son’s room remodel

I had good intentions to remodel my son’s room in time for his first day of high school.

That day has come and gone and nary a paint brush has been lifted. What I have done is put together an inspiration board …

The bedroom with the horizontal molding is from Stephen Alexander Homes; ceiling fan pic from

… and I’ve collected a bunch of the “things” that will go into the design. They are now littered throughout the house – and, quite honestly, I’m not really sure about what I do and do not have.  I started this project in July.

I’ve also sewn the drapes and some decorative throw pillow — because what teenage boy doesn’t want decorative throw pillows in his room?

Sams Room Curtains (600x450) (2)

And on the day before Sam’s first day of high school, we took one final practice “L” ride downtown.  We wandered around the city and Sam snapped some shots that we’ll hang on his walls …

Sams Room Marilyn (600x450) (2)

The one thing that’s been holding me back is the new bed frame.  It requires a trip to Ikea.  I’ve only been there once before and to be honest, I’m a bit intimidated …

But I can’t put this off much longer.  I’m officially challenging myself to finish his new room before 2012.

Starting next week I’ll dig in to some of the diy projects I have planned – and then, of course, share them with you.  First up:  Tackling that hideous ceiling fan …

Ceiling Fan Before Close-up (2)
Why is one of my best photos of one of the ugliest things in my house?
Ceiling Fan Before (2)

 Oh, I have some big plans to beautify that faux wood and brass monstrosity …

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