a baseboard fix


My baseboards had an inferiority complex.  They’re very insecure.  Self-conscious.  Constantly comparing themselves to other baseboards in the neighborhood …




… and coming up short.  And skimpy.  And, well, wimpy.


If my baseboards were on the playground at school, they would get picked last for kickball.  The definitely can’t climb that rope in gym class.  And I fear they would be in serious danger of getting a wedgy in the locker room from the bigger and beefier baseboard mouldings …


So when I decided to put board and batten up in the dining room, I knew I’d have to come up with a solution for those wimpy baseboards.  A solution that would not include a crow bar and me trying to pry those old baseboards off the wall.  Because that is a skill beyond my talents.


My solution:  Just cover them up.  That’s right.  I would install my new beefier mouldings right on top of them.  Using these pieces of MDF and decorative trim …




We started with the 1 x 4 MDF board …




Followed by the 1 x 2 MDF board …




And then finished it off with the decorative moudling …




We just used liquid nails to attach and held it in place with painter’s tape while it dried …




After some caulking and painting, now our baseboards can hold their little baseboard heads high …



… with pride.



Baseboard Fix: Easy Way To Add Height and Bulk to Baseboards; No Crow Bars Needed!

P.S. You can see the dining room before and after here …

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