i’ve been suspended

Suspended in the state of Spring Break, that is … 

The kids are home this week.  And suddenly I can’t seem to get anything done.

Trust me, it has nothing to do with needing to take care of the kids …

I have a teen and a tween. I wake them in the morning … not the other way around.  And they are self-sufficient.  If they’re hungry, they make themselves something to eat.  Thirsty? They get a drink.  Want to hang with a friend? Not a problem.  The teen can get there by himself.  The tween gets a ride.

Oh, and my husband has been at home two out of their five weekdays off.

And yet, I’m in a state of suspension.

That diet I started last week?  Yeah, it’s been suspended until next week.

Click on the pic for my kitchen remodel

The On  Demand Pilates exercise routine I planned to start on Monday?  Uh huh, suspended along with the diet.

Hanging the bead board wallpaper in the master bedroom?

Master Bedroom Before side table


Those pillows I need to make so I can photograph them and get my Etsy shop up and running this month?

Drop cloth monogrammed pillow
I already made this.  Click on the pic to find out how …

drop cloth ruffled pillow final
… and I already made this, so click on the pic to find out how …

… and I plan to make and offer this at my Esty — along with a personalized monogrammed version. So click on the pic to find the link to the tutorial that I’ll be following …


The tutorial about how I made this relaxed working balloon shade curtain in my powder room remodel?

Powder Room Makeover Relaxed Balloon Shade 1_thumb[2]


And that post that I’ve postponed for way too long about how I stripped and stained and painted the staircase in my entry remodel?


Yep.  Suspended.

So be forewarned.  Next week’s blog posts may be a bit short on “how to” and bit long on my dopey opinions and ideas …

… and I fully understand if you “suspend” reading here for a week while I catch up on my suspended projects and posts.


  1. Looks like you’ve done a lot to me. :) Those pillows are FANTASTIC. I want me some of those. Enjoy your break… Looks like you’ve earned it. :D

  2. LOVE that gigantic pom pillow. I’ve wanted to make that one for a long time too. Don’t those kids just get in the way of progress sometimes? Just kidding, enjoy your time off!

  3. Enjoy your break Linda, you deserve it :)

  4. Aww we all need to be suspended every once in a while!

  5. You’ll be missed! I completely understand when my hubs is home during the workweek I can’t get a darn thing accomplished, and dieting what dieting! Enjoy your family and some really good food :)

  6. Wow! I think suspension is what you deserve after scrolling through all those photos!

    Can’t wait for the tutes! Have a great time!

    Just curious, will you be posting your Pilates On Demand tutorial?


  7. …but think of how those poor teachers needed that break, and how they are relaxing on the beautiful sands of South Beach, partying with rich expat Cubans…

  8. As it should be! Enjoy the time off. :)

  9. My kids are on break as well (so I totally feel your pain)…

    …but, I reaally need to know how you did your staircase, so one week is all you get ;)

  10. Spring break starts for us next week…I’m kind of looking forward to being suspended :)

  11. Spring break next week and we’ll going on a little trip so I won’t have to listen to them complain that they’re bored!

    Enjoy your family time – that’s much more fun than sewing a pillow. Or better yet, form an underage sweat shop (like Kathy Lee Gifford) using your own kids! Those little hands can really whip up a pillow like nobody’s business!


  12. Can I be first in line for the dopey opinions and ideas? :)

  13. I am like that too! I can’t get anything done when the whole family is around! But time with them is short and precious and now it’s a pleasure to get them all in the house at the same time! Enjoy your week and hug those kids! :)

  14. At least you’re not expelled. ;) Enjoy the family time…you’ll be back to your crafty ways before you know it.

  15. I won’t suspend you. Maybe send you to the Dean of Students or something though.


  16. I totally understand. We are on spring break now (as of yesterday) and already I’m behind on emails, I don’t have any makeup or jewelry on (it’s been my recent goal to look nice each day) and I seem to have forgotten how to cook anything healthy and I’m resorting to grocery store rotisserie chicken and snacks.


  17. Oh, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one – I have all sorts of suspended projects! Although I managed to get a few things done this weekend – a couple of DIY projects that I’ve been wanting to try, and painting the front door. The colour is awesome, but it’s taking a LOT of coats – four on the inside and three so far on the outside. I actually ran out of paint, so yep, front door paint job SUSPENDED till I can buy another can!


  18. We all need a little suspension from time to time…..so enjoy your “freeze frame” ….

  19. It will be ok! Spring is distracting….but fun! I have three days left to mine….tears….and I have accomplished very little, but it has been a fun two weeks! Enjoy! (and thanks for visiting my blog).

  20. Debbi@Texas says:

    R&R is very important for the soul; don’t feel guilty; enjoy the moment;; enjoy the outdoors; your kids will be glad you are there for them too

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