midwest living … and a midwest meet-up

Are you familiar with a magazine by the name of Midwest Living?  A shelter publication that falls under the Meredith Publishing Company banner.  The very same company that publishes a little magazine you may have heard of …


Better Homes & Gardens.


Now, if you answered “yes” to the question about Midwest Living, feel free to thank me.  Go on.  Bestow some gratitude.  Maybe do a little dance.


You see, Midwest Living was just a glimmer in Meredith Corp’s eye when they asked the public relations agency where I worked to launch the magazine.  And who, you may ask, spearheaded said campaign?  That’s right.  None other than little ol’ me.


It was my first big assignment in my newly promoted role of Assistant Account Executive.   Only thing, it wasn’t a big project for the agency.  It was pretty streamlined (read: low budget).  Straight forward.  No crisis contingency plans were needed.  We were pretty confident the media in the Midwest would embrace this new magazine announcement with open arms – and ample column space.


Funny thing, though, the team working on the launch were all born-and-bred hardcore New York metro-area residents.  The Midwest was a mystery to us.  Comprised of states we flew over on our way to California and Colorado and Vegas.  And as we looked out our airplane windows, we envisioned lots of corn and wheat and cows.  Sure, there was an occasional arch and the world’s tallest building and a massive mall and some infamous sporting teams thrown into the Midwest mix …


… but for a bunch of New York Midwest virgins, it always came back to the corn and the wheat and the cows. With a Christmas tree farm thrown in here and there.


Little did I know back then – leading my first real client project and convincing a reporter at the Chicago Tribune about why they needed to do a story on this amazing new magazine – that one day this born-and-bred hardcore New York metro-area girl would actually be living in the very territory Midwest Living covers.  And not just living.  But raising my kids as true born-and-bred Midwesterners.


And little did I know back then that I would have a blog and blog about my Midwestern home and adventures …


… like how I’ll be attending a Midwest Meet-Up next month.  A gathering of not only area bloggers, but readers too.  Those who read us and want to meet us in person are welcome to attend …


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The blogging sensation known as Jennifer Rizzo is organizing the details.  Details which can be found by clicking on the invitation …


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So now you, too, are cordially invited to attend our Midwest Meet-Up.  Where I can tell you — with first-hand knowledge — about how the Midwest offers so much more than just corn and wheat and cows …


P.S. While Kentucky is not considered part of the Midwest – I don’t see it listed on the Midwest Living magazine’s banner —  it’s close enough.  In proximity, that is.  Not lifestyle.  Kentucky is all about bourbon and horses and rolling bluegrass hills.  But I digress.  The point is my friends — and Kentucky neighbors — Kari from Thistlewood Farm and Heather from At The Picket Fence will be driving up to join us on the 16th too!

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  1. says

    I love Midwest Living Magazine, and so I do thank you for developing it!
    And I hope to see you at the Midwest Bloggers Meet Up. Thanks for promoting that, too.

  2. says

    Shut the front door girl…You! That is so awesome!!!!!!And you know I will be there with boots on!
    Yes I will…… already paid for my ticket!Can’t wait!

  3. says

    I read Midwest Living every single time I go in for an allergy shot… which is only once a month these days (used to be twice a week, oh joy!) Sorry to digress!! I read about the meet up when Jennifer brought it up a week or so ago… and I get to go!!! ’cause Indiana definitely falls into the category of midwest! See you there!

  4. says

    What an impressive start you had in your career. I am sure one day you’ll be reminiscing about ‘it all started with paint’ the exact same way.

    Really hoping to be able to attend. Promise not to let me quietly stand in a corner :)

  5. says

    I love Midwest Living Magazine – read it all the time. It is SO AWESOME to learn you spear-headed that – wow, so impressive. I know there are those who say Ohio is the mid-west but it really isn’t technically as it is much more east than folks realize…..but not so far not to “think” so!

    I grew up on Lake Erie, which we call the North Coast – and could see Canada from my backyard on a clear day…..so it is definately north……I sure would love to meet all your wonderful peeps…..don’t think I can swing it this time, but hopefully next year.

    Congrats AND A HUGE THANK YOU for that magazine idea, you rock, lady!

  6. says

    March 16?! Linda, I can’t come. Boo. That sounds like such a blast! And it is cracking me up to think of all you guys descending en mass on retail after your all pumped about design and blogging and each other. I hope the shops have “Keep the roof on” insurance. Someday I will get you hang with you and Karianne in person.

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