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I have potting benches on the brain.

Never mind that I don’t have a space for a potting bench in my postage-stamp-size back yard.

Never mind that I cannot seem to keep alive the plants I want to live … and cannot seem to rid my garden of the weeds and dandelions that grow to monstrous and thorny proportions.

Never mind that plants in nurseries throughout Chicagoland quake in their little roots when I merely drive by.

You see … in my mind’s eye … if I had a potting bench I would be a much better gardener.  A gardener who weeded frequently.  A gardener who could get some grass to grow in her front yard.  A gardener who could finally figure out what shade-friendly plants to plant out front to hide the unsightly foundation  …

Yes.  The logic is flawed.  And yes I know that just watering my plants is really all they need to survive.

But our Mission Possible: The Great Outdoors link party  ignited my potting bench passions.

So I’ve plucked out five potting benches from the party that would surely and definitely turn my brown thumb green …

Pam at Simple Details shared her beautiful deck … but it was her potting bench makeover that jumped out and grabbed me …

Art is Beauty turned a free armoire into an amazing potting shed …

Yvonne at StoneGable has her potting bench hooked up to a running water source … genius!

Dana at Circadee shared her curbside rescue potting bench …

And Northern Cottage cleverly made her very own potting bench using an old desk and shelf …

northern cottage potting table 3

… and that yellow truck is adorable as is her ruffled potting stool skirt.

And make sure you visit my party co-hosts to see what link ups have inspired them to head outdoors …

Eclectically Vintage      the space between  

P.S.  I felt the urge to add just one more feature.  It’s not a potting bench …  but it is plant-related.  What really drew me in was the thumbnail title, “My All-time Fave Outdoor Project” …

… seriously, right?  Seriously cool. And Anne from Design Dreams by Anne made her baby greenhouse all by herself out of three windows!  Hmmm.  Forget the potting benches.  Maybe if I had a baby greenhouse of my very own I could keep my plants alive …

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  1. says

    Flawed login indeed – but a girl’s gotta dream!

    My advice – plastic flowers! Ugly yes, but even you (I think), can’t kill those!

    Love the features – this party was amazing!

  2. says

    You are too sweet Linda! Thank you for featuring my little greenhouse among your potting benches – LOVE the potting benches!!!

    This is the first year my tomatoes have survived without me dragging them in and out of the house every night!!

  3. says

    Oh, my gosh — I want one!! These are lovely… and just conjure up images of leisurely gardening crafty gals. *Sigh*… someday. :)
    xo Heidi

    PS — I’ve had just enough rain to keep everything alive so far, but I fully anticipate my brown thumb rearing its ugly head soon. :)

  4. says

    I agree, they are some great potting bench ideas…I took away some great ideas from these features…and Anne’s Greenhouse is so very cute!!…and to think that she does all of this with her own two hands….After nailing my finger to the boards, I would be relinquishing the project to the guy who has a license to operate power tools…Great features Linda!!

  5. says

    Yeah….. maybe if I had a baby green house first I could start my own plants too that would grow because the ones at the nursery are flawed! Right? It’s not my lack of a green thumb, it’s because I don’t have a mini green house. The secret has been unlocked and I shall pin that. Watch out gardens of 2013!


  6. says

    You are as good as I am at gardening.I still need to work out in the yard.But I keep getting distracted…..really….seriously….okay you can stop laughing now.I promise next week I will get out in my yard.

  7. says

    I want a potting bench, too! It’s on my honey-do list. Your great outdoors party was great fun. I didn’t get my entire front porch done in time to link it, but the attempt got me off my tush and busy. I was able to participate with a couple smaller projects and be inspired by all the other party goers. No one puts on a party like you, Linda! It was GREAT!

  8. says

    Love all the potting benches :-) Each one is so creative and unique – and hooking up a water source is genius! And the mini greenhouse is so charming :-)

    Impatiens are great for shady areas. They come in lots of pretty colours, and you can just plant them and forget about them (other than watering them during dry spells).

  9. says

    These are all great potting benches! My Dad made one for me years ago, and it’s been through quite a few moves with me. Sometimes I’ve had the space for it, and other times not. But I would never part with it! I always find somewhere to put it, even if it’s not ideal. And I bet you will, too! Right now I have it multi-purposing as my workbench for DIY projects :-)

  10. says

    Thanks for including my trash pick Linda. It is not nearly as stunning as the other benches but I sure do love it! I agree though, a potting bench really does give you a green thumb…sort of. Just the colorful pots on it can pop in your yard.

  11. says

    I am so excited that you wrote this post! You have given me an inspiration about what to do with an outdoor table that I have! If you were here I would give you a great big hug!!!

  12. says

    I love all of these potting benches, and the “greenhouse” that Anne made too!

    You had me giggling at the thought of you terrorizing plants while just driving by!

    Thanks for sharing the fun, inspirational photos!


  13. says

    It’s an armoire…no wait it’s a potting bench!! That has to be the most clever idea ever. But everyone of these projects looks like something right out of a magazine. I’m with you, my garden would be gorgeous if I just had one of these potting benches. Thanks for sharing your picks!

  14. says

    meee, too…I am DYING for a potting bench. I’ve looked hi and lo for something to make one out of. I think of all the little entertainment centers I’ve seen in garage sales for mere dollars and they would have been adorable, painted and made into potting stations. I’ll keep looking, tho….In the meantime, like you, I have to work overtime just to make the flowers I have stay alive. I have NOOOO green thumbs.

  15. says

    There were some great projects that linked up to the great outdoors. Really like the features. I have potting benches on the brain too and will be redefining the one that I recently created. Stay tuned I may have it ready to link up to your next great outdoors party! Thanks for co-hosting I’ve discovered some new blogs and met some really nice creative bloggers/people!

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