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I’m on a blog roll.  Last week.  This week.  Next week.


Last week.


Last week I ventured beyond Chicago’s city limits to Naperville.   An hour away …


So what, pray tell, inspired me to drive all that way?  Why the chance to meet up some area bloggers.  Others who understand the chaos and joy and crazy that is blogging.  We shared our stories and tips over sweets.


The whole outing was organized by the fabulous Jennifer Rizzo.  Who is a seasoned blogger … and who is just darling.  And can I say that without sounding like an old lady?  But she really is the nicest of people …

Jennifer Rizzo

… with a fantastic blog featuring her beautiful home and her amazing creativity.


And the very creative Jennifer is also one of five talented bloggers “teaching” an at your own pace video e-course that kicks off on October 22 (click on the button for more details) …


creatively made home button jennifer rizzo


… and because Jennifer is the nicest of people (she’s on the far right) I wanted to give her and her e-course a shout out here.


And she really is darling …


This week.


This week I was behind the wheel again.  Driving out to O’Hare to meet up with one of my most favorite bloggers of all time …



Kirby is just so funny and witty and wise. Very wise.  I so enjoyed our time together over a cup of Starbucks. Decaf.  For me, that is. Because I’m a coffee lightweight.


Oh, and I got to meet the infamous “DL” …


And they work really well together, that Kirby and that DL …


Next week.


Next week I’ll be traveling again.  This time via airplane. To here …



… where I’ll get to meet even more of my favorite bloggers.


And all this meeting and greeting has left me with little time to create and blog.




My poor neglected master bedroom remodel …


P.S. If you live/work in New York and you’re in a creative industry that employs graphic designers and willing to invest in a new college graduate, let me know.  Just trying to help out a recent college graduate child of a friend …



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  1. says

    How fun!! If you ever get together again and need an extra coffee drinker — let me know! Lucky you heading South to the warmth!! We just got back from Georgia (St. Simons Island) where it was 88 degrees yesterday when we boarded our flight home :( Going to check out the e-course — sounds like fun and we all need extra help, tips, etc.! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. says

    best of travels…and some day I hope to do some of this..but I am just a little bitty blog…with lots of creative pretty’s, my goal is to Pin…when I have time and to do a link party again when I have more time…so I can have more folks come to my little corner of the blog world…again save travels and have fun

  3. says

    Yay! You are so AWESOME! And thanks again for coming all the way to the aiport to meet me–I loved meeting such a great blogging friend IN PERSON! Don’t forget to call when you get to NC!

  4. says

    Linda! Hope you had the best time in NC! Gwynnie and I are so bummed we couldn’t make it down, but the job search kept us up in NYC! We can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Raleigh & the conference!

    mk & Gwynnie

  5. says

    Oh man, I got an invitation to that via the wonderful ladies at Gilded Junque -did you meet any of them? Alas it was not a good week for me to come to Chicago. Did you stop in at Room 363 while you were in Naperville?

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