o pillow form

O Pillow Form,
O Pillow Form,
Why are you so EX – PEN — SIVE?

Seriously.  Why are pillows forms and stuffing and batting so pricey?  And don’t even get me started on foam pads …

I got around the batting issue (see here) by using a $9.00 body pillow from Target.  And no, really (wink wink), I didn’t get that tip from a craft store employee …

But what to do when you want to make envelope pillows?  A form is a must.  So back to Target I went and picked up a 20” x 26” pillow for $2.50 …

pillow form how to (550x413)
… and then I cut it in half.  That’s right.

pillow form how to 2 (550x413)
Right down the middle …

pillow form how to 3 (550x413)
Crazy, right?  Now comes the fun part.  Pinning …

pillow form how to 4 (550x413)
… and sewing …

pillow form how to 5 (550x413)
Yeah, that was a bit of a struggle.  I removed some stuffing to free up space (and stored it with the deconstructed remains of my Target body pillow).

In the end, it’s not perfect …

pillow form how to final (550x413)
… but once covered with a custom slipcover, no one will be the wiser.  Really, it’s true.  Check back tomorrow and I’ll prove it to you …

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  1. says

    Such a great idea! I recycle old pillows and re-use the stuffing for newer throw pillows but love this idea when that’s not an option or for gifts! Can’t wait to see the covers! :)

    Thanks again for sharing your creativity today at the DIY Show Off.


  2. says

    Stopping by from Saturday Night Special…

    That is SUCH a great idea. I can’t believe it! One way to make it easier to sew the edge with the stuffing already in there is to jam all the stuffing as far up as possible, leaving a bigger raw edge of just fabric with no stuffing. To keep the stuffing in place while you sew, put straight pins along where the stuffing ends to block it from moving. Really put them as close to the lump of stuffing as possible… I hope this makes sense!

    I use that technique to sew the flax pillows I make (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Tmuffin?section_id=10880226), and it works really well. It gets the stuffing out of the way so you can actually sew freely.

  3. JaneEllen says

    Now why didn’t I think of that? Dadgumitanyway. Such a great idea and aren’t you the clever one? I’ve recycled alot of sofa pillows gotten on sale but this is even better and cleaner. Who knows where those old sofa cushions have been if you get one at a thrift store. Especially now with the bed bug dilemma. Can hardly wait now to spot some pillows on sale. Walmart has them often and might be able to get 3 pillow innards out of one pillow. Hope there’s some pillows on sale when I get my SS this month.
    I always wash my thrift store pillows really well. Sometimes I get those little travel pillows for $2, combine two in a bigger cover that turns out great, I sew them together at the sides so they won’t shift. I live a few miles away from town so have to be inventive and make do alot of the time.

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