peer pressure

So tell me …




Tell me when does peer pressure go away?




At what point in time?


And at what age?


Because I’m staring down 50 yet my neighbors have put the pressure on.  Big time.


They have me scrambling.  They have me feeling guilty …




Those neighbors with their homes decked out for Halloween on October 1st have me looking like I’m bah humbug about Halloween.  Like I’m a Halloween grinch …


Which is so not true.




So last week found me hauling out the Mod Podge.  And glitter.  Lots and lots of glitter …

boo-wreath-materials   boo-wreath-how-to


And then there was some left over white fabric.  Ripped and wound and tied onto some dollar store wreaths …

boo-wreath-how-to-make   boo-wreath-how-to-mummy-wrap


And then there was the glue gun.  Used to make fabric flowers.  And burn my fingers.  That tale will be shared another day …




Oh, and let’s not forget the dollar store crow …




He got some glitter too.


I buckled under the peer pressure …



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  1. Oh My, I love it!!!!!! So simple, but what an impact. Rhonda

  2. Well if you succumbed to peer pressure, I say TOUCHE- b/c you did a fine job showing your awesome crafty self!

  3. What a cute door decoration! I believe Mr. Crow has become THE decoration this season! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh I am really liking this, makes such a statement

  5. This blog land is full of wonderfully clever artistic people that put me to shame… I have always thought of myself as artistic, but don’t come close to all of you out in the blogland ** However, you are all inspirational, and I love to view and see how things are made… this just might make me feel like making my own front door decoration.. Thank you so much for sharing, it really did have the *WoW* factor!!!!!!

  6. You buckled with style and class in the project! Love it!

  7. Haha I know how you feel – my friends and I constructed a model out of popsicle sticks, and I think we all burned our fingers at least once. Nice job.

  8. I love it!!…Glad you buckled under the pressure or we would not have been able to see this oh so very, very cute wreath!….Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

  9. Peer pressure never goes away. We’ll be tottering around in the nursing home trying to keep up with the geezers down the hall. Your Boo creation is awesome. You are a better woman than I…I avoid Mod Podge and glitter like the plague. Good job!

  10. Damn neighbors! Buy you showed them – I bet they’re scrambling to create something that can compare to your spooktacular masterpiece!

  11. Pinning.


  12. I love it! You did great.

    *kicks ground with toe* I’m one of those neighbors that has decorations up on October 1st. We REALLY don’t *mean* to create peer pressure. It’s just that we can’t wait any longer, because Halloween is our favorite! LOL We’re really sorry. I actually just wrote a post on this on my blog, if you want to check it out. LOL

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  13. That’s so cute! I don’t think peer pressure will ever go away! I’ve got neighbors with great yards, friends with great clothes and bloggers with amazing homes and crafts all pressuring me to stay on my toes, but I secretly like the pressure. ;)

  14. Wow! You sure put pressure on us with your wonderful project! But I’m going to resist the pressure. I will be ready on time for Hallowe’en, not before!

  15. Linda – I really love this idea – super cute and very Halloweeny!

  16. I think peer pressure is a good thing, don’t you. Makes us get our butts in gear and get something done. A little peer pressure is good for a person. By the way, I love your wreath creation. Knew you could do it. :)

  17. Now your neighbors are scrambling to make their decorations more clever and creative. Way to reverse-peer-pressure-’em.

  18. love the double wreath, and the sharp contrast…Ok all neighbors watch out…thiers a pro in the hood.
    Now Laugh,me no deco for Halloween the only one who would see it would be the deer …

  19. it looks awesome! and the pressure itself never ends, but our reaction to it can change.

  20. szinteriors says:

    Oh Linda, I’m right there with you… and I haven’t done a darned thing about it! My porch is looking sad, and just begging for some fall love and attention. Soon, I keep telling myself… soon!

  21. VERY sweet, and now YOU are peer pressuring ME!!! Must get busy!!!! :) lol

  22. Well, it seems you handled the pressure well. You didn’t do anything you’ll regret later…and no embarrasing pictures will find their way to facebook.
    BTW, this wreath ensemble is totally spook-worthy! Awesomeness with glitter! :)

  23. You showed them! Now, I have to get busy! :) Michelle

  24. I’ve accepted defeat in the Halloween arena. Now Christmas? The neighbors should be quaking in their boots.

  25. You are making your neighborhood proud!! Love this craft, fun and festive. :)

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