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How far would you travel to follow your heart?


Would you walk 500  hundred miles … and then walk 500 more?  Would you travel to the edge of the world … the end of time … for a thousand years and a thousand more?


And it has me wondering how 791.3 miles stacks up.  Because that’s the mileage I clocked on the odometer of my white-on-white Cabriolet convertible to follow mine.




A path that took me from New Jersey through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.  Final destination Chicago, Illinois.  With a brief overnight at the Knights Inn in Macedonia, Ohio.


To follow my heart I left everything and everyone I had ever known.  I was born and bred in the same town in the same home.  And there – and thereabouts – I remained for close to 30 years.  Right on up until my heart skipped a beat …


And I knew.


That was it.  So I packed it up and said goodbye.  And followed my heart …






I never doubted for a minute I was making the right move.  My heart told me to trust it.  And I did. My heart told me my future and destiny lay 791.3 miles away.  And I believed it.




When my heart met its match a mere eight months earlier, there was never a discussion of New Jersey versus Illinois.  Much like I immediately fell hopelessly in love with my now- husband-of-19-going-on-20-years,  I fell  in love with my adopted city on my first visit.  She greeted me with open arms and friendly smiles.  With her colorful history, melting pot of nationalities, and livable neighborhoods {with a neighborhood bar on every corner} she accepts one and all …




Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I don’t love New York City.  There’s no place like it in the world.  I can’t even describe the thrill I feel every time I see her skyline as I cross the George Washington Bridge …


But NYC and I?  We had a contentious relationship.  A bit of love/hate.  You see, she never fully embraced me.  I always felt like I was on the outside looking in, even as I spent close to a decade working within her tunnel-and-bridge-challenged confines.


So I traveled 791.3 miles to follow my heart.


I never once doubted my move.


I never once looked back.




P.S.  As for the license plate mirror, I’m not 100% certain this project will work out as originally planned.




I started with some old license plates, a dollar store mirror, and some Power Grab.



After 24 hours the Power Grab had not fully cured.  So the license plates slid apart post photo shoot.  I’ve repositioned and am trying again … so I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. says

    Hi Linda! I love this post. What a brave woman you are to have picked up and moved away from everything you’d ever known. I’m in awe. I also moved from New Jersey and ended up in the Midwest, but my story isn’t nearly as exciting as yours! The mirror is a great idea. Have you thought of Command adhesive Velcro strips? Then you could take them down again later if you change your mind about the mirror. Have a great day!

  2. says

    Have not traveled many physical miles. But I left behind all kinds of things to follow mine. It’s the kind of journey you can make only when you’re sure.

    (And too bad about that Power Grab. I’ve had success with Liquid Nails.)

  3. says

    Sweet post! Moving has been a mixed blessing for me, leaving family behind is hard!! but with my family close by I would never have started blogging and met all of the wonderful people I know now.

    Have a great day! xox

  4. says

    A page from my book. And to answer the question…… 2000 miles.. CA – MN.

    And you gave me an idea for license plate frames but I don’t have enough. Yet.


  5. says

    I just loved this post Linda! Even the mirror not working out on the first try is so fitting (although probably annoying!) considering how often life takes us on so many twists and turns until we figure out how it is all going to work. Right? :-) Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. says

    When I moved back from NY, my husband’s best friend wanted my license plates. I agreed, but then found out about the fee if you don’t return them. I’m cheap. Afterwards, the friend was all “I WOULDA PAID FOR THE FEE!” Ooops.

  7. says

    Love your post, and the mirror.
    My dad was career military, and my mom followed him practically to the end of the earth, towing us along, of course. Then I married a career military man, and followed him from San Diego to Washington State, from west coast to east, and places in between. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, for it is so true that “home is where the heart is”!

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