2012 to do’s [and why this post is stressing me out]

Seriously.  Just thinking about this post has been stressing me out …

Let alone writing about it  … I couldn’t even get started until my husband placed a ‘Happy New Year Bloody Mary’ in front of me …

Writing this down feels like I’m setting myself up for an epic fail.  Actually, more like multiple epic fails …

Let’s face it, I made a ‘mini’ resolution last month to complete my son’s teen room makeover before 2012 … and, well, it’s not done.  Not even close.  Fail.

Sam's Room Inspiration Board
So on to my dreaded ‘set-me-up-for-failure’ 2012 to do list:

#1 – Sam’s Room.  On the plus side – with the exception of paint – I’ve purchased all the materials, fabrics, and furniture we need.  On the negative side – with the exception of paint – I’ve purchased all the materials, fabrics, and furniture we need.  The room is stuffed with old and new.  Can somebody please post something on craigslist?

#2 – Powder Room.  This project is 90% finished … and has been so since the summer.  I’m not sure why I continue to turn a blind eye to this …

2012 to do bathroom wallpaper
Yep, that wallpaper once covered the entire room – floor to ceiling.  I removed it about 8 years ago but when we replaced the ugly ‘Hollywood’ makeup light strip, we found this underneath.

Oh, and then there’s this …

2012 to do bathroom
That’s the molding that will turn the cheesy mirror into the classy mirror.

It’s all primed and painted and cut and is a perfect fit … it just needs a bit of Power Grip, painter’s tape and patience …

…but I can’t attached the molding until I tackle that strip of wallpaper …

#3 – Board & Batten.  The living and dining room will be given the full board and batten treatment.  It’s a big project.  One that Mike will need to help out with.  Lots of measuring …  and measuring … and measuring again.  Getting boards cut to size.  Trimming.  Caulking.  Priming.  Painting.  I’m exhausted just writing about it … and please don’t tell Mike how exhausting this project will be …

#4 – Molding Fake Out.  We have wimpy molding.  Wimpy crown.  Wimpy baseboards.  Before I can board & batten, I need to figure out a solution for beefing it up.  Cheaply.  Easily.  Without removing the existing molding.  The Yellow Cape Cod has a clever idea for a crown molding fake out that you can find here.http://www.theyellowcapecod.com/2011/10/31-days-of-character-building-super.html

… I just need to figure out how to fake out the baseboards …

#5 – Master Bedroom.  Paint chips, paint samples, and fabric swatches have been stuck to the wall for two years now.  Okay, more like three-to-four years now.  I have all the fabrics … and plan to make do with our current furnishings with some tweaks and paint and yardsticks here and there …

2012 to do master bedroom

The biggest hindrance is this …

Yup.  The dreaded vaulted ceilings.  I’m more than a bit intimidated at the prospect of painting that …

#6 – Family Room.  To say this room has been ‘well lived-in’ would be an understatement.  It needs a major overhaul.  New area rug.  New hand-made slip cover. New ottomans.  New drapes. A desk area for me and the kids …. and on and on and on …

#7 – Daughter’s Room?  She’s caught the decorating bug that has overtaken our home and wants a redo … Not sure if that will happen in 2012?  I’m gathering ideas on Pinterest ….

#8 – Kitchen Revisited.  What?  Am I crazy?  Didn’t I just repaint the kitchen cabinets?

Oh, and the finished basement could be a perfect work space for me.  The kids no longer game down there … just needs some paint … and a work table … and …

… and don’t forget the laundry room … it’s all basement-y yucky and a disaster zone …but maybe I could make it something amazing ….?

And what about the original basement? It’s old and has low ceilings, but has drywall and could be a storage and/or major project workspace … you know, a place for me to re-paint the kitchen cabinets …

And what about setting up my Etsy shop …. ACK!

Can you see?  See?  See how easily I can set myself up for failure?

I need another Bloody Mary …

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  1. says

    Linda I was doing the same thing earlier today and I just walked away from the computer for a while. Really none of this “needs” to get done or at least that’s what I told myself. Remind me of this later. 😉 You accomplished a lot last year and I think by December of 2012 you will be looking back and amazed at what you did accomplish. It will get done, eventually. :)

  2. says

    At least you put your laundry list of improvements into words! That’s the first step! It makes it easy to check them off as they get done. We’ve been in our home for 9 years and are still working on just updating the necessities, let alone doing anything fun, like decor or painting. I plan to work more on the decorating this year. At least make what I have look nicer (hopefully).

    I’m returning the favor and became a follower today! Cute blog too!

  3. says

    Focus Gal, you can do this! One thing at a time it’s to overwhelming if your looking at the big picture! I know where you’re coming from i’m planning a major home makeover myself, and i refuse to let myself freak-out! I’m focusing on one area at a time starting with the kitchen! That’s what bothers me the most so that’s why i’m starting there! Heck if you can’t figure out where to start, put all the projects in a hat and draw one, that could be the one you start with and so on! Good luck i’ll be rooting for you!

  4. says

    Hi Linda – thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier so I could find yours. I love it! You sound a lot like me 😉 I wrote a post like this a few weeks ago and just writing it out made me feel better and now I have a LONG list to tackle a bit at a time. Now if I could just concentrate on one thing at a time, all will be perfect! lol.
    Will be following from now on :)

  5. says

    holy smokers that’s a list!!! but how awesome if you get it all done!! love the ceiling fan choice for sam’s room.
    happy new year!

  6. says

    Hahaha…love it…you sound like me :) You’ll get it done…just keep plugging away at it! And I have vaulted ceilings in several areas and climbing on crazy high ladders was not fun at all, so I know why your are dreading it. But, once you do it, it’s done and you will be glad you finally accomplished it. Good luck!

    And an Etsy shop is on my list too…I hope I get to it soon! I’m following you on FB now.

  7. says

    You are a woman after my own heart! That sounds like a list I could have written. And that wallpaper, I had the exact same paper in my kitchen. And I may or may not be responsible for picking it out in the first place. I’ll never tell.
    I think Shelly at House of Smiths had a post about beefing up baseboards. I’d love to do the same.
    Good luck with your list, and don’t view it as a failure if you don’t finish. It will just be more opportunities to continue doing what you love.

  8. says

    Thanks for following Linda! All of your features are so impressive! Great job. I just got a chance to check out your whole house and the reworks are coming along great :). I’m loving your kitchen!

  9. says

    LOVE your doors and your numbers and your home and your ideas and EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to read more and CONGRATULATIONS for being today’s featured blogger over at Today’s Creative!!!!! SO glad I found you…I need some home decorating inspiration and I found it here!!!

  10. says

    Oh, someone honest! The list of To-Do projects. I can’t even write mine down.

    About your baseboard fake – just add a small piece of trim above and paint it, the space inbetween and the original baseboard all white, trompe l’oeil -style. I’ve also used left-over cottage-grade pine in the bathroom. They look great as baseboards.

    I’m gonna follow you because I’m curious how you will make out (and ’cause your blog is cool)

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