the most visited room in the house …

Behind this chalkboard door is the most visited room in our house …


Powder Room Makeover After Chalkboard Door


When searching for before shots of this space, I couldn’t find any.  Not a single picture.  Despite the fact that, when we moved in 17 years ago, I photographed the entire house.  Even the basement.  But not this room.  Nope. Clearly I didn’t know then …


… that one day …


… this would become the most visited room in the house.


The 3 1/2’ x 5’ first floor powder room bathroom …


Powder Room Makeover After door open wide shot


Visitation is not calculated in terms of duration spent …


Powder Room Makeover After Door Open 2


… hopefully, wishfully, thankfully …


Powder Room Makeover After Door Open


… but more in terms of frequency.


Powder Room Makeover After long shot


You know, multiple visits per visit …


Powder Room Makeover After longer shot


… dependent on the duration of the visit …


Powder Room Makeover after mirror


… and the number of beverages consumed during said visit.


Powder Room Makeover After Sink & Mirror


And no.  I will not venture into the bowels of bad bathroom humor here …


Powder Room Makeover After Faucet


… okay, with the exception of that one joke, I’ll keep my potty mouth in check …


Powder Room Makeover Fuzzy Cover


… uh oh, now I’m on a roll.  Tee hee.


Powder Room Makeover After Numbered Hooks


Clearly I have an abundance of ‘after’ shots …


Powder Room Makeover After Numbered Hooks more


… but what to do about the before? Well, I’m forced to create a bit of a re-enactment.


Powder Room Makeover After Numbered Hooks doorway


You know, a la CSI.


Powder Room Makeover After Hanging Basket


Using some of the ugly that, unfortunately, still exists in the other bathrooms in our home …


Powder Room Makeover After Basket Closeup


… to serve as my powder room “before” body double, if you will …


Powder Room Makeover After 1 2 3


That floral wallpaper down there on the left – exposed when we removed the ‘lovely’ Hollywood make-up mirror light fixture on the right – at one time covered the entire space.  Floor to ceiling …


Powder Room Makeover Before WallpaperPowder Room Makeover Before Light


I ripped that stuff down all by my lonesome about 10 years ago.  And let me tell  you, that was one messy job.


When I freed that last piece of ugly floral, I proceeded to paint it purple.  Just because I could.  And that sink.  I painted it too.  Yup. You read that right.  Painted it with a re-glazing medium …


Powder Room Makeover Before Purple WallsPowder Room Makeover Before Sink


Now, this most recent makeover involved the nail gun, my husband and my favorite:  board and batten …


Powder Room Makeover After Board and Batten


… painting above it with leftover BM Yarmouth Blue from the kitchen.


I made a relaxed balloon shade and hung it high to give the illusion that the glass block window is twice as tall …


Powder Room Makeover Relaxed Balloon Shade 1


The vanity was given a coat of leftover BM Bittersweet Chocolate from the kitchen remodel …


Powder Room Makeover Fuzzy Cover


… and yes, that is a fuzzy toilet seat cover.  Don’t mock. That’s just the way I roll …


And there you have it.  My teeny tiny (in size, not effort) powder room makeover.  The most visited room in the house …


… well, unless my teen son’s friends are the visitors.  That’s when the kitchen gives the powder room a serious run for the money …


Board and Batten Bathroom with Painted Sink

P.S. You can find out how I added moulding to our boring builder grade mirror here



P.P.S. And get the lowdown on how I painted the sink here

Paint A Sink DIY Tutorial How To

P.P.P.S. And how we added the board and batten by following the tutorial here

Board and Batten Wall Treatment in Entry

P.P.P.P.S. And how I made the balloon shade curtain by clicking here …

Balloon Shade Tutorial


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  1. says

    that room looks fabulous! Those are the same colors I have in our master bedroom…and I love the combination..with one piece of black!
    I am your newest follower…pls follow back if you can. I don’t have a linky follow…I am trying to keep things simple..hahaha..wish me luck with that!!

  2. says

    I like the look of your bathroom, I would like to do something to make mine look nicer but at this stage I am having enough trouble just keeping it clean…… Although if I want to feel better about my bathroom all I have to do is go and look at either my parents or my brothers bathrooms as they are always a lot messier than mine……..

  3. says

    What a pretty room and I am inspired by the paint job on your sink…you should see the sink we have in our powder room…it has gold junk set into it.I have tried to “scratch” it off but that stuff is baked in solid. Just might have to have a go at this. How long ago did you paint …is it durable?

  4. says

    So nice – I can picture you blogging in there! Love the numbers (you’ll have to give us a count on all the numbers in your house)! I can picture you manhandling the old light and wallpaper – you are a DIY diva!

  5. says

    So tell me Linda dear…. is your board and batten of the fool the eye variety? I need to have some. I love the clean white with the character it adds.


  6. says

    it looks amazing! I have a ridiculously small powder room as well, which is lacking in space, charm, and light. I don’t know that mine is the most used (I don’t let the kids use it so I know my guests always have a clean bathroom!) but I know it is the most tired room in the house because I don’t think it’s been refreshed since the house was built! I think I’ll check with my landlord to see if he has issues with me freshening it up a bit. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, and I’m following you on Linky now too :)

  7. says

    You did a great job!!! I love the finished look of it. It’s great you were able to reuse paint/stain/etc from other rooms of the house, too.

    Now following via Linky Followers as well….

  8. says

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, we have a tiny little bathroom, our only bathroom and I want to put board and batten in it. Yours is almost exactly like what I have been “dreaming” about! It’s fabulous! Thank you!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. says

    That powder room rocks. Such style. Love the board and batten. You must have spent some serious time in there installing that. (I would love board and batten down my long hallway and batten the bed roooms near the back door which is our non-existence foyer space.

    I really thought you would crack a joke about the numbers on the wall. LOL.

    Your washcloths, is that was is hanging there? Did you sew loops on? What’s the…nah, I can’t make a “Give us the poop? joke about towels. That’s just toilet humor. 😉

    Seriously, more info on the cloths, please.
    ~ Dana

    • says

      How could I forget the 1 & 2 joke! The board & batten is a really affordable installation too.

      And yes, I sewed elastic hoops on the hand towels. They hang right above the toilet and was worried that I would be fishing them out of said toilet every other day. With the elastic hoops, they stay put!


  10. says

    Your powder room is very cute! I like how you used board and batten around the room and then added those hooks and numbers. Very cute! I caught all those “puns” too. Ha! Thanks for popping in and saying hi to me too.

  11. says

    That is one cute little bathroom. I have you beat on small though. My half bath is a sink and a toilet and just enough room to open the door and just miss the sink. It needs a makeover too. I told it to get in line.

  12. says

    I love what you have done with your powder room. We are building at the moment so I love looking at what others have done around their homes. I will be using some of your idea’s. Thanks for sharing…


  13. says

    You make me laugh, Linda! This is awesome. i absolutely love the blue on the walls, the numbers, and that valence totally tricked me into thinking it was a huge window! You did an awesome job and thanks for linking up at Get Schooled Saturday:)

  14. says

    Gorgeous. Stunning. Magazine-worthy. Absolutely love it. Love the colors, the board-and-batten, the floor, the window! Thanks for sharing, I found your link at Between Naps party. Hugs ~ Mary

  15. says

    Your little bathroom looks awesome! I still have those Hollywood lights in all three of my bathrooms!!! And my home was built in 2000. What were they thinking…oh yeah, CHEAP. I can’t wait to replace them. You really created a modern and attractive space! Love the fabric on your window covering.

  16. says

    It looks great, Linda! I can just imagine it with that wallpaper, too. Especially considering that when we moved in to our old house {back in 1990} we wallpapered our whole powder room just because the walls were so horrible. When getting ready to sell, I had to remove every last shred of that wallpaper and we redid our powder room. Best thing we ever did and it became my favorite room in the house these last couple of years. Not because I used it a lot but because it makes for such a dramatic transformation.

  17. says

    We both have popular rooms, ours is used quite a bit too. Just can’t keep them out of such a fun room! Your transformation if really nice, love the board and batten. Your bathroom humor is really cute. Maybe small, but of so cute. Thanks for your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best.

  18. says

    Love what you did with this tiny space. It’s an inspiration for me, we’re going to gut our equally small bath next week! Especially like the numbers for the towels – oh and the chalkboard on the door! Would love to stay linked! -


  19. says

    what a great way to maximize the tiny space~! I love everything from the colours you chose to the cute little baskets! :) I’m definitely a new follower~! Feel free to drop by and follow back :)

  20. says

    I love your bathroom. You did an amazing job and have given me such wonderful ideas. It is elegant warm and inviting. I would love it if you would share your wonderful post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


  21. char says

    I would be very interested to know how the sink is holding out, I have the same colour which I hate. look forward to your reply

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