finding peace … with diet Coke

I was compensated for my participation in Coca-Cola’s Balanced Living Workshop, but my thoughts and views are my own.


‘Tis the season for peace on earth and good will to men …



But that’s not what this post is about. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not devoid of holiday spirit. Nor do I have anything against world peace. As with every Miss America contestant —past, present and future–I’m all for the holidays.


Today, however, I’m talking about finding inner peace, that often elusive state of mind and state of being. When the stars align and all is well with you and your family and your home.



Health. Happiness. And size-two skinny jeans that fit your healthy and happy body. 


My main inner peace roadblock is guilt, omnipresent guilt that lurks around every corner:  waiting to burst forth from overstuffed, disorganized closets; hiding deep within dresser drawers; multiplying like dust bunnies along the baseboards. And congregating around my waistline enjoying a large coffee with cream, two sugars and a box of glazed doughnuts–showing a complete and utter disregard for the clearly marked “No Loitering” signs.


Exacerbating the guilt expanding my waistline and closing in around me is my complete and utter lack of a plan. No plan equals no focus. Which means I’m ruled by deadlines and am easily distracted by shiny pretty things, jumping from project to project. And I’m not thinking about the food I put in my mouth until the moment I open the refrigerator door.


As for exercise? I’ve openly shared my lack thereof here in the past.


And now I can add even more guilt into the mix: Not setting a positive example for my kids.


 Some of you may recall that I’m a former smoker. I went cold turkey on February 14, 2010. I’d love to claim I never looked back. And I’d love to claim it was purely health-driven. But vanity was involved, as was cost. Unfortunately, dropping that pack-a-day habit has packed on the pounds, primarily because I quit without a plan. And now, after close to two years of yo-yo dieting, I’ve advanced two jean sizes.


So when the nice folks at Coca-Cola asked me if I’d like to participate in a two-day wellness seminar in downtown Chicago next week–enticing me with phrases like balanced living and living positively and mixing and mingling and cooking demonstrations–I jumped at the opportunity. I only hope I don’t scare those nice Coca-Cola folks away, because I’m going into this with a pretty big goal in mind.



I want to come away with a real, tangible long-term plan. A plan that includes balance. And health. For me and my family. A guilt-squashing-inner-peace-producing plan that will give me peace of mind and a slimmed down waistline.


P.S. I’m also hoping the plan includes caffeie-free Diet Coke.Because I’m a Diet Coke lover and must, at a minimum, consume one can a day.


P.P.S. I’ll let you know how the plan comes together in a future post. Peace out. Smile


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  1. says

    good for you.! can’t wait to see what your plan will be!! you are small now, I can’t imagine you being 2 pant size smallers. Went to the doctor the other day for my yearly and I gained 10 lbs, blaming it all on blogging!

  2. says

    I am having to lose weight as per my doctor (for some could-be-serious-if-I-don’t-do-something issues) and I, too, hate exercise. But I love Diet Coke. Always have. Even when it was just a baby called TaB.

  3. says

    Good luck on finding peace and losing some inches. :-) I joined a gym this summer and was going 3x a week and it felt great. Then school started. I’m down to about once a week, and it doesn’t feel so great. I can see how important physical movement is. Hoping you can find a way to make it work for you.

  4. says

    This sounds very interesting! Congrats on quitting. Thankfully, that is one bad habit I didn’t pick up. Wish I could say the same to the box of donuts thing. Can’t wait to hear what you learn at the seminar!

  5. says

    Good for you. I think in addition to balance there has to be control. Sometimes that’s harder than the balance part. About 3 years ago I lost 40 lbs. As lame as it sounds…it was the hardest thing I have ever done. It took a long time and it was not fun. I did it for health reasons but it also had to do with turning 50. I had high blood pressure, terrible acid reflux and feet that were about to give out. Now my blood pressure is good, the acid reflux is gone and my feet don’t hurt anymore. The end result far out-weighs the painful process! Can’t wait to hear about your weekend. Have some fun too!

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