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We’ve all heard about tennis elbow, right?  It’s a well-documented medical condition.  I even found this on the Mayo Clinic’s website …

“Tennis elbow is a painful condition that occurs when tendons in your elbow are overworked, usually by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.”

And when someone says, “I have tennis elbow” you think, wow, she must be in great shape.  And brave too.  Playing all that tennis in those upper-thigh-exposing shorty, short skirts.  And all that running and swinging a racket and serving and all …

So what kind of reaction do you think I’ll elicit when I say I have blogger’s elbow?

… and it has nothing to do with running, rackets or shorty short skirts.

No. Seriously.  My left elbow hurts.  It’s sore. Tender.  Aches when I extend it.  Aches when I bend it.  And it is 100% a blogging-related injury …

And how, pray tell you ask, does someone develop blogger’s elbow?

By blogging right here …

Living Room Couch

… sitting on that couch with my laptop on that coffee table.

With a view of this


… and this …

Living Room Couch View

And as I peck away at my laptop as I sit here …

Living Room Couch

… I’m all hunched over (could someone please call a chiropractor) with my elbows on my knees.  And those elbows are not just resting on my knees.  No.  They’re bearing the full weight of my upper body …

I really need a better blogging set-up.  Like this blogger.  And this blogger. Now those are places that inspire …

… seriously, what’s not to be inspired about in that gorgeous kitchen or that view of Beyoncé in the pool?

 Added bonus:  Neither set-up promotes scoliosis.

I was thinking I might carve out a space in the family room when I finally tackle that remodel …

Family Room Before

… and boy oh boy does this space need some serious re-decorating love.  But the space is light.  And it’s bright. Even on the grayest of days.  It’s also where the teen boy plays Xbox Live.  And that usually involves a lot of yelling at the television …

… which I’m thinking might be distracting to this blogger …
… because it drives me crazy when I’m three rooms away from all the Xbox Live yelling.
The living and dining rooms are up next for a major overhaul.  I may need to keep an eye out for a new coffee table that could serve double duty as a proper desk … 
Which is too bad.  I had originally planned on a big soft storage ottoman.  You know, a place to rest my tootsies after a long day of developing my blogger’s elbow …
Let’s keep in touch … 


P.S. Don’t even get me started on the pom pom-making finger injury I sustained this week …

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  1. says

    I can so relate to the blogger’s elbow, but mine would be blogger’s back. I have a mild case of scoliosis (not enough to do anything about it except exercise) and I know that I am not supposed to sit certain ways, especially for longs periods of time. Well, I will sit on my couch for hours hunched over typing. Not a good thing to do!!! Then, I will pay for it for hours later. I should learn by now.

    Hope it feels better soon 😉


  2. says

    I think I might be developing blogger’s brain. It sets in when I look up from the computer after blogging for, um, awhile…

    The real world seems all fuzzy and I have trouble thinking. I don’t think I can solve this one with a remodel 😉 (Perhaps a float around the pool on Beyonce will do the trick…)

    (Thanks for the shout out :)

  3. says

    I have blogger’s knee from sitting with my legs under me like a four year old. I happen to be experiencing it now. When it hurts like this I usually just keep sitting here. It’s better than getting up and cleaning all of the cheez-its mixed with Easter candy and overdue library books off the floor. Good to know I’m not suffering alone.

  4. says

    Oh yeah, so fun when you feel like your arm is going to fall out of your shoulder socket from typing and clicking your mouse all day!
    You definitely need a proper desk & chair set-up girl. Take care of yourself.

  5. says

    If only tennis elbow was caused by tennis but alas we all know it’s not but we can dream can’t we…………me I have typers wrists from all the typing I do and what else oh yeah I have get writers block to from time to time and by that I don’t mean I can’t think of anything to write about no not me I get it when my grandson come to me while I am writing and starts to hit me with a block of cheese telling me he is hungry and wants cheese……..lol

  6. says

    It’s a dangerous job/hobby we have, isn’t it. One blogger friend of mine told me she was starting to develop a “blog butt” from doing so much siting on it! Ha!

  7. says

    …which is why I limit my computer time. I don’t have a great place to do the computer stuff. I’m hoping I can find a nice desk to put in our “new” attic space–which may be finished sometime in 2027.

  8. says

    Who knew blogging could be so hazardous to your health?!?! And I think the XBox yelling would drive me bananas…but maybe you could get some industrial set of noise reducing headphones to wear in your family room. That wouldn’t look weird at all. 😉

  9. says

    Ha, so true! I’m so much older than you, I couldn’t do the sitting with it on my lap anymore, so I moved to the kitchen island, and that turned out to be a constant mess so I finally squeezed a corner in my living room for a small desk. I did a post about it too. Little Bit

  10. says

    Bloggins’ a killer! So is vacuuming under your bed with the hand tool cause the vacuum is too big to fit! The dust bunnies were just running rampant and now i have a pinched nerve in my neck! Darn bunnies! My recommeded cocktail… 2 aleve a heating pad, and a lil’ icyhot at night! Works for me! Feel better soon Gal!

  11. Anonymous says

    Be careful using a computer all hunched over. I worked on the Relay service placing phone calls for the deaf and we were told to sit hunched over so our voices would not carry over to next cubicle. I ended up with two carpal tunnel surgeries and then had thoracic outlet surgery as was trapped at collar bone location that entailed removing first ribs and cutting sympathetic nerves and also needed a cervical spine fusion. So please re-think your blogging location. One never realizes that they are harming themselves seriously until it is too late. I will pay for the three years of working that job till I die. Love your blog.

  12. says

    Girl, you’ve got me laughing out loud over here!

    I sit on my couch. Horrible. Not inspiring.
    At. All.

    I’d like to sit at the dining room table, but I swear the chairs are not proportional and it just hurts my back.
    Hurt = no good.

    So, until I get new chairs, buy some thick booty-lifting cushions (or make them) I’ll be over on the couch.

    Where my view it no where NEAR as pretty as yours.
    But, it’s OK.
    ~ Dana

  13. says

    Last summer, I was diagnosed with tennis elbow too, only problem is it was from PULLING WEEDS….tennis would have been more fun :) Hope you feel better

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