the sincerest form of flattery

Did you ever feel like throwing in the towel?


You know, just walking away and shutting down your little sliver of cyberspace.


But then something lands in your inbox that inspires you.  And it inspires you because you – and when I say you I really mean I – inspired someone else …


The email subject line read “Copycat.”  Now, I’m skeptical about unknown email addresses.  Let’s just say I’ve crashed my fair share of computers.


And then the whole “Copycat” subject line had me shaking in my boots.  And I starting rifling through all those folders in my head wondering which project that I drew “inspiration from” had perhaps riled another blogger …


So with a wish and a prayer and a giant gulp I opened the email.  And here’s what I found from Christy …


“Hello – First I want to mention I love your blog.  I stumbled upon it one day when I had been desperately trying to find ideas for my powder room downstairs.  This is sort of a confession.  I totally copied your powder room.  When we bought the house five years ago the paint job in the powder room left a lot to be desired.  Most of it was a chocolate brown , even the ceiling, with an army green WIDE stripe in the middle.  As a temporary fix I found some blue paint in the garage added a little white to it and covered the green.  I added a stencil to it.  I still didn’t love it, but it was better.  So one day as I was sitting in there, you know, uh, contemplating the universe, I threw down my magazine and said,”That’s it, that’s it, I can’t take it anymore!” It was a cave, a room I was starting to avoid at all costs. I began Googling powder rooms for ideas.  I stumbled upon yours and knew right away that was the one.  Most of the time I get ideas from other people in magazines and such but I pretty much just copied and pasted your powder room onto mine.  I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much for sharing what you did.  It is so bright and cheery in there now and seems twice as big.  Thank you so much!!!!”

And Christy included some photos of the before and after too …


christie powder room before


Christie Board and Batten Powder Room


Looks familiar, right?


I just love the transformation.  And that tile top sink?  I’ve filed that one away for a future project around here …


And now I have to send a huge Thank you so much!!! right back to Christy for reminding me why I started blogging in the first place.  To work on my house.  To gather inspiration and ideas and “how to’s” from other bloggers.  And then to do it myself and share how I did it too.  You know, to maybe inspire someone else …





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  1. says

    She did a great job. You should know that All of your projects are worthy of being copied exactly! They all look wonderful! Have a great day. ~ Angie

  2. Ann Drake says

    Inspiration is definitely the name of the game. Thank you for sharing this. I have those days too where I can’t even find the towel to throw it in.

  3. says

    So cool Linda! That has been my struggle for the last couple of weeks. So much so that I took this week off just to chill and do nothing (actually I spent the entire week watching the newest Downton Abbey season and I am beginning to feel normal again!)

    Love your powder room! Love this story.

    Have a happy weekend :)

    • says

      I just discovered Downton Abbey too! (I swear, I am late to every party!) I’m making myself spread the episodes out, even though I want to do the equivalent of eating the whole carton of ice cream with no bowl.

      And Linda, I second what Karianne says about you :-)

  4. says

    Linda I am always inspired by others! I ready many blogs and while visiting I leave with an idea.I have followers that read my blog.And some are inspired too! I am truly touched when someone tells me that I inspired them.We all inspire each other!

  5. says

    Yay for Christy, her bathroom looks fantastic – just like the original. And to expound on what Kari said about you…… you inspire me every day too…. people inspire others for more reasons than just what they can make.

    P.S. Does this mean we might have to use our bead board soon? Give me notice when you are feeling THAT inspired!

  6. says

    girl, you know i have felt like that more often than not this past year, but those people, they really keep you going, don’t they? and you can’t stop because you love them. that’s how i feel! :)
    and her bathroom- amazing!

  7. Christy Meyer says

    Linda, if not for you sharing your fantastic ideas I wouldn’t have the beautiful powder room I have. I am now a regular visitor of your blog and am sure I will be inspired to create other great projects too. Thank you thank you thank you, Christy

  8. says

    The greatest compliment anyone could give. That is an amazing transformation. You should feel proud for creating a beautiful place in cyberspace that inspires so many people. Christy did and AMAZING job transforming her powder room.

  9. says

    What did Mark Twain say, you can “live a week off a compliment?” I’d say that’s enough sustenance for a year! You are definitely an inspiration and I’m glad you’ve fought against throwing in the towel!!

  10. szinteriors says

    You are a huge source of inspiration, and not just in project ideas. Your truth and honesty challenge me to evaluate those hard, scary places, too! The blogging world is an incredible place to be, but it’s not always easy to maintain a balance between it and the world we walk and talk, live and breathe in. I am inspired by you for opening this up, and so glad you haven’t thrown the towel in!

  11. says

    Wow! her bathroom looks as great as yours. Ya know I’ve copied my share of ideas from you too! Actually I’ve copied an embarrassing amount of ideas from your blog. Linda, you just can’t help but be fabulous!!

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