Hydrangea Wreath: How To Make

spring wreath ideas using hydrangeas in greens and blues and whites

To create this hydrangea wreath, I first had to collect my supplies from my car …


because, somewhere along the line, my car has become yet another space where I store craft supplies. And Etsy shop supplies …


and the simple act of running out the car had me longing for Spring.


Because in the Spring, running out to the car doesn’t require a change of footwear. Or donning a puffy coat. In the Spring, I can just throw open the front door and march down those front steps as is …


and when I say as is, I mean clothed.


But yesterday morning there was a fresh coat of snow on the ground. And a 20 degree chill in the air. And boots and a puffy coat were mandatory for the run outside to the car to gather my hydrangea wreath-making supplies …


spring wreath ideas with hydrangeas


I found the faux hydrangeas, twig wreath form, and green floral wire at Michaels.


hydrangea-wreath-how-to-make 2 (2 of 6)


I removed the leaves and cut the stems 1 1/2 inches in length from the bloom.


hydrangea-wreath-how-to-make 2 (5 of 6)


Then I simply worked the stem into the twig wreath. It held pretty tight, so I didn’t bother with glue. The up side is I can easily swap out different color hydrangeas to complement the different seasons of the year …


hydrangea-wreath-how-to-make 2 (6 of 6)


I just moved around the wreath, adding hydrangeas in alternating colors. I used 9 total.


spring wreath ideas using faux hydrangea


I toyed with adding a border of leaves around the edge, but in the end preferred this clean look.


spring wreath ideas for front door

The finishing touch was a green bow. I actually attached the bow to the window pane and the door muntins using  Scotch restickable dots for mounting.


Now if the snow would just melt and the temperatures would warm up so the grass can grow as green as my new Spring wreath!


For even more Spring wreath inspiration, some of my blog friends are sharing their lovely creations with you too …


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front door wreath ideas for spring

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Have a wonderful weekend! Here’s hoping Spring wreath making … and Spring weather … is involved!



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  1. says

    I wish I were a talented wreath maker, but it seems that this and paper crafts are my Achilles heel. I love what you’ve done here – I do reserve flowered wreaths for when the weather actually turns…and right now it’s 12 degrees with snow on the ground. Thanks for the compliments on my wreath – I still think it’s a tad ‘wintery” but I will try your method once I’m rewarded with warm weather!

  2. says

    LOL, for a minute there I thought you were describing a) my own vehicle and b) my own state of dress (or undress.) 😀 Its good to know we bloggers share many of the same traits.

    I simply have to make one of these hydrangea wreaths. I love the alternating colors. It was fun sharing this month’s “Inspired by Spring Wreath” Blog Hop with you and I can’t wait until next month. Fun! xxoo, Barb

  3. JaneEllen says

    Wow Linda, awesome wreath as are all the others featured. Love how you alternated colors of hydrangeas on your wreath, great to just stick them into wreath for reuse. Loved that you didn’t add anything else to your wreath, it’s the gorgeous hydrangeas, my favorites are the dark colored ones. Is there a hydrangea plant that grows that color? So pretty and mysterious looking. I’ll have to take another look at Michaels flowers, on sale this week weren’t they?
    WE were at dog park in G.J. last Sunday, met a couple that had just moved here from Chicago, he was so happy with how nice it was. So sorry it’s been tempermental there, not warming up. I won’t tell you how it is here. Will you get hot weather when it does warm up or does it take it’s sweet time acting like Spring? Used to take while to warm up in MT.
    I store whole bunch of things in our old 89 Suburban, doesn’t run so might as well get storage out of it. Every once in while I go out to clean it out, find things and there goes the neat old truck. Think most of my good Easter stuff is out there so need to go digging. Hubs says there’s enuf Easter out on tables now. I bought few more little things at Habitat, Goodwill, and Salvation Army thrift stores, just can’t seem to resist cute little bunnies, what can I say?
    Since hubs got his upper teeth out on Monday, been even harder finding things he can eat, he’s fussy too. Might be while before he gets his false teeth. I”ve been without my bottom teeth for over year. I lost bone and teeth at same time. No dental insurance.
    Our dishwasher went out other day, our garbage disposal last week, what next? We need a higher powered router due to my new pc having features that need it. Will have to wait til next payday. Afraid to even think about it. Better get going, fold towels from dryer, hung my jammies out on lines.
    Hope you have good weekend even if it’s cold/snowy.

  4. says

    Yes…yes, this weather really makes no sense for those of us who go shoeless (and sockless) most of the time. But Yay! A project I can do! After the Easter egg wreath comes down, I’m at a loss!

    By the way, neighbor…my daughter just moved to Lakeview. Is that near you?

    Jane x

  5. Judy H. says

    Linda, your wreath is stunning! I love the colors you chose…beautiful! I’m not much of a wreath maker, but with your helpful tutorial, I think I can do this!!! Did you use an 18 inch wreath? Thank you for sharing your lovely creation!

    • says

      Thank you so much! My wreath is more like 14″ The hydrangeas help to fill it out larger. Plus my front door isn’t very wide.

      :) Linda


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