choice for sure, however the brushed twill seems to be the most heavy duty and I would choose either walnut or sage because as much as I love the lighter color… let’s be real…. it won’t stay clean. I’ve had slipcovered sofas before and the slipcover shrunk when it was washed… I’d go with the non slipcovered one. We have to be real, unless it is in a room where nobody goes, (kids and teens especially), it’s gonna get dirty!

  19. Kelly at View Along the Way says

    I love the tailored look, but I also love the washability of slipcovers. So I’m zero help to you. :)

  20. says

    I love the no-slipcover design, BUT I have a dog, too. A big slobbery black dog who must snooze with his head in my lap while I watch TV at the end of the day. I have an old sofa that only has slipcovers on the seat portion, and I remove and wash them about every two weeks. I love them. If I couldn’t do so, there have been many times I would have shrieked at my dog for drooling on my sofa. Dogs recover from shrieking much easier than children. My vote is to go with the slipcovers. It will keep peace in the house, and nothing is more important than peace in the house, right? Be warned, though, slipcovers will give you a bit of a workout going on and off. It’s worth it, though. Also, mine are denim and after a few years and many washings, they still look brand new. I think twill is supposed to be similar as far as wear goes. I also go into high anxiety mode when a sale is counting down. Good luck!

  21. says

    Yay…I am so glad you went the PB route…you will be happy…to pay a bit more for better quality and be happy in the long run…now hmmm slip or no slip..that is the question…Well. for me, I love the tailored look as it is classic…but then again, you are thinking practicality…of kids and pets…but then again…I guess if you like the tailored look…you can always have it treated for stains….

  22. Kirsten says

    I would love to know what you decided! I am trying to decide between the twill slip covers and the brushed canvass. The thrifty part of me wants to save the $70 and go with the twill. What color did you settle on?

  23. Bridget says

    I’m pretty sure you can wash the back and seat cushions of the Buchanan. That’s the most part that gets dirty. Buy extra material for arm rests. Performance shade washes so well and is incredibly durable as it is all polyester.

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