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When I was working on my novel 5+ years ago, I discovered the world of literary agent blogs.  I was hooked.  In particular, I was hooked on this now dormant – but still worthy — blog.

As I faithfully followed … laughing at her snark … joining in on her query contests … ignoring the fact that her other followers were embittered, rude, starving artists that spit on the success of their comrades … I harbored dreams of how Miss Snark and I would be the very best-est of friends …

How she would pick my query out of the slush pile and insist on representing me … declaring my novel the next Harry Potter.  No. Wait.  Better than Harry Potter.

How she would reveal her true identify to me and only me …

How I would travel to New York frequently — on her expense account, of course — for extravagantly lengthy and expensive lunch meetings.  Afterwards we would stroll arm and arm down 5th avenue laughing.  Me and Miss Snark.  My blog world BFF …

Fast forward to January 2011 when I discovered, for real, the ever-expanding piece of Internet real estate known as home décor blogs.  And now I dreamt of being besties with Beth and Layla and Melissa and Rhoda and Kate

… oh, the fun we would have!  I would show up at their blogger conferences – not as a blogger, but as the fan I was back then – and gush … and follow … and insert myself into their inner circle …


Now that I have a blog of my own, I’ve dropped those blogger BFF dreams faster than a middle school girl drops her boyfriend du jour at recess …

… okay, not fully dropped.  I hold those blog world pioneers in the greatest of esteem and greatly appreciate their freely given hard-earn words of wisdom and advice (and continue to visit their blogs daily) …

It’s more like a change of perspective.  The difference between raising your hand in class and asking a question, which is then answered for all to hear …

… versus engaging in a one-on-one conversation.  A dialogue.  Even if that dialogue sometimes only takes place in a comments thread or through an email exchange.

So my new blog BFF dream is rooted in reality.  Someone I’ve been exchanging emails and (gasp) the unthinkable phone conversations …


Home décor does not singularly define Kari or her Thistlewood Farm blog

(if you click on any of the photos below you will be transported to Kari’s blog posts about each photo)

Even though Kari does wield a Southern drawl that lives up to her drool worthy home …

And don’t get me wrong, I covet her home.  Her back porch puts my screen porch to shame …

And check out her girls’ play house.  Yup, not just a room.  But its very own house …

But her amazing sense of style is secondary … no, make that tertiary … to her exceptional writing style. 

… and perhaps that’s what draws me (and so many others) back again and again.

Like flies to the flame.

Because Kari’s blog is fresh and new and different …

And because Kari inspires me to not fret over the tutorials and the projects …

But to perhaps infuse my blog with more of me.  You know, actually writing down and sharing that constant narration of life spooling over and over in my head.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that when I read her posts I smile.  No. Not just smile.  I laugh …

… and I laugh hard. And often. And OUT LOUD …

… and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again …

My out loud laughs when I read Kari’s blog are never ever that wimpy shortened for texting three-initial LOL …

  … but the full on, 12 letter,

L – A – U – G – H    O – U – T    L – O – U – D.
Oh, and did I mention Kari lives in Kentucky?
The land of bourbon whiskey and Jim Beam’s grandson Booker Noe (R.I.P.).  The land where every truck has a gun in the glove compartment.  The land where merging onto the highway is a high stakes game of cat and mouse (and don’t forget about that gun in the glove compartment).  And last, but not least, the land of the drive-through liquor store …
Oh, and did I mention that she likes me too
Maybe we can meet up in New York some day for an extravagantly expensive lunch and then stroll down 5th avenue …
.. arm in arm of course ….
it all started with paint and Thistlewood Farm will be formally announcing their engagement any day now …


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  1. I’m glad you are now secure enough in your relationship to break the secrecy! (And I have exchaged e-mails with you both, so I guess I’m the wing man.) And if you haven’t checked out “slush pile hell”? You should.

  2. Kirby and I are coming to KY but we probably won’t be able to follow the directions to Kari’s after we hit all the drive through “stores”.


  3. Blogger BFF’s are the best! You have made an excellent friend in Karianne and she in you. I think the best advice I’ve ever gotten about blogging is to just be authentic and blog from the heart and it sounds like Karianne has given you some of the very same wise advice – smart lady! Hope you get to visit each other someday!

  4. Can we have a threesome?

  5. New follower from LF Party hop. Love it if you could visit me at

  6. BFFs are invaluable! What a great post about the dear Karianne. Hip, Hip Hooray for friendship love on Valentine’s Day.

  7. Aw, she’s a cool BFF! Lucky you!

    (She’s passed me a note in the hall between gym and science before, and she seems pretty darn nice – lol.)

    ~ Dana

  8. Awww now I need a blog BFF. ;)

  9. Oh, I know just what you mean! About Karianne and blogging BFFs. Wrote a post about my blogging BFF (and linked to In My Own Style’s blog love party today: Isn’t it great to find someone who just gets you, all the way through?

  10. You picked a good one, I thinks she’s great too!

  11. This made me laugh… I have lots of imaginary internet friends. Every once in awhile it occurs to me that they have no idea who I am. (And it surprises me. Every. Time.)

  12. Hi Linda -

    You and Kari are what makes blogging so worthwhile. Making connections and finding others just like you or who get you. Loved both your post and Kari’s about you. You two are kindred spirits for sure. I hope you get to meet in person soon.
    Thanks so much for linking up to the Blog Crush party. I now have two new blogs in my reader. xo

    My best- Diane

    My best- Diane

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