off the grid

Okay, that headline is an overstatement. I have not forgone electricity or gas service or phone service. And I did not voluntarily ask Comcast to obliterate my wireless network …
… but apparently that’s what they have done. And it won’t be fixed until tomorrow.
I’ve toyed with the idea of hanging at the local coffee shop and tapping into their free wireless …
… but that would involve the purchase and consumption of too much over-priced coffee. Followed by bad coffee breath and a stomach ache.
Instead I opt to tap into my husband’s work-delivered signal via his Blackberry. It’s slow (I’m not complaining … much) so I’ll keep this short.
1)     I’m going to take advantage of my wireless-ness to get some real work done around here and …
2)     I’m going to use this lesson in wireless-ness as a sign that I have been way to closely tethered to my laptop and my blog. It’s the universe telling me it’s time to ‘step away from the computer’ and …
3)     I’m going to send you to June & Bear (click here) where Kara features an interview with my daughter Molly today …


  1. I miss you already!

  2. Sometimes we do not realise how much we rely on our internet connection

  3. i think internet breaks might be good for us–even if we struggle to see it at the time. hope you’re up and running soon.

  4. Why not just take a picture of the corner and call it Mr. Corner? I think you may just have a future writer on your hands. A funny one, too!

  5. I might throw my laptop out the window today and GO LIVE INSTEAD!

  6. I can totally understand! My Google Chrome has been acting up the last two days making it impossible to comment on some blogs…..
    Get alot done and we will see you when you return!
    dee dee

  7. Enjoy the break! Molly is so cute, fun sense of humor. :)

  8. Breaks are good! Sometimes my daughter and I spend so much time online that my husband calls us Screen 1 and Screen 2, instead of Thing 1 and Thing 2. LOL! It’s cold outside today, so computer time is justified. I hope you get your issues squared away. Since I upgraded to a higher speed, now I have problems staying connected. Need to get that ironed out.

  9. The universe must have intervened! Now go on out there and ENJOY it!

  10. Hope your enjoying to time off Linda! I just read your daughter’s interview and I loved it. She is so smart and sassy just like her momma :)

  11. You are a brave woman! Enjoy your time in the great pre-internet-wilderness. We’ll miss you!

  12. Sometimes we get messages sent to us in many ways…so take time for yourself…enjoy the “peace and quiet”…:) Hopping over to read the interview!

  13. I had a nasty virus of the computer kind about 10 days ago. Put me down for a week. There is still a bit left to do but mostly I’m back up.

    (And, as you can see, I’m trying to catch up on my reading and commenting!)

    Hope you were able to get some good work done – off the grid!
    ~ Dana

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