my decorating inspiration has gone to the dogs

One of the many DIY blogs I like to visit, Perfectly Imperfect, revealed their amazing dining room redesign a few months back:

Source: Perfectly Imperfect

I was immediately drawn to the white, brown, and ebony/espresso color pallet used in the room. There’s something familiar and comforting and warm about this combination – and I definitely plan to incorporate this feel as I redecorate my own home.

It’s a color template that works great regardless of whether you prefer a light backdrop …

Source: Ikea

… or dark.

dining room.shelterblog

It looks great with country décor …


… and modern décor alike …


… and yet, I still can’t put my finger on that nagging familiar feeling it evokes …

What I love the most:  a white, brown, and ebony/espresso foundation sets the perfect stage for color – and I definitely crave color in my home.

The addition can be varied and subtle …

Source: Ikea

… or singular and bold …


… or (as my home redesign will most likely skew) much more saturated …

Source: Ikea

And then it hits me why a white, brown, and ebony/espresso room décor combination is so very comforting and familiar:


Curled up next to me all this time is my design inspiration: Ernie the tri-colored beagle.

See how wonderfully he coordinates with both blues and reds? I may need to pose him against some different colored throws and pillows as I redo each room … I wonder if I can bring him into the Home Goods store?

It’s official. I’m letting our home go to the dogs.

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  1. Love it!

  2. You’re on to something here….. the Beagle decorating color wheel. It would catch on. I think I’ve been using that dog wheel too without even knowing it. Maybe when dogs come in red, blue and green I’ll start using those colors more?


  3. That doggie is tooo cute.

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