we’ve been ghosted!

Woke up the other morning and found this on our front porch:
Turns out we’ve been “ghosted.”
This is a Halloween tradition that started on our block about five years ago or so.  (Mike and I are 99% sure we know who starts it each year – but I won’t “out” her on the blog).  It’s fun to watch as it spreads around the neighborhood.
As the instructions state, it’s our turn to “ghost” two others so I hit the dollar section at Target to pick up supplies.
The kids and I will make our “ghost” deliveries under the cover of dark.
I think I need one of those $1 “BOO” signs for myself.  There’s an orange version that will look festive hanging under my wreath.
If you want to start your own “ghosted” tradition, here’s all you need:
Now go forth and spread the ghostly spirit!


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