hide and seek

I’m hiding out today.

You see, yesterday’s post about my 33 dollars and change windfall has sent me underground.

But I’ll confide in you, my faithful blog friends.

I’ll share with you my whereabouts.

You – and only you – can seek me out here …

… where I’m guest posting at Cre8ive Motives.

And while I’m in stealth mode, Mandy of Cre8ive Motives is not.

So I must insist that you follow this link

… and check out what Mandy has to offer.

Mandy launched her engaging Cre8ive Motives blog just one month after me.  And after checking out her posts, I must now dub her the Queen of the quick, easy, on the cheap super fabulous diy …

I mean, check out this (and just click on the images to find the full post at Cre8ive Motives because they’re all linked … just because that’s the way I roll) …

Cre8ive Motives chalkboard and desk

… and this …

Cre8ive Motives jewelry organizer

… and this …


Easy. Breezy. All were created on single digit budgets. Yes.  You read that right.  Single digits.

Oh, and Mandy can serve as your personal ‘find it for less’ shopper …

… though I should clarify that by saying ‘find it for hundreds and hundreds of dollars less’ personal shopper …

Mandy digs deep for her “Chic and Cheap” posts …

… really, truly, and “thank you Mandy for your tenacity” deep to uncover some mind-blowing deals.  Like this Zinc Door Twig Brass Accent Table that retails for $498.00. She found an eerily similar table at Kirkland’s for a mere $49.99 …

image image

Am I right.   Right?  A knock-off find that fulfills your decorating dreams while putting close to $450 in your pocket …

It’s a deal worthy of bringing me out of hiding …

P.S. If you feel inspired to pin these projects, please do so from Mandy’s blog … not mine. Just want to make sure the source is correct!


  1. Count me in on anything made “on the cheap”! I’ll check out her blog. Thanks!

  2. Cheap owns me. Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much Linda for being my first guest on my blog. I had seen all your amazing work all over blog world so I knew I had to have you:) You are so inspiring and then some. I hope we get to meet sometime in person so I can lay a big wet one on your cheek. xo


  4. Promptly heading over for a visit…did someone say cheap?

  5. Who doesn’t like cheap going over now like a good little blogger…

  6. I’ll check her out…just because you said so. ;)
    And maybe because her stuff is super cute!

  7. I came, I went, I read, I followed, I’m back !
    Great post and lovely new blog to check out.
    Thanks Linda

  8. wonderful post linda! i am sure you will be featured in more than one of these publications for sure! if i were going to pick one publication out of all of them (i have been in romantic homes:) i would pic somerset home — i LOVE SOMERSET and i would be giddy with happiness to find myself on one of their pages — well anyone of their 14 different publications and counting!!! sending hugs…great to watch you grow and blossom.

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