it’s a bird. it’s a plane. it’s a ceiling fan.

Does anyone out there know how I can get in touch with Hildi Santo Tomas?  And Doug Wilson? And Edward Walker? And Christi Proctor?


You know what?  Make that the entire former cast Trading Spaces


You know Trading Spaces, right?  That show that kicks-the-butt-of-all-other-home-improvement shows past, present … and future.  That addicting-train-wreck-in-the-making show that made well-meaning, unsuspecting homeowners wail in despair.  That happy-to-forgo-a-date-night-out-to-stay-in-on-Saturday-night-to-catch-a-new-episode show.  That waiting-to-see-what-crazy-ridiculous-things-will-be-glued-and/or-stapled-on-walls show.  That show that introduced everyday Americans to “medium density fiberboard” – better known as MDF.  And that show that made all of us ceiling fan ‘fans’ feel bad about our ceiling fan fandom …


Because each and every designer immediately pulled them off the ceiling.  No questions asked. No ifs, ands, or buts. Often over the protestations of homeowners who were just trying to look out for the best interests of their friends and neighbors …


Well, I need to get Hildi, Doug, Edward, Christi – and all the other ceiling-fan-hating-designers – here. Pronto.  And they need to look up …




… and see the light.  In the form of that show-stopping, piece-of-art ceiling fan light fixture hanging from my living room ceiling.  A show-stopping, piece-of-art that so generously sent me.


I mean, even Vern Yip couldn’t deny the elegant effect of the white flower light kit on the all-white monochromatic fan …




It’s almost enough … almost … to make me look past the cursed, hideous popcorn ceiling …


And when I catch a glimpse of that piece of art from the dining room, my heart skips a beat.  Each. And every. Time.


It’s the perfect marriage of form and function.


Thank you, Lamps Plus, from the bottom of my heart – and the top of my ceiling – for sending me this architectural masterpiece.  I can’t stop admiring it’s beauty …


And I’m 100% positive that if Hildi, Doug, Edward, Christi – or any of those other Trading Spaces designers – ever came to work on my home, the ceiling fan would remain untouched!




P.S. While I partnered with Lamps Plus on this post – and they did provide me with that gorgeous ceiling fan – I can honestly assure you that any opinions expressed are my own.


P.P.S.  Do you know about Lamps Plus?  No?  Well, here’s the scoop:  Established in 1976, Lamps Plus is the nation’s largest specialty lighting store, with more than 40 superstores throughout the western United States.  Together with their retail locations and online business, Lamps Plus serves customers nationwide with the largest selection of functional and decorative lighting fixtures, accessories, furniture and home decor. This selection includes hundreds of products, ranging from traditional chandeliers to the latest in home decor, available exclusively from Lamps Plus.


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  1. says

    Haha, I wondered why I feel guilty that I am sticking with my ceiling fans instead of chandeliers. Ah… trading spaces. Thanks for the reassurance! It looks fantastic :)

  2. says

    We have one over our bed. It keeps the peace, and it’s not going anywhere. I often think of the bru ha ha Trading Spaces caused about that.


  3. says

    HA! Thank you for reminding me of how they took all the ceiling fans down! that is hilarious! I wonder what all those trading spaces makeovers look like now? I loved that show but my dad would get frustrated because everything was made so quickly and cheaply (MDF)…as a man who works with his hands the lack of craftsmanship was hard to watch lol!

  4. Maria says

    I have a ceiling fan in my daughter’s room and also have the “flower” part (looks exactly the same) that I bought at IKEA hanging over her bed. I never thought about trying to attach it to the ceiling fan! Thanks for the idea!!!

  5. says

    That is a really cool looking light! This is funny, I was actually contemplating my ceiling fans today and how a friend of mine made a snarky comment about the non-design look of them. She was right! But I get hot too!

  6. says

    Linda. First of all, I LOOOOVE that ceiling fan! Lucky you to have companies dropping things at your feet! :) It really is the perfect marriage of form and function. And I’m certain it looks smashing in your new dining room. Which I rushed over here to see. Past my bed time. I stayed up late so I could finish my online chores and then gaze, breathless at your new dining room. You are killing me. And now I’m going to bed. 😐

    Debbie 😉

  7. says

    That is so cool looking! I love it.

    Just the other day I was looking at the ceiling fan in our kitchen, and I was wondering why so many designers hate them so much. I mean, granted, when I moved into our house, the ceiling fan was ugly and dated, but I changed the blades and the glass shades on the lights, and it really looked nice then. We have another small non-descript one in our bedroom that I could not imagine making it through summer without it.

    I think this designer obsession with removing ceiling fans is a bit out of hand!

  8. says

    We are a ceiling fan family – each bedroom has one, as well, we have one in our dining room – couldn’t do without them – this one is lovely – I have seen similar lights elsewhere – I wonder if they could be adapted to fit a ceiling fan – going to have to check that out! I too was a big fan of trading spaces…wish they would bring that show back to TV

  9. Honesty says

    Just have to give you some honest feedback… That is one hideous looking ceiling fan. I love ceiling fans, but that hideous thing looks like someone from IKEA rear ended someone from home depot that just bought a cheep ceiling fan… And I hate to think of what it would take to keep that hideous looking thing dust free. Seriously.. Look into some of the crystal options instead of the cheap IKEA plastic albatross flower awkwardly hanging off a cheep ceiling fan. And that ceiling medallion isn’t doing it any favors. I would laugh if I saw that in person and think some trailer park white trash person must have been really proud of the atrocity they created… Offset that fan with some pink flamingo wall paper and your job will be complete.

  10. says

    This is such a good invention .Good fans are usually more expensive and ceiling fans are the best to use during warm days because of its efficiency compared to air conditioners..

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