christmas in chicago: holiday home tour

Welcome to our holiday home in the city …

Xmas House Exterior 2011 (550x413)
My next door neighbor’s tree is a show stopper!  I’m glad I get to glean a bit of the glory …

Outside we keep it pretty simple … greens with red bows.  Though there was nothing simple about putting them up.  At the end of the day I looked like a crazy woman with needles and twigs sticking out of my hair …

Xmas home outside (550x413)

Long ago a decision was made to use colored lights (my husband’s choice) outside – with my caveat that they’re large bulbs and traditional colors – and white lights inside.  The kids question … more like badger … me about this every year.

Xmas home entrance 2 (550x413)

I’m pretty sure Mike thought “white lights inside” meant just on the tree.  He didn’t know then that he married someone who is crazy for twinkle lights …

Xmas entry bannister closeup (550x413)

Each year I sneak in some more.  This year I added them to the entry bannister … they go so well with the remodeled entry

Xmas entry wreath (550x413)

I hung the easy-to-make holiday picture card wreath on an empty hook …

Xmas entry long shot (550x413)

I found the “M” and “S” ornaments at Target and hung them over the kid’s pictures …

Xmas entry from living room (550x413)

Even the mail sorter boxes got a little holiday cheer …

Xmas Entry Xmas (550x413)

On the other side of the archway is the living room …

xmas home living room (550x413)

… and the Christmas tree that I shared yesterday.

Xmas Home Tree B (550x413)

The wall art was decorated with mini wreaths and ribbons …

Xmas Pictures 2 (550x413) Xmas Pictures close(550x413)

I moved the book page present boxes onto the faux mantel

Xmas Manel Boxes (550x413)

xmas home tree and mantel (550x413)-1

Our house is long and narrow, railroad style.  Here’s the view into the dining room …and then beyond into our first floor family room beyond the door …

xmas home living & dining (550x413)

Yep, more twinkle lights in here …

Holiday Table Buffet (550x413) (2)

… and here …

Holiday Table Mirror Again (550x413) (2)

Here’s the view of the table set for the holidays from the kitchen …

Holiday Table 7(550x413) (2)

I added a few touches of red in the kitchen

xmas home kitchen (550x413) xmas home kitchen bowl (550x413)

and put some daisies on the window ledge looking into the family room …

xmas home kitchen daisies (550x413)

… where you’ll find more twinkle lights …

xmas home family room (550x413)

xmas home family room again(550x413)

xmas home family long (550x413)
Those are the present pillows I made sitting under our little tree ..

… lots of wreaths …  and my favorite “Christmas in the City” village.

Xmas home village 2 (550x413) xmas home village 3 (550x413)

My daughters loves this room at night illuminating only by the twinkle lights, the village and the mini Christmas tree.

xmas home village (550x413)

Thanks for stopping by …

xmas home night 2(550x413)

… and hoping you and your family have a very merry holiday season!


  1. Girl – you are all blinged out for the holidays – looks great! My favs are the jars with the white flowers near your sink.

  2. Everything is beautiful! I know that this is all about your holiday decor, but I must say I really LOVE your cute organized entry area! That’s my favorite!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. Your home is just lovely!

  4. Everything is so pretty! Love the way you decorated the outside of your home. So inviting and festive! Your home is beautiful. :)

  5. Your home is beautiful! I adore the little wreaths on the artwork, I put that on pinterest!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Looks gorgeous!

  7. You have decorated beautifully! My husband loves the coloured lights too…but on our tree! He insists that it’s not Christmas without them! I have to admit though, they do look pretty good on our small family-style tree. :) I love your home. Thanks for letting us stop by!

  8. I live in the Chicago burbs and its so nice to see a Chicago blog. Love your home!

  9. What a festive and inspiring home! I love all the wreaths on the windows!

  10. What a beautiful home – I love your entryway! Merry Christmas!

  11. Yay… you are number 61 on the nesters party and one of my very faves- I love your style!! I am your newest follower!!

  12. Visiting from The Nester, your home is beautifully done for the holidays. Love it. Following you. Diane

  13. Your colors are great and I love the hooks in your foyer along the white wainscotting. I am a new follower :)

  14. Your home looks so festive and cheerful, love your Holiday “City” so fun!

  15. I love all the lights!

  16. You have done a truly marvelous job with everything!
    That’s SOOOO funny about you and your husband/the lights!
    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Hugs,

  17. Love your house and your Christmas decorations! I also love the colored lights…please check out my latest post! I am a Jersey girl, too, from Westfield…. Been in Chicago area since 1986. Merry Christmas!

  18. WOW! i love it! the natural elements and the beautiful rich colors in your home marry well!

  19. Gorgeous! We ran out of time and ended up not decorating this year, sadly. Next year I’m putting up all the decorations in November, just to make up for this year. ;)

  20. What a beautiful tour. Your home is stunning. I was born and raised in a Chicago greystone. I’m in the suburbs now, but I’ve always had a warm spot for Chicago architecture. So glad I found you. I’m a new follower. Stop by and say hello sometime.

  21. Hi from the Chicago suburbs,
    I’m catching up with past posts.

    Wow, your foyer is amazing. I would love to do a board and batten hear our back door – I pinned you – hoping to remind myself.

    (Am I the only one who gets great ideas…then they slip away?)

    Love the bold colors in of your rooms – and lovely woodwork.
    ~ Dana

  22. So pretty!!!

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