giving thanks on thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends and loved ones.

I want to send out a giant thank you … to you.   I’m thankful for your support and thankful that you’re interested in reading what I write, seeing what I do, and — in some instances – finding inspiration.

As for my Thanksgiving plans, I’m not hosting this year.  My wonderful nephew and niece – who, by the way just welcomed their second child — have put together “the-mother-of-all” Thanksgiving celebrations. They’re bringing together both of their extended families in their beautiful new home.  Trust me.  It’s a big crowd.

I’m on the far fringe of that extended family extension, but am so thankful that they — and my husband’s entire family, for that matter — have embraced me as one of their own. 

My ‘blood’ relatives are far flung these days.  We’re spread out from the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and Montana) to the Midwest (Chicago) to the East Coast (New York & New Jersey) to the South (Florida).  It’s at times like this that I miss them so very much … so I’m sending out a special happy Turkey day to them!

Eighteen years ago I quit my job, bid my friends and remaining east coast-area family goodbye, packed up all my worldly belongings in my white VW Cabriolet convertible, and made the 19 hour drive to Chicago to start my new life …

… and I’m so very thankful for what a wonderful life it is …


Sending out the warmest of Thanksgiving wishes from my family to yours …

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    Your not alone I’m a transplant as well…7 yrs ago I up and left my home town in Pennsylvania and planted myself in NC…The holidays are the hardest because of all my family up North but once the holidays are over I can honestly say I do not miss the cold…

    You have a great blog (btw I am oogling over your kitchen high top chairs) 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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