a facebook fix & windows start-up failure

I was having some technical difficulties with my Facebook page and link last week.  All is fixed now and I hope you’ll click on the FB icon right there on the right-hand side and “like” the page. I’m not super FB chatty so I won’t clog your news feed with random musings …

… and speaking of technical difficulties: Windows wouldn’t boot yesterday. The call to Dell yielded the worst of news — I would have to restore my laptop to factory settings. What does that mean? I. Lost. Everything. Every document. Every picture (that hurt the most). Every software update and upgrade. Welcome back to 2009!

My plan to kick-off the week with a creative post has been postponed for a few hours as I try to recreate and dig deep for photos.

And since I didn’t want to post something without a pretty picture, I’ll share with you my two greatest accomplishments to date …

2011florida.samandmolly.pool (595x446)

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  1. says

    Thank Robyn. I agree about the purse — I left mine in a cab in NYC sometime in the mid-80’s and it was a crazy and stressful experience at the time. Many, many years later, when I compare that my kids, it seems so unimportant …

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