this post is brought to you by the number two

Two little tow-headed girls.


Two little precocious tow-headed girls who need a place to create …


… and a place to sit as they create.




Two little chairs that got much use and much love from my not-quite-so-tow-headed two.  Though my two are precocious and creative too.




Those two little chairs received two coats of primer.




And those two chairs received two coats of turquoise.


… and more than just two polka-dots in white …




All sealed with two coats of spray sealer.


And softened up with two custom-made seat covers.  Made from two yards of outdoor fabric … because two precocious and creative tow-headed girls can, at times, be a bit too messy.




Paired with the $5.00 thrift store table that I made over here …




All I can say is that those two little turquoise and polka dot chairs made for two little tow-headed girls turned out too cute!

P.S. Have you heard about the amazing Fall Spray Paint Link party? Click here for more ….


The party goes live on Friday, October 12 at 6 AM EST …


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  1. Ann Drake says

    You are the one who’s too cute. These are adorable! Do you mind if I ask what plugin you are using for the Inspiration thumbnails on your sidebar? Very nice…

  2. says

    How sweet! Somewhere in another dimension, I’m painting chairs for two little girls instead of refereeing two crazy boys in the middle of Target… but I wouldn’t trade it, still…

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