impossibilities challenge accepted take 2

Not to stress you all out, but the “Imagine the Impossibilities” deadline is looming large. 
You tell me:  Is it a bad thing that I’m using my next door neighbor’s daughter’s Girl Scout cookie order as bait to encourage him to finally find — and lend me — his giant ladder?

The very giant ladder I need to paint that vaulted ceiling in my bedroom?

And is it a bad thing that my family room still looks like this?
xmas home family room again(550x413)
I’ve been pounding the keyboard trying to get word out about this (which, by the way, there is still plenty of time to get in on) …
And haven’t had the time, energy or motivation to pack up this …
xmas home village (550x413)
So my Impossibility this weekend is to get my house back together.

And while I do that, you can spend time with my new blog friends’ “Impossibilities” challenges …

Fellow Chicago blogger Zoe is attempting to make an original string art piece … because she’s a self-admitted snob when it comes to hanging art on her walls …
Laura at Whimsical Perspective is tackling two — count ‘em two — Impossibilities projects.  Her kitchen and her new work room …
Whitney has thrown her amazing peacock bathroom wall mural into the pot …
Brianna’s on bed rest waiting for the birth of her child, so she’s challenging herself to find crafts to do on the couch …
Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup is tackling the daunting task of gathering their enormous amounts of books, now scattered about the house, into an organized library, utilizing the great new bookshelf Hubby built for their dining room …
Lesha is going to turn her sun room/catch all room into something beautiful and useful … perhaps a mom sanctuary …?
Dana,  another Chicago blogger,  is making our kitchen into … A Jimmy’s John’s Restaurant!
Nicolette – another of my Chicago girls — is going to revamp her homeless home office which right now rocks a corner of her kitchen island with an uncomfortable bar stool, and crap stuffed in suitcases …
Hayley is going to tell us the tale of how she finally got her craft room under control for under $300 …
Bama Girl at Wisteria and Roses is taking on her craft room organization .. ya know the project she’s been “meaning to take on “ …
Sandy is going to redo her thrift store …
Sherika was sporting her button at her Thursday link party … not sure yet what her challenge will be …
Micki is finally going to do something with the ugly pieces of furniture she’s collected …
Michelle Is focusing on her bedroom and getting started (broken leg and all) by painting her nightstands …
The M’s are determined to finish their kitchen cabinets in time for the January 31 “Impossibilities” January 31 multi-blog link party …
And we’ll end with a few project updates …
From ‘across the pond’ Fiona and her shelf hanging/hammer drilling progress …
Jess has made pantry progress …
Laura questions if she is perhaps challenged herself to the impossible by taking on this challenge …
And finally Sarah, another Chicago blogger who I will be meeting this coming week, needs our support …
Have a wonderful weekend!
I’ll be packing up Christmas and shaking down my next door neighbor …


  1. Linda,
    It looks to me like you are stalling by featuring other blogs.
    Get back to work.

  2. I’m following all your challenges and although I want me to be the one you choose.. I’ll keep an open mind that another will have an impossible, that requires a bit more
    This challenge is fun!
    Thanks for including me!

    • I decided to finish the bedroom instead. It’s what I’m working on anyways, so I’m puttin’ a Impossibilities button on my sidebar now! OK, have to hurry up and go recover a chair and paint some wall art!

      @ Creatively Living

  3. Linda, hope you get all this accomplished soon! Here’s the link to my update. http// Blessings from Bama!

  4. You get going girl. Leave those Christmas decorations up if it means more time to get at that bedroom ceiling. I’m counting on you crossing that off your list so you can get on with the other things up your sleeve.

    As for the bartering for a ladder with girlscout cookies….. hmmmm….


  5. I’ve updated, but the weather is not cooperating with me…

  6. Lots of great people joining our challenge! I challenge you, Linda, to get those Christmas decorations boxed up and put away!! Be careful way up there on that ladder too!

  7. So awesome that there are so many taking this challenge, I love it!

  8. I am amazed how many of us have so many projects. I thought my list was long but when I see what people are attacking, I am encouraged to keep going! Yes, Christmas can take over, I found 3 other decorations I didn’t pack up. Here is 1 of the 3 posts I have completed on my project list.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Di@Cottage-wishes

  9. hahaha, I just took down our Christmas deco this morning. :)

  10. Stay focused girl, you can get it done! Here’s my progress report on the challenge:

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