Super Saturday Link Party


I fear the city of Chicago will be soon run out of of acrylic pink paint. Mostly because I’ve been receiving a lot …


a lot …


of orders for my pink ombre mason jars. With urgent notes about showers being hosted and can I promise to deliver them in time.


painted-mason-jar-pink-ombre-distressed-how-to 4

Can I unscientifically forecast a boom in the birth of girls this year?


I’ve been buying up all the baby pink paint I can get my hands on.  I fear I may need to venture out to the suburbs soon to find pink paint. Or resort to the old standby of mixing red and white. Though, there’s been a recent uptick in mason jar flag orders, so that could lead to a shortage of red and white paint too …

Winking smile

My master plan at Etsy domination is working. Okay, domination is an overstatement. But orders are on the rise …


So as I breathe in pink paint dust as I distress all those painted pink jars, I invite you to share with me what you’ve been working on this week.




Oh, and if you have anything gold in your archives, could you link it up too? I’m putting together a collection of gold crafts and projects. Thanks!


When you link here, you’re linked on all our blogs. And while we love handmade items, please don’t link up Etsy shop listings.


The party starts at 7 PM ET.

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  1. says

    So exciting about the orders – up in business is always good. I’m giggling at your predictions- I will be interested to see the actual reports. You may be on to something. :)


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