Pizza pizza

Or maybe I should call this post New York style pizza versus Chicago style pizza.


And I’m not talking about Chicago deep dish pizza.  That’s an apples and oranges discussion.  I’m talking about thin crust pizza.  Round pizza.  Round thin crust pizza that should be cut into pie slices.


You know, to ensure that each and every delicious slice has a nice crust to hold onto …




… with your hands.  Because that’s how a round thin crust pizza is meant to be eaten.


Not with a knife and fork.




I truly do love my adopted city.  It’s so pretty.  And clean.  And friendly …


But the practice of taking a round thin crust pizza and doing this …




Squares?  Seriously.  Who cuts a round pizza into squares?


Chicagoans do.  That’s who.


Now my New Jersey sensibilities tell me this is just wrong.


The equivalent of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole wrong.


And I refuse to allow my Chicago-born-and-bred children to think that this is in any way, shape, or form correct or acceptable pizza slicing behavior.


Though it’s inevitable that they will be forced, at some point in their Chicago-born-and-bred lives, to eat a square of pizza cut from a round thin crust pizza.  And they will do so reluctantly – out of sheer hunger – while firmly rooted in my thin-crust-pizza-should-only-be-cut-into-pie-shaped-slices camp.


But there is a sliver of hope for the future.  A hope that may just bring together – okay, not bring together more like appease – the square slice versus the pie slice camp.  It’s a solution that is the brainchild of an engineer …



Source:  Chicago Tribune


That’s right, it took high-level, highly-educated engineer-trained thinking to figure out a way to cut that round thin crust pizza into both squares and pie slices, as reported in last Sunday’s Chicago Tribune.


Now, don’t get me wrong.  Square slices cut from a round pizza pie are still wrong.  But at least Mr. Van Dine’s solution is half right …



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  1. Jenny Ballard says

    WHAT!!!! oh dear. I’m still shaking my head. Pizza needs not only a good crust to hold onto, but a nice point to bite into. It’s the only way to cut a pizza lol.

  2. says

    I will print out a template and cut mine like this next time. I’ll eat pizza cut anyway, probably one of my favorite foods, but Brawn likes his thin and square.


  3. says

    Be still, my damn gluten-free heart. What I miss most is pizza. Gluten-free crust doesn’t cut it, no matter how you cut it. (And we have a pizza place here in Portland that cuts it in squares. Have NEVER understood that!)

  4. Kelly says

    So funny! I’m a Chicago to Philly transplant and what I miss most is pizza cut in squares, with a crispy crust. It’s too big and soft and triangley here! Guess we are all more creatures of habit than we realize…

  5. says

    I never really thought about this but I do agree with you! I love the first bite of a pie slice of pizza…there is really nothing else like it! I have burnt my tongue more times than I can say too. Totally worth it though…

  6. says

    I prefer thin crust round pizza so I have a slice with a point and a crust. Something to hold onto and somewhere to start. Who eats pizza with a fork?? NOT me. My husband in un-american he wont eat pizza.

  7. says

    The most difficult thing for me about moving to the Midwest from NY (Milwaukee and then Chicago) was adapting to the pizza. Chicago deep dish? Delicious, don’t get me wrong. (Do you ever eat at Pequods?) Beyond that, it’s all about NY style. Love the Trib’s idea, though…

  8. says

    Yep pure and simple sacrilege! Even in Italy they cut it into triangles… and I’m not talking about the joints that serve “American” style pizza. I’m talking the real deal, non-tourist towns… And lets not forget about the ability to be able to fold that nice triangle just a bit to be able to devour all that gooey deliciousness! Yes ma’am triangles are the only way to go…. this coming from a girl who lived ALL over the country (far north to deep south, east coast to west coast plus Europe in the mix too!)

    Have a great day!

  9. says

    LOL! You are so funny! We have pizza sliced both ways around here. Some places have it sliced like a pizza and some in squares is how we see it!! I kind of like the squares though – can I still be your friend??!

  10. Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D says

    I was so…”No way, Chicago thin is squares, babyee!”
    Pie shaped pizza is so, so, so “Friday night carnival” to me.

    I lived in Wisconsin for a while.
    Loved most everything about it.
    ‘Cept they couldn’t make a pizza to save their souls!

    ~ Dana

  11. says

    Being born in Chicago and going back into my youth, it seems more of who the pizza is for, pizza cut in squares is more traditionally family style, while pizza in slices were for small gatherings or maybe a couple. Having an older brother who ate more then his share, squares gave me a chance to have a piece – or two.

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