dear mr. bill collector,

Do you think you might be more forgiving when I pay you late if I send along a picture of this …

mr. creditor

… eighteen hand-sewn and hand-pulled ruffles I made out of 50-cent-a-yard drop cloth material …

Do you think you could perhaps waive that late fee out of sheer sympathy when you see this mountain of pillow forms …

mr. creditor pillow form
… pillow forms that I made myself so I could scrimp and save my pennies to pay you?  Pillow forms made out of cheap sheets and a $9.99 deconstructed body pillow from Target?

Do you think you could extend my grace period – and not cut off my (insert: gas, phone, electric, credit) – if I share this with you …

Mr. creditor 3
… more than 30 yards of drop cloth material washed, measured, snipped, torn, pinned, sewn, trimmed, and pressed …

Do you think you could promise not to send me to the collection agency if I included this …

drop cloth ruffled pillow final
… the finished product with my late payment?

No, seriously, it’s not a bribe or anything.

I just thought you might appreciate a bit of lumbar support as you ‘dial for dollars’ from your tiny cubicle in your non-lumbar-supported chair …

You know, like when you call people like me and wonder why I’ve become so distracted by my blog, and blogging, and my blog events that I neglect to pay you in a timely manner …

And now my final plea …

Do you think I could earn some points if you knew all this work is going towards something positive …

mr. creditor tags 2
It’s a blogger-to-blogger outreach program.  Where I’ll be sending out homemade pillows to fellow bloggers …

… and asking them to pass it on to a friend or family member or even a stranger.  All in the name of kindness. And then to make their own homemade gifts for fellow bloggers …

… and pass it on …

… and so on and so on …

Now come to think of it, Karah at the space between is the one who started this whole Pass it On Project

it all started with paint

So, technically …

… using my misplaced logic …

… it’s all Karah’s fault my bills are outstanding …

Maybe I should just direct your calls to her, Mr. Bill Collector.

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  1. Hi Linda! Your post brought a smile to my face this morning. What a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and for the kind words. Jane

  2. Your “pass it on” pillows are lovely … with all the hoops you’ve jumped through to make them I don’t think you’ll be sharing them at the next “it’s a cinch!” party ;) What a good idea to deconstruct a body pillow for stuffing to make lots of smaller pillows.

  3. i think he will totally understand. and since i am a lucky recipient, i will maybe just write to your bil collector, too, if you need it. :) i got your back.

  4. Love this! If we all would just pass along something every day. Greatness.

  5. Very nice! Love the idea.

  6. The dropcloth is great and I love the paint chip tags too!

  7. HAHAHAHA, I just spit out some of my coffee laughing so hard. And definitely send all bill collector calls my way…you know how good the connection is. :) Thanks for all of the link love.

  8. Great Ideas with the drop cloth and body pillow – and to pass along? How sweet and thoughtful to the recipients! they’ll be enjoyed I’m sure!

  9. Karah did have a fab idea – little did she know that it would lead to your downfall. Hopefullly, this won’t lead to an audit! No amount of frilly pillows will get you out of that!

  10. Lol!

    (And those pillows turned out gorgeous!)

  11. I am going to print this post out and send it in with every bill I pay for the next month just for fun! I love it! And…I love the Pass it On project! I am working hard to get some camera strap covers out to some of my favorite bloggers today!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  12. I hear where you’re coming from! Where do you buy drop cloth fabric?

  13. Wow, it all looks beautiful! I love your wooden chairs too.

  14. I will put a good word in for you with Mr. B.C., but I should probably wait till after I send him my money otherwise he’ll just be mad at both of us. I guess you could send him a pillow, I hear tell bill collectors need love too.


  15. I think he should totally understand! Your witty post would make me forgive the debt! :) Beautiful pillows!

  16. Wow, you made your own pillow forms? Extra credit for you!


  17. OMG! How did you get my address I’ll be waiting by the mailbox LOL!! This is such a nice gesture :) I’ll see you around blogland.

  18. WOWZA! I’m sure the bill collector will forgive you because the pillows are so lovely!

  19. Brilliant paint chip tags, handmade pillow forms, AND 50 cent a yard drop cloth? Totally brilliant! Overachieve much? ;-) Just send that bill collector one of those gorgeous pillows, and a copy of this post. Quite sure you’ll be pardoned!


  20. Those pillows are adorable! I’m guessing they’re for your Pass It On Project? :)

  21. Yep, I’d blame Karah, too :)

  22. The pillows are adorable and so much better than paying bills!

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  24. You’re killing me! Too funny… and TOO STINKIN CUTE! I’ll give you a friend’s name and you can send her a pillow. Then just let me know what day it’ll arrive and I’ll “happen to” drop by her house that day.

    “Oh? What’s that? A pillow you’re supposed to give away? Well, since I’m already here you could just give it to ME!”

    Yes, that will work perfectly. And the pillow will be perfect on my bed. ;-)

  25. Those ruffled pillows are so pretty! Looks like you’ve been super busy! Really cute post! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Those are the best pillows I have ever seen!! You did a GREAT job!

  27. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a new sewin’ machine
    My friends all want pillows
    It may seem obscene

    Sorry…you got me going on some Janice Joplin with “Dial for Dollars”

    Amazing pillows and so worth it…just don’t answer the phone or front door…

  28. Beautiful pillows Linda. I was cracking up at your post, too funny!

  29. Hahaha, this was cute. And your pillows are swoony!!

  30. I love you more today than I did yesterday when we were laughing about hot gluing craft moss on religious objects!!!

    Those tags: SWOON
    Those pillows: LUMBAR LOVE
    THAT IDEA: Wish I had some more time or I’d jump in and make something to give away because I love to give things away. Nahuh! I do. But extra time in the day, what with home schooling and retired musician hubby and me and my peri-menopause – accent on the pause – I’ll have to sit here and watch.


  31. We’re both Lindas! Not so amazing since there or millions of us – right? I’m mostly a garment sewer and find pillows and curtains scary – but I do plan on getting my feet wet with them some time soon. I recently found your blog and find it intriguing. Maybe if I keep watching/reading I’ll learn something about home deco from you. Nice to meet you Linda!!!

  32. If mr. bill collector has even an ounce of style, he will appreciate that anyone willing to tackle THAT many amazing pillows deserves a grace period. :)

  33. such a cute post, linda:) how clever to use the body pillow to make all of those pillow forms! your tags and pillows are just darling!

  34. Very lovely. I love making things from painters cloth. I think we should just write off bill paying all together. It is highly overrated!

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