imagine the impossibilities 2012 link party…

You’ve all been working hard — and hard at work — turning your impossibilities into possibilities …

… and now it’s time to share …

Don’t worry if it’s not 100% complete – or didn’t turn out as planned – it’s all about the process.  You know, the learning process.

As for ‘rules,’ I’m a gal who likes to throw caution to the wind.  Color outside the lines and all …

… so instead of ‘rules,’ can I offer up some suggestions?

  • First and foremost, I’d love for you to ‘share the love’ with your fellow challengers. We all worked hard.  We all appreciate visits.  We all like to get a few “ooh’s” and “aah’s” in our comments threads …

  • If you feel so inclined to “join this site” through Good Friend Connect, that would be greatly appreciated …
… the same goes for Facebook and Pinterest …
  • Andrea @ The Cottage Market worked so hard on our lovely buttons, so if you want to show your solidarity – and pride – feel free to grab the I DID IT button code above …
… link backs are always nice …

Now this link party is what they call a “blog hop”…
… and what does that mean?  Well, I could make you all contact Mr. Brent Riggs (who tells me he created this concept), but I won’t do that to you, my dear blog friends …
What it means is that when you link up here, you will automatically be linked up at all six of our blog parties.
Pretty cool, no?

And when you’re done linking up and visiting your fellow challenger links, I hope you’ll stop by my fab five challenge co-hosts and connect with them too (just click on their blog header buttons below to be transported to fabulousness) …

Stacey @ A Sort of Fairytale


Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage


Andrea @ The Cottage Market


Karah @ The Space Between


Kari @ Thistlewood Farm


(If you need help linking up, click here)

Oh, and the link party stays open until midnight, Friday, February 3. And that’s Central time bee-cuz I’m in Chi-KA-Go, ya know.  With da Bulls and da Bears and da Cubby Bears …

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  1. says

    My string art is all linked up…thanks for hosting. There is nothing like announcing something in the public domain to drive you to complete a project, this was a great challenge. Off to visit your co-hosts now and click through the entries so far. Somehow I don’t think I will get much real work done today!

  2. says

    Oooh, look at all those people who have already posted!
    And, I bet there are more of us putting finishing touches who will be linking soon!

    It’s amazing how joining the Impossibilities Project pushed our family to push through.

    Off to visit the co-hosts (thanks for providing the links in your post above) and to check out some of these wonderful projects. And, of course, comment!
    ~ Dana

  3. says

    Linda, that ceiling!! Painting ceilings is such a chore any day but you have that huge vaulted one to deal with. I have always been fond of pale blue on a ceiling…like the sky. How calm and relaxing is that!? Very nice.

    Thanks to you and all the others for this wonderful challenge that got everybody moving and the link up!

  4. says


    I love your ceiling. And, I’m so glad your hubby agrees! I can’t imagine the neck ache you had! Super Job!

    Thank you so much for co-hosting the Challenge!

    ~ Dana at Cooking at Cafe D
    (We’ll, hopefully finish our Jimmy John’s Kitchen tonight!)

  5. says

    Ooooooooo – beautiful. Coming from a family of painters, things like “how will she cut in at the corners? How in heck do you mask off the fan?” were going through my head (along with the every popular “how much scaffolding will that take?”). You’ll do fine with the bead board wall paper – wall paper is not hard to apply. Go Girl!

    Linda at Fingers in the Dirt

  6. says

    So excited to link-up to the party. Thanks for co-hosting.

    I’ve been feverishly renovating our 111-year-old farmhouse for the past couple of months with just a $900 budget. Move-in is slated for next month. The bulk of my renovation materials: PAINT!

    Love your blog. I’m your newest follower.

  7. says

    Great party and you really made us hustle to get our craft room done in time. Of course the camera died on Saturday, needing to buy another one Sunday after church, get photos in the horrible gray Oregon weather with just one window in the room. But, all is well and we got the room posted. There’s nothing like a good challenge to get the creativity flowing.

  8. says

    What a FUN idea! I have NEVER been to a blog hop!! And thanks so much for the sweet lil note about my bathroom!!!! SO fun finding new blogs to LOVE!!!

  9. says

    Thanks Linda for visiting and inviting me to share my powder room. I’m all linked up. Looking forward to visiting others. Thanks again, Gail

  10. says

    Linda, thank you for the invite to your party. I just linked up my painted kitchen backsplash and became a follower. I LOVE paint link parties and can’t wait to visit some of the other entries. Thank you again :)


  11. says

    Thanks for helping host such an AMAZING party!! What fun!!
    I just became your newest follower :)
    Make it a great day!

  12. says

    Hi Linda! I couldn’t go another second without saying thank you. Thanks so much for your complimentary comments about our laundry room AND pantry. I owe you ladies a huge amount of gratitude for pushing me past my comfort zone. We wouldn’t have been so successful without the pressure of a deadline looming and the commitment we made. It was fun making so much happen without spending much money! Made us more creative.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. says

    Thanks for hosting!! We have started on many new projects….like the basement…which is the big one!! Let’s do it again soon!! Love the ceiling!!

  14. says

    This is such a fun party, Linda! I’m over by way of Thistlewood Farms, where I realized I just had to meet you. Just spending a few minutes looking at your blog, & I know this going to be fun. I’m a new follower to your blog & also following on Pinterest. Nice to meet you, and thanks for hosting this part of the challenge.

  15. says

    OH MY WORD!!! I am a blonde! That is SO funny you caught that, I never would have! Well I renamed your blog! OOPS!
    Thanks for inviting me to the party, it’s fun, and SO many talented people have shown up geez!!!
    Glad I could give you a good chuckle lol!!!

    p.s. Thanks for the sweet notes about my bathroom and mailbox!!

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