the waiting games

Not be be confused with The Hunger Games.  There will be no bloodshed here today.

Well, unless of course this …


… fails to deliver me this …


… in a timely manner today.

Because this is not the post intended for today.  This is a post holder, if you will.  My post for today should be showing you my porch all dressed up for Spring.

Instead I’ll take a moment to remind you about this …

Our multi-blog link party goes live at 6 AM CST/7 AM EST Tuesday, March 27 and remains open until midnight Friday …

When you link up here, you’ll automatically be linked up on these lovely blogs …





So go.  Go get your “It’s a Cinch” project posts ready …

… and then go and visit my blog party co-hosts …

… and then come back later so I can show you that Springy porch of mine.

The waiting game continues …

P.S.  Good thing I still have a million pillows to sew for this project to keep me occupied as I wait …


  1. Linda, I can’t wait to see your porch all jazzed up just continue to be patient the truck is in route:) I’ll see you tomorrow at the Cinch party!

  2. You know I love a cinchy project. My problem will be deciding which one to link. (Or maybe it will be a totally new and different one!)

  3. Coolness all the way around. I want to snap my fingers and my porch be done, but that’s no fun.

  4. Hey I wanted to let you know the mobile version of your site isn’t loading :(

    And I do have my cinch organization project done!

  5. I don’t suppose my cinchy tip can be to read all the cinchy tips posted tomorrow to get cinchy tips for oneself?


  6. I hate waiting.

  7. I waited 2 months for my Spring flag – never came! Took me 6 months to get a refund. Not that I’m bitter….

  8. My Hubs once chased down the Fedex truck when he failed to leave a delivery on our porch! He got in his car cruising the streets until he spotted that truck then demanded his delivery – it was a very important shipment after all – a case of wine!

  9. Thanks for the reminder…will be back to link up tomorrow!

  10. I’m ready! Good luck with your delivery!

  11. Hahaha, I’m picturing you in a room billowing with canvas staring out the window like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck. :)

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