to our blog widowers*

Can I just send out a collective thank you to all those blog widowers out there?   All those loving husbands unknowingly pulled into the blog world Bermuda Triangle.  They had no idea how our blogging would dramatically – irrevocably – impact their lives.


They had no idea the obscene number of hours we would spend online. How we would half listen to how their day was as we edit a picture on PicMonkey or check our email inboxes like religious zealots waiting for a new comments on our witty and wise prose.


Garlic Clove 5


They had no idea our blog-related DIY would result into such a state of home-wide chaos that even if they wanted to help clean the house, they couldn’t.  It’s near impossible for them to understand — or for us to easily explain — what is trash and what, with some mod podge, books pages, and a sharpie, is a potential new treasure.


They had no idea the dining room table would unofficially become the official dumping ground for glue guns and fabric swatches and sewing machines and sequins and bits of scrapbook paper and letters.  A literal ground zero of crafting.


They had no idea they would have to sneak around behind our backs – backs whose fronts were positioned squarely in front our computer screens – to try and carve out a space just for themselves.  A blog-less, man space to enjoy as we ignore them  attend to all things blogging.  A space they feared we would discover and descend upon with our Purdy paint brushes and fabric swatches and mason jars and chalkboard paint.


Garlic Clove 2


And they had no idea one day they would find themselves spending fifteen minutes in the produce department searching for the most photogenic head of garlic.  You see, you asked them to pick up two – even though you only needed to use one in the recipe – because the second was for the photo shoot.   So they poured through the bins looking for the largest ones.  They contemplated getting the elephant garlic but were unsure if it would discredit the recipe.  They thought the one with the really long stem looked kind of cool and could make an interesting shot, but were worried the long stem meant the garlic was old.  Or mutant.  And that one of your readers might see the photo and inform you — and your readers — that you completely ruined the recipe with that too old and/or mutant clove of garlic …


Garlic Clove 4


… because they were unsure if there was some kind of blogging police that would shut down your blog if you misrepresented an ingredient used in a recipe.


So thank you for your understanding.  And patience.  And overlooking those strings of thread stuck to our fleece sweatshirts … and the paint on our faces … and the clumps of mod podge in our hair …



*Just in case there really is blogging police, I want to be perfectly clear.  The term “Blog Widower” was not a brainchild of my brain.  It was coined by the clever husband of this blogging friend.


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  1. says

    Too funny Linda! I’m totally sending this to my hubby-how did you know my dining room table has a glue gun and three half finished projects on it? Seriously-there is not one part of this post that didn’t ring true! You’re awesome!

  2. says

    hilarious! and so darn true. Just last night my husband told me that I had entered into the time warp that is the computer. I told him I just had to do one thing and an hour and half later I was still there….and he was very patiently waiting to watch a tv show with me. Bless their hearts! It’s always good to stop and remember that it’s the people that are actually there in the flesh that need our attention too.

  3. says

    My husband and teenager refer me to P. A. each time I pull out my camera to take 50 photos of something deemed completely un-photo worthy. My husband appreciated your words…and then went on to say other things, I think, but I was checking my blog e-mail :)

  4. says

    So true! I am taking my laptop with me tonight to my daughters dance class to work more!What else am I going to do while waiting in a UN HEATED waiting room!

  5. says

    I thought you were going to write that he’d tripped over the garlic photo shoot on your stairs and that you waited to get the perfect shot, in the perfect light, before driving him to the emergency room.

    If our husbands are blog widowers, then I guess our kids are sometimes blog orphans as they wait “just a minute” for our attention!

    Your husband is obviously a keeper if he spent all that time contemplating garlic for you. I hope you took a big bite of said recipe and gave him a big old kiss!

  6. says

    I love you, Linda! This is the perfect post…it explains my husbands life so perfectly. No garlic jaunts here, more like, ” I need you to pick up 3 yards of burlap for me and 1 dropcloth.” Matt, “Okay, I’m here…which dropcloth do you want?” Me, “the real one, not the plastic one.” Matt, “they all look real to me.” …this could go on forever…..

  7. says

    As my hubby and I both lay in our bed with our heating pads & computers…I read this and he has no idea how reading your post just helped me realize how thankful I am for his blogging support. I’m going to share this with him before we fall asleep, thank you so much for the reminder Linda!

  8. says

    Lol — my hubs has been mercifully sheltered from this for the most part. He’s a skeptic of all things online… plus my real job keeps me from going too far down the home/DIY blogging road. Now, if there were more hours in the day, he might be in trouble. :)
    xo Heidi

  9. says

    Sounds like he’s becoming more of a co-creator all the time. :-) If you can’t beat the blog, gotta join it, right? (I really like Mike’s posts. Maybe you guys need to be the next husband/wife home blogging team?)

  10. says

    So true! Well said. I may have to show Hubby this so he knows I’m not the only wife glued to the computer, half listening to the world around me. Ha! Great post!

  11. says

    LOL! More often than not these days, evenings fine my hubby and me sitting across from each other at the dining room table – both of us on our laptops. He doing more work and me blogging, or something related to blogging!

  12. says

    Spent FOUR HOURS writing a Downton Abbey post. FOUR! My husband thought I was being lazy. I was not. I was being trendy, which is pretty difficult for a fifty-two-year-old woman to be. I do not consider those four hours wasted, no matter what he says.

  13. says

    Oh goodness, this is too funny! Joel starts or finishes pretty much every conversation these days with ‘don’t blog about this’ or ‘are you going to blog about this’, it’s almost like he feels the need to state something is ‘off the record’ so it doesn’t get quoted on the blog. LOL

  14. says

    Oh my, this is too funny and bang on! It wasn’t garlic for my poor beau, but he has been on a mission for ornamental squash, lush fruit, the perfect dead branch, and who knows what else since blogging! He’s a true sport and gentleman about it… I wonder how it would work out for him if tables were turned? Hmmmm… Something for me to think about. Great tribute :-)

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