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I had a choice. I could just clump each and every project I’ve worked on since I started the blog here. With no rhyme. No reason. Just little thumbnails for you to squint at as you try to figure out what in the world the project might be …


or I could be nice. And organized. And group projects together by subject matter.


I opted for option two. The nice route. So here you go, all neat and organized. Just click on the image or click on the {click here for more} to go to the project’s page. Where you’ll find much, much more than the two or three images offered up here. Some may be squint worthy, but all will be clearly labeled with a project description …


Because I’m nice like that.


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Oh, and if you have any questions, just shoot me off an email at [email protected]


Happy exploring!


Crafts, Sewing, Etc. {click here for more}


Room Remodels {click here for more}


Mason Jar Projects {click here for more}


Before & Afters {click here for more}


Furniture Projects {click here for more}


Holiday Crafts & Projects {click here for more}


Recipes {click here for more}


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