holy moly …

I’m having a holy moly moment.  Okay, not just a single moment.  Many moments. Many moments throughout the day.  Morning.  Noon. Night.  As the light changes.  Waxing and waning.


… and why oh why won’t the sun come out to play?


It’s not that I don’t like the color I chose for the walls.  It’s amazing.  Beautiful.  A perfect navy from Sherwin-Williams.


And that navy went up so effortlessly.  Perfectly.  Two coats and I was done.


And when I climbed down from that wobbly old ladder and eyed my masterpiece, I started to doubt.


Perhaps it’s too bold a move.


Perhaps it’s too dark in my light-challenged home.


Navy Blue Walls


And when exactly did the tables turn?


My husband and children are now reassuring me that it will all look great. Fabulous. Just wait until we get the white board and batten up with the crisp white semi-gloss …


And the rugs.Remember the new rugs?  The fabulous new rugs that will lighten and brighten everything up ….


It’s a big change.  A dramatic change.  And we really need to get that board and batten up.  I’ve been busy this week measuring lengths and heights.  Figuring out a baseboard fix.  And how to wrap the arches.  I’ll get the lumber cut on Friday. The plan is to install on the weekend.  A little Valentine’s gift to me from my husband …


In the meanwhile, I have a lengthy “to do” list to work on. And things to find.  And spray paint.  My car is filled with Salvation Army finds that will look fabulous with a coat or two of spray paint.


And the packages keep coming.  Stacking up in the entry.  Pretty soon, we won’t be able to get through the front door.


The journey continues …


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  1. says

    Linda I am thinking this is going to look awesome! Navy and the board and batten is a great combo. A big change sometimes makes you wonder but I really think this is going to be a winner. I can’t wait to see the results!
    Good luck with the finish!

  2. says

    The middle of a project always looks the worst the Linda, and the bigger the change / project, the “worser” {you know what I mean} the middle looks. I’m in the middle of a drastic color / decor change in a large area myself. Click your heals three times and say along with me, “there’s no place like a finished project” and keep on DIY’ing. Looking forward to your reveal (and mine too, we’ll have to share a virtual glass of vino when this is done).

  3. says

    I have to remind myself of this rule all the time: you are not allowed to question the vision halfway through. The vision was beautiful, and the halfway point always makes you wonder what you were thinking. I, for one, am digging it. Move forward with whatcha got and if you need to change it later, it’ll be easy, but you totally won’t.

  4. says

    Linda, don’t worry, it’s going to look great. Once you get the bottom done, it will all look so crisp and clean, and yes, even bright. And if you still aren’t sure, hey, it’s only paint, right? But I’m betting it will look fabulous. Keep up the great work!


  5. says

    hi Linda,
    Someone I respect recently told me that if I don’t like the color, the great thing about board and batten is you don’t have a lot to paint over to change it.

    Oh, wait – that person with the great advice?
    Was you!

    It will look great.
    Give it a chance.
    And, if it’s not what you wanted, you’ll simple change it.
    No biggie :)

  6. says

    Man, packages stacking up in the entry? That sounds like heaven! I have been carless this week due to my husband’s car having issues.

    And I do love me a good trip to thrift and spray.

    I need to check your rug. I have become completely enamored of the idea of getting an orange and white chevron rug for my office. It’s all Kariann’s fault too, with that perky black and white closet to office redo. I LOVE the chevron rug she got. We’ll just see if I can scare up $100 from somewhere. I can’t decide if I want it bad enough to use my birthday money…

  7. says

    I can just tell from that little sneak peek that this is going to look AHmazing when it’s done! Once you get all of that bright white board and batten up the room is going to look so much brighter, and the navy will look fantastic next to it. I’m really looking forward to seeing your rooms come together! Good luck with the installation this weekend :)


  8. says

    I remember when my hubby painted our first “dark painted walls”…he had the day off and started to paint…he called me at work and said…I am painting and the paint is really dark…just wanted you to know..should I proceed?…I said, absolutely…you will love it…and when it was all said and done…he loved it..and so did I…I had white furniture in that room and the dark walls looked really great with the white….you will love it!!!…

  9. says

    I’m a huge fan of dark and/or dramatic colors, and I adore navy, so it will be perfect when it’s up. Or, you can always paint it again, which is just annoying and a bit embarrassing but not the end of the world. Oops, I see the baby standing in her crib, gotta run, but hugs from over here!

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