i found my blue, did hue?

Linda Hears a Hue
Who knew?
Who knew there are so many hues.
So many, many hues of blue.
What’s a girl to do?
Wish there were few.
Fewer hues of blue.
Fewer hues of blue to review?
Yeah, that wish won’t come true.

You see, this is what I promised to do.
2012 Impossibility.vaulted ceiling
As part of the “Imagine the Impossibilities” ballyhoo.
And reveal at our January 31 multi-blog link party too.
What’s a girl to do.
When trying to choose between so many hues.
So many, many hues of blue?
With a paintbrush on my walls I drew.
A broad selection of Benjamin Moore samples blue.
… you know, to preview …
During the day and evening’s varying view.
And after four longyears not one of them on me grew.
What’s a girl to do.
When trying to choose between so many hues.
So many, many hues of blue?
Especially with the “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge date quickly coming due?
Off to Sherwin Williams I flew.
And what did I find? Three. Not one. Not two.
But three … count ‘em three … brochures about the varying hues of blue.
I quickly bid adieu.
What’s a girl to do.
When trying to choose between so many hues.
So many, many hues of blue?
Especially when “The Imagine the Impossibilities” deadline is one I cannot eschew.
Because I’m part of it too.
So once again I flew.
This time to Menards I blew.
In search of that elusive perfect blue.
The hue that would ensure that I would never, ever have to redo.
2012 Impossibility.vaulted ceiling
The painting of the dreaded vaulted ceiling that I promised to do.
As part of the “Imagine the Impossibilities” ballyhoo.
… that all comes due …
At a January 31 multi-blog link party “ta do.”
Once at Menards, this girl finally knew what to do.
When trying to choose between so many hues.
So many, many hues of blue.
I picked a blue.  It’s true.
And I’m really liking the hue.
It goes with the fabrics purchased four years ago too.
Here, I’ll give you a preview.
Dutch Boy Big Sky Blue.A gallon has been purchased, times two.

This girl is through.

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  1. Super cool poem!! hahahaaa.. realy well done. I struggle with this part – the choosing of the shade – always looks different when it’s on. hummm…
    Good luck with your project – Im excited for you.
    jennie. x

  2. Cute post! After your long struggle I think you’ve hit the nail on the head!! Great color!!

  3. Uh oh, should I run out and get a sample of Forevermore? :)

  4. So glad for you,
    that you found the correct hue,
    only one thing left to do,
    paint it blue !!!

  5. I am a HUGE blue fan ..it’s going to look fabulous!

  6. Love to read a post that makes me giggle :) And the sample looks gorgeous, hope it’s everything you dreamed of and you never have to paint that crazy vaulted room again :)

  7. Well, all I have to say is nice post Linda LooWoo.


  8. So happy it’s not the dreaded UNC blue!!! LOL!!

  9. Love that shade. I’ve been slowly redecorating our guest room and I’m using light blue, gray, and whatever else hits me. I have been amazed at how many blues there are out there and even more amazed that so many of them don’t look good together. You are brave to even think about the ceiling :)

  10. Love the rhyme – you’re so sublime! Posting our soon, maybe next time I’ll pick a little easier challenge!

  11. haha! your hilarious! Love the poem! Creating the Button for you gals was a Blast! :)

    Cant wait to see it all done!!

  12. Cute post! Love the color you chose :)

  13. HAHAHA! I was sooooo thinking Dr.Seuss too! I can’t wait to see the finished results!!

  14. Love the blue, you may temp me to paint my master!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Love your poem. Gave me a giggle. Thanks

  16. Hahahaha, sometimes the hardest step in painting is just picking the color. Glad you found yours. Happy painting!

  17. Nice blue. I might have to use it too.

  18. Which do I like more, the poem or the paint? I surely understand putting off painting all those angles and the height. (How high is the peak?) I have cathedral ceilings that, in LT peak at 16′, in BRs peak at 12, in all of them. My master hasn’t been painted in 35 or so years. Kids rooms got redone, LR, den, just not ours. DINGY!! You will always look at sky of beautiful day now.

  19. Can you hear me clapping?

    I’m glad you made so much ado,
    of choosing just the perfect blue.

    The choice is good, but that you knew.
    Can’t wait to see your sky of blue!

    (I’ll hopefully get our Friday FREE-FOR-ALL Linky Party up later tonight. If so, I’d love you to post your “Ode to Blue.”

    The snow is falling thick now. So, we’ll see if my drive home takes over 2 hours…cux, then I’ll be all about hot cocoa. And finding my slippers. *wink*)

    ~ Dana

  20. Color is so intriguing! I love blue and it is in every room in my house and on my porches in some form. It has not been easy to find in the last five or more years. HUE is the key! With paint you can tweak it to your liking. With fabrics and accessories not so easy. I find it so interesting that color choices in what you wear and in interiors seem to follow the same hues for most people. “My style” is still a work in progress.

    Your poem is also intriguing as I have no bent in that area. It comes naturally for you I can tell. I enjoyed it very much and am so impressed. We are blue soul sisters. Glad I found your blog on 2805.

  21. So cute! One of the reasons I follow you … :)

  22. Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  23. That was great! Love the rhyming! I have the same problem. I love sea glass…try to figure that hue out!!!

    • Thanks Lara! There’s a BM color that quite a few bloggers have swooned over … I think it’s called Sea Salt or Sea Grass? Beth at Home Stories A 2 Z used it in her kitchen. Let me know if you want me to track down the actual name for you …


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