where are they now? how to paint a bathroom sink …

That’s a completely misleading headline.  On so many levels …


This is not some celebrity story following up on what happened to Tootie from The Facts of Life.


And the word “they” implies multiple.  And living.  Multiple living, breathing things.


But this post is not about a celebrity. Or a human.  And it’s definitely not about multiple humans.  It’s about a thing.


Just one.


One sink.


One bathroom sink that was once ugly, beige, faux marble fiberglass.


One bathroom sink that I painted.


That’s right.  I painted it.  Now, I showed you my painted sink last  year when I revealed my bathroom remodel.  And I thought it might be time to show you how it’s held up.  Close to two years later …




Not bad, right?




I’m still pleased.


Granted, this is a powder room after all.  No kids and toothpaste to contend with.  Just some simple hand washing …


If you have an ugly, beige, faux marble fiberglass sink too, click here to find out how you can change the look with some paint.



P.S. The full bathroom remodel can be found by clicking here …


Want more it all started with paint?

It’s easy.

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  1. Oh! I just wrote about Tootie!

  2. Thank you for sharing that Linda! I missed this the first time around and that looks amazing! I would never guess it was painted.Wonderful to hear that it has held up so well……Looks like another project for me LOL!

  3. i kind of think this could be a fun series…. :)

  4. Okay, so the first thing I did was to look at the date of this post….ha ha (inside joke) :) So glad to see it’s still holding up. Maybe there’s hope for the two tubs my hubby (totally NOT handy at all, except on this one thing) re-finished (painted?) at our lake house last summer. Your sink looks great. Much cleaner than most of the sinks at our house. ;)


  5. Kelly at View Along the Way says:

    Wow! Don’t you love with a DIY fix holds up? High fives for that. Looks great!

  6. Wow! That’s awesome! I definitely want to try since it looks so great :)

  7. How cool is that? Good to know it’s held up!
    xo heidi

  8. I love this idea! Totally pinning it! I had forgotten about the sweet sink and I’m glad to know it is still a success. :)

    Happy day to you!

    :) me

  9. WOW. First, I can’t believe you can paint a sink and second, I can’t believe how well it’s held up for 2 years. This is definitely a good endorsement to give this a try.

  10. I’d say you got your money’s worth and mileage out of the sink. That makes it a winner.


  11. I like it Does it get a lot of use, or is it a bath that not many people use?

  12. This is an awesome idea. Especially for those that have fixer houses with the 70′s sinks that need updating. I am totally doing this when we end up buying a house of our own! Thanks so much for the idea :)

  13. That is fantastic….great job Linda!!…a great solution!

  14. Wow, Linda! It’s awesome! And gorgeous! Great job!

  15. I can’t believe to my eyes. Is it the same one, wow!! it looks like a new one.

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