make your own thrift store cake stand

It amazes me what the rich will discard as junk … especially at the Salvation Army in Chicago’s tony Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Cake Plate Basket (550x413)-1 (2)
I’m slowly replacing my dinnerware set with some mix-and-match Crate & Barrel, Home Goods, and Ikea cast-offs.  I scavenged some bowls during my last visit along with a few pieces for my latest project.  See that green-rimmed plate and little striped vase …

Cake Plate vase & plate closeup(550x413) (2)

I’m going to put them together and create a cake stand to display the decadent chocolate-chip-pumpkin-pie cheesecake I’m making for Thanksgiving.  All for the low, low price of $3.05.

Those two pottery pieces caught my attention right away. I almost felt a bit of a rush when I nabbed the vase.  It wasn’t until I turned it over at home that I realized why …

Cake Plate Adler closeup (550x413) (2)

That’s right.  Jonathan Adler.  Circa 2003.  I couldn’t find a single one like it on the internet.  And then I turned over the plate …

Cake Plate Cake Close-up (550x413) (2)

… A. Mallory AmericaWare.  After a little research, I discovered that Ann Mallory is a renowned ceramic artist.  This plate design was issued in 1995.  At the time they retailed at $57 for a 4-piece setting.  AmericaWare closed its doors in 2004. 

For a moment … just a moment … I felt a bit guilty that I planned to join them together for eternity – or, well, at least for as long as the glue would hold them together.

And then I got over it and grabbed the Gorilla Glue (hey, it worked wonders on the front porch facelift.  The end caps are still solidly attached and have withstood more than their share of rain) …

Cake Plate Supplies (550x413) (2)

I first identified the center point on the back of the plate and marked with a Sharpie:

Cake Plate Center (550x413) (2)

Then I turned the vase upside down and traced around its opening on a piece of paper.  I cut out the circle a bit smaller than the top of the vase …

Cake Plate Traced (550x413) (2)Cake Plate Circle Cut out (550x413) (2)

… and then used it to make some guidelines on the plate with the Sharpie, like so …

Cake Place Circle Outlne (550x413) (2)

Gorilla Glue was applied to both the top of the base and the bottom of the plate …

Cake Plate Glue Vase (550x413) (2)Cake Plate Plate Glue (550x413) (2)

And they were joined together (I did a quick measure around to make sure the vase was close to centered …

Cake Plate Vase on Plate (550x413) (2)Cake Plate Drying (550x413) (2)

I let dry for 24-hours and then turned it over …

Cake Stand Final (550x413) (2)

I couldn’t resist picking up some Dunkin Donuts for the final reveal.

Cake Plate Donuts (550x413) (2)

I was a bit messy with glue, but that’s okay.  Only the toddlers will call me out on that …

Cake Plate Mistake (550x413) (2)

I wonder if my new cake plate is doubly valuable since it joins together the artistic creativity of two famous potters?

Cake Plate Donuts More (550x413) (2)

Not too bad for three dollars.

Oh, the kids are so going to love me when they get home from school …

Cake Plate Donut Closeup (550x413) (2)

I’m sharing here …

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  1. Anonymous says

    I enjoyed reading about your project so much!

    I flipped over a favorite lasagna baking dish earlier this evening and found it was backstamped AMERICAWARE USA O A MALLORY (later realized the “O” was actually a copyright stamp.)
    I began googling the names and got more and more fascinated, eventually finding out about Ann Mallory etc. I bought the dish in a thift store ages ago – it stood out to me as having integrity of design… something. Used it as an oblong fruit dish for years, and then one day used it for lasagna because it was the right size for the noodles to fit and there was a paper disc on the dish to say that it was ovenproof!

    Love china and backstamps – each a piece of history – and I love what you did with your two pieces.

  2. says

    Visiting from Southern Hospitality!! Thanks for sharing your idea! I love cake stands but I do not want to pay the pricey price for them. Now I will be on the lookout for cute dinnerware to MARRY!!lol..

  3. says

    Oh, my, this is so cute! I love the dishes you chose! I’m sure you’re children will love those delicious looking donuts! I’d love one too.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

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