three shiny gloves

Three pairs of sequined gloves …

Three destroyed sewing machine needles …

Three lovely eighth grade girls with naked arms awaiting their three pairs of sequined gloves.

Three days later than promised …

Three hours before the final Tea Dance dress rehearsal …

sew sequin gloves 2

 … delivered.

sequin gloves
To one panicked teacher.

sew sequin gloves 4
By one crazed seamstress who cursed out the person who picked out this wretched, sewing-machine-destroying fabric many more than three times  …

sew sequin gloves
… oh, that would be me.

The “Imagine the Impossibilities” deadline is quickly drawing near …

Be sure to come back and link up your projects here on January 31 …


  1. ha! So funny (not for your nerves or machine though). They look great and I’m sure the girl’s loved them (and the teacher breathed a big sigh of relief).

  2. Did you drop the F bomb as your needles broke?


  3. How many needles did you go through? Funny (probably not to you…sorry). I nominated you for the versatile blogger award today at just because I like your blog. Good job.

  4. I had the same issue with a “mermaid” costume, made of the aforementioned sequined fabric. But she was eventually the cutest 4 year-old mermaid in the ‘hood.

  5. “oh, that would be me.” PRICELESS. LOL! I might possibly know someone else who has had such wonderful ideas. ;) LOL! blesings ~ Tanna
    PS the important part is that they look GOOD when they wore them!!

  6. Congrats on getting it done .. and being done – until next year!

  7. You can’t keep the Jersey out of the girl – you’ve really blinged those gloves out!!

  8. wow — color me impressed!!! : )

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