i think they’ve got our number.

I’ve got some news to share.

And it’s not good.

Not good for me.
Not good for you.

Brace yourselves all you thrifty-minded crafty ladies (and gentleman) out there.   Our days of finding creative uses for so-called inexpensive materials may be nearing an end …

That’s right. The retailers and big box stores and ebay sellers are on to us …

… they’ve got our number.

They’ve figured it out.  And now they’re going to make us pay.

They’re hitting us where it hurts the most — our pocket books and wallets.

Uh huh.  While we think we’ve been all sneaky and clever using materials once considered affordable …

… throwaway even …
… found in the unattractive ‘utilitarian’ aisles in the craft stores …
… and used in ways not originally intended …

… like the once cheap upholstery ticking used to embellish these fabulous (and downright patriotic) pillows that linked up to our Pillowpalooza party last week?

Source: Uncommon Designs
Source: The Backyard Bungalow

Yeah, that upholstering ticking is no longer stocked in that boring “utilitarian” aisle at my Joann’s Fabric & Crafts alongside tack stips and upholstery twine and tacks and piping rope …

Oh no.  Now it’s schmoozing with all the fancy pancy expensive trim.  Calling itself jute striped webbing and boasting a $9.99-a-yard price tag …

And what about all those burlap coffee and grain sacks that bloggers like this one …

Source: Bliss Ranch

… and this one …

Source: Coastal Charm

… and this one …

Source: ReFresh ReStyle

… linked up to the pillow party?  They were all picked up on the cheap.  As in as low as $1.28 for eight sacks cheap by this blogger

Now I have no idea where to find such great bargains here in Chicago.  So I asked on my Pinterest pin and a someone suggested I try ebay …

So to ebay I went and what did I find?  Listings ranging from $25 all the way up to $115 for a single vintage sack.  There were no $1.28 for 8 sacks listings …

And don’t even get me started on burlap …

…  because beauties likes these that linked up to Pillowpalooza

Source: The North End Loft

… and these …

Source: One More Time … To Celebrate

… are starting to boast a slightly larger price tag.  Not crazy big.  But reaching upwards of $5.00 a yard …

I can only hope that Home Depot and Lowes doesn’t catch on to our drop cloth as material obsession.  Otherwise, this blogger …

Source: Top This Top That

… will be very sad.

And so will this blogger (as in me).  I did just launch my Drop Cloth Designs Co. Etsy store after all …

drop cloth design sidebar button with frame

… with the premise of using affordable drop cloth as fabric to make something beautiful.

Monogram Pom A

I’d like to extend a huge “Thank You” to all you bloggers and Etsy shop owners who linked up to last week’s Pillowpalooza party!  Now, I realize we didn’t get much sleep at our slumber party, but we certainly did have one rip roaring pillow fight!


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  1. says

    What fabulous pillows! And you’re right…even my beloved thrift shops are starting to price things higher…I have to travel a bit farther to where they haven’t “caught on” yet….{sigh}…no rest for the weary….
    Blessings, Lorraine

  2. says

    Ahhh…yes!!! Went to the interior design market last weekend with my best friend and, well….they are on to us too!! :) Thanks for highlighting out patriotic pillows! Now I am feeling some pressure to buy up the jute webbing! I can justify that to my hubby right??? :0

  3. says

    You are so correct!! But do you know what a friend of mine told me a while back??? (she was in the fabric industry) That the price of cotton was increasing due to a poor crop and it did… she also said it would take a while but there would be a trickle down effect which would be seen in basic upholstery & paint supplies as well packing materials such as burlap. I am just perturbed at myself because I didn’t listen sooner….

    I didn’t say anything sooner but thank you for hosting the pillopooloza! I loved all the great ideas! In fact I am hoping to make up some pintucked pillows here soon. Maybe even today! :) Well, after I make up a new messenger bag and a new purse. :)

  4. says

    hmmm guess I should stock up on canvas drop cloths NOW. Thanks for the heads up Linda! (those pillows you’ve features are awesome!!!!!!!!!!)

  5. says

    Wow, who knew! I had a friend send me a grain sack and I’m sure I owe her a double thank you!! Your pillows are beautiful, btw, you’re going to have much success! ~Lori

  6. says

    Love all the featured pillows. Yes, I know what you mean about what we used to get cheaply has now turned into taking a loan out! When I look back and think about the things that I should have kept instead of trashing I could kick myself. Now those same items are UNREAL in price. Fabric isn’t cheap anymore PERIOD unless you actually land on a DEAL of a DEAL! I guess I best get off of this saga…(LOL) I was complaining yesterday about what a jar of mayo cost me! Told my Husband he can learn it eat his sandwich dry! Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. says

    Just an FYI, look for the Burlap bags they sell at garden centers, the ones to cover your bushes for the winter, it’s still pretty cheap. I picked a few up at the Christmas Tree Shop a few weeks ago for a few bucks. Happy sewing!

  8. says

    you are soooooooooooooooooo right!!!! it’s a cycle that i have been witnessing for a good 10 years! but for now — i don’t think it will matter for you — why? because your pillows are awesome and will sell regardless of price — especially the over the top union jack which is simply…BRILLIANT!!!! hugs…

  9. says

    Gorgeous pillows! I need the inspiration as I’m hoping to make some pillows this week (I wanted to last week but sadly ran out of time). :-) Have a wonderful day.

  10. says

    It was a fabulous fun party, and I had a great time! Prices are becoming a huge problem. Perhaps a boycott-greedy-stores party is in order. At the very least we crafters should be writing letters and emails to corporate offices complaining that inflationary pricing, especially at a time when the whole country is struggling with economic recovery, is downright unpatriotic. My fingers are crossed that drop cloth prices remain stable for your gorgeous pillows.
    Thank you for posting my pillows here. (I also had sticker shock when I bought the burlap at Jo-Ann.)

  11. says

    What pretty pillows! Shame on the retailers finding out about the ‘cheap’ stuff and puffing up their prices! 😉 Maybe Lowes won’t catch on! 😉
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  12. says

    Yet another perk of living in rural Kansas. We’re super behind the times here, and I don’t think anyone has picked up on this in my neck of the woods yet. You should come for a visit and shop!

  13. says

    Oh no…I will not show this post to my friend who sold me lots of homespun for a great price!…It’s like the Martha Stewart syndrome…once she spies something reasonable with regard to a collection, etc…the dang price goes soaring thru the roof…..Maybe we can get her to say she hates burlap and grains sacks!

  14. says

    Isn’t it always the way? Once something becomes hip or trendy, the price goes way up. So not fair! Totally defeats the purpose of DIYing to make something regular into something spectacular if you have to pay an arm and a leg for your supplies!

    Fingers crossed that nobody at Home Depot catches onto the drop cloth pillows…


  15. says

    I’ve noticed the price gouging here in Canada a few years back, with all the DIY shows, etc, they’re definitely onto us and it sucks! Well, at least there’s still thrift stores for some useful and semi-useful crafting items, but they might figure us out too!

  16. says

    Yeah, it’s like lamb.
    It was cheap. And, tasty. And, my heritage.
    Then Food Network told everyone all about it.

    Gosh how I love your pillows.
    But, I just know they would get tossed on the floor each night.
    (That’s what happened to the last ones…)

    I’ll just live vicariously.
    And, tell everyone of your lovely pillowdom.

  17. says

    Sounds like time for a ROAD TRIP. Wisconsin’s not that far away…and they have cheese! I feel your pain here in the south Chi-burbs where a gal can’t even find a decent garage sale let alone good fabric prices. Thank heavens that JoAnns runs coupons! xo

    P.S. Don’t even get me started on the rising prices at GoodWill…

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