an open letter to my kitchen countertops

To my kitchen countertops,

You may be thinking the love is waning …

It’s been a little over a year-and-a-half and you may be wondering if the luster of our new relationship has begun to tarnish …


… if I’ve become too comfortable.  Complacent.

And there may be a little nagging nugget of quartz in the back of your splash wondering if, perhaps, I’ve regretted my decision …

A decision that included hunting down the Silestone sales rep at The Home Depot and following him out to his car …

… pretending to wait patiently as he dug through boxes and binders of Silestone samples in search of the elusive White Zeus.

A white that is pure white.  Solid white. No specs. No sparkles.

And in the farthest reaches of his traveling salesman station wagon he found the tiniest sliver of a sample.

Now, kitchen countertop, after all that searching I can understand why you may be having doubts.  Questioning our relationship status.

Truth be told, it’s me.  Not you.

Problem is, I’ve been remiss.  I haven’t just been ignoring you …

… I’ve been covering you up. 

And not because I’m ashamed of how you look.  Au contraire.

It’s a matter of my disorganization.  It started small.  A bill here. A note there. A school permission slip on top.  Some receipts.  To do lists. Blog ideas. Link parties to remember …

… and the piles gained piles of their own …

… and important things were pulled out and moved to a different spot on the countertop so they could stand out amongst the piles …

… again and again …

… until it felt as if the piles were crowding me out.  And I was reduced to making dinner on a tiny sliver of open space next to the stove.

So now that I’ve thoroughly cleaned you off.


And wiped you down.


And put you out there in blogland for all to see the glory that is White Zeus Silestone, I hope I have proven to you that my love is as strong as ever …


… and if that isn’t proof enough, have you noticed that I’ve been hugging you every night before I go to bed?


P.S. I promise to never, ever let you get covered up again.  And no, kitchen countertop, my fingers are not crossed behind my back …

P.P.S.  The story of the kitchen renovation can be found here …

P.P.S.  Don’t forget to come back with your outdoor projects on May 29 to link up at our multi-blog link party …


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  1. says

    Girl, you’re a mess. Your posts crack me up. LOVE your solid white countertops…with no sparkle, no specs.

    We are moving into a home in Sept and just picked out Kashmire White Granite. It has movement, grays, sparkle and hints of a purplish red fleck here and there. I hope to have a strong and clutter free relationship with it, just like you have:)

  2. says

    I think the counter and the backsplash are conspiring… look at the way they eye each other! I’d be very careful about covering up that countertop again!!

    ps love, love, love the backsplash tiles!

  3. says

    I guess that’s one thing that those of us with teeny tiny kitchens with no counter space can be thankful for – never tempted to put a single piece of paper on them….of course those little things sit on my dining room table instead…
    love the solid white.

  4. says

    Of course it always knew you loved it deep down but sometimes it needs to hear it outloud for all to hear :)
    Thats one kick ass kitchen you have there!

  5. says

    I love white countertops, I feel like that way you can actually tell when they are dirty. Not that you have to do anything about it, but at least you know.

    I’ve been trying everything under the sun to not put *stuff* on the counters that doesn’t belong there, I’m not getting any better, right now there is my computer, camera, many, many chargers, a baby rocker seat, preschool artwork, kid aprons, leftover dining table centerpieces… And that’s just the bar-part, not even wehre I try to cook!

    You are an inspiration.


  6. says

    If your kitchen counter tops get a phone call from the Chicago south ‘burbs, it’s my kitchen counter tops…likely looking for relationship advice. I IMPLORE you, please, as a friend DO NOT answer…I can’t handle the pressure! Sometimes countertops can be so NEEEDDDYYYY!!!!! xo

  7. says

    Just sitting here, reading this post, I can hear my own quartz countertops screaming at me from the next room about why I’m always neglecting them. So what if right at this moment I’m looking at a little “countertop porn” by admiring your shiny white ones?

  8. says

    So clever, Linda! I chuckled at the sliver of counter space to prep meals. That’s totally my kitchen. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with kitchen counters that are painted a horrible beige colour that soaks up any print from packaging or food stains. I can Magic Eraser the colour right off!

    Your counters are gorgeous and so worthy of your ode!

  9. says

    Lol!! Linda you crack me up! I just love your kitchen counters and how crisp and fresh and clean 😉 they look. They really pop with the dark cabinets. Thank you so much for linking them up to Inspiration Friday…maybe coming to a party helped them feel some extra love too!

  10. says

    Now that you’ve had your countertops for over a year, can you tell me how they’ve fared? We are considering White Zeus for countertops, but my husband is weary because some reviews show that they damage easily, etc. I was just wondering how they’ve fared over the first year. Any advice you have would greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  11. Melissa says

    I would love to hear if you still love them a few years later or if they were easily stained/scratched etc. Especially being all white! No camouflage there!

    • says

      Honestly, they’ve held up well. But we don’t cut on them or put hot pans on them. I use cutting boards and such. There is some discoloration here and there but you really need to look hard to find it! So, at the end of the day, they are still great! And I still hug them from time to time! :)

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