Super Saturday Link Party

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Bucket from Kleinfworth & Co.   I’m on the fence about Easter baskets this year. The kids are teens, after all. Neither one has much of a sweet tooth …   … and their favorite part of the basket has always been the gift I would include. A new video game or American Girl […]

A Kick In The Pants, Take 2


If this blog was a corporation — and I just a cog in the wheel helping to run said corporation – I would have been fired.   Like six months ago.   My list of fire-able offenses include missed deadlines. Showing up late for work. Or not showing up at all. And, my latest blunder […]

Spring Break In Chicago


Last Friday morning I dropped my 16-year-old son at school with a suitcase in one hand, and a tux in the other.   We arrived early so he could help pack up the charter bus. The charter bus that would take him and his fellow orchestra and band comrades to Tampa. Where they would board […]

A Master Bedroom Kick-in-the-Pants


Just about every day I get an email about the blog …   emails above and beyond comments on posts or questions about projects.   I’m talking about people or companies who want to be on the blog.  A concept that still escapes me, but is a huge compliment to all of you. You see, […]

Easter Dessert Ideas & Recipes

dessert recipes

The Super Saturday Link Party always makes me hungry … and some of you have left me that very same comment. On the plus side, I have an abundance of new recipes ideas to try out. On the minus side is the plus side cravings the party induces. My Weight Watchers diet resolve is put […]

Super Saturday Link Party

Game of Thrones

I have a guilty pleasure to confess. I’m not proud. And I’m really, really tired …   It all started over the weekend. With Comcast Cable’s annual “Watchathon.” A promotion that is pure genius …   and pure evil.   For one full week us non-premium cable subscribers have access to shows and series that […]

Easter Craft Ideas

easter crafts

  As a blogger who blogs about … well … making things, I feel a certainly obligation around the holidays. An obligation to …   well …   make things.   And then, of course, share a tutorial about how I made said things.   With that in mind, the past few weeks should have […]

Super Saturday Link Party

lemon poppy cake

Squirrel.   That one word sums up my week this week. For the life of me I couldn’t get focused. I tried. But the minute I would settle in to a project I’d spot a squirrel. And off I would go chasing that bushy tail …   Sigh.   Here’s hoping I have better luck […]

Gold Dinosaur Necklace

gold dinosaur necklace

Dinosaur Necklace

Super Saturday Link Party

salmon recipe

I’m thinking Mother Nature read my blog post on Monday. You know the one, right? The one where I shared how I’m not really ready for Spring. Well, mentally, yes. But physically, no. I’m just not ready to shed my protective layers …   I don’t know if Mother Nature is a regular reader who […]

Bedroom Progress & $100 Ace Hardware Giveaway

Dewalt Cordless Drill

This one’s for Mike.   In the two-plus years that I’ve been blogging he’s put up with a lot.   Starting with the chaos. Rooms torn apart. Half painted. Half finished …   for months on end.   Then there’s the rolling ball of tarp that moves from room-to-room as I tackle new projects. Okay, […]

Thrift Store Vase Repurpose


Vase Repurpose

Puppy Love & Link Party Features

navy white wreath

There’s nothing like puppy love. And watching my daughter experience those feelings for the first time is both magical …   and frightening.   I want to cheer her on … listen to her stories from school … be her confidant. Well, one of her confidants. The one who’s been there, done that. The one […]

Random Ramblings & A Link Party


Before you go to the Super Saturday link party, I thought I’d entertain you with some random ramblings …   1. Let’s start with, what was I thinking when I bought those knobs? They’re all brassy. And tarnished. Honestly, I would never have given them a second glance … heck, I would never have given […]

My Life Journey: Managing Finances

BMO Week 5 534 x 515

This post brought to you by BMO Harris Bank N.A. Member FDIC. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you remember when you could only bank during set business hours? 9-to-5, Monday through Friday? With a few short hours on a Saturday morning …   It seems like it was just yesterday when my mother would […]

All That Glitters is Gold Decor

gold decor ideas

It was just a few years ago that I was on a mission to eradicate all things gold from my decor. Replacing gold hardware and gold doorknobs. Painting over brassy gold sconces  and picture frames and accessories …   silver spray paint was my constant companion.   But now? Well, it looks like all things […]

Super Saturday Link Party


I know this link party is supposed to be all about you, you, you. And, yet, I keep making it all about me, me, me.   And tonight is no exception.   Though, technically, this is about you too. A chance for you to win a case of the new vintage green Ball canning jars […]

DIY Anthropologie Bowls

Anthropologie Bowls

Greetings to all you wonderful readers of It All Started With Paint! We are excited to be guest posting here today and have something to share with you that we think you will love! DIY Anthropologie Bowls!   On our site, MadeFromPinterest, we test the pins that we pin from Pinterest and then share the […]

My Life Journey: College Bound Kids

BMO Scavenger Hunt

This post brought to you by BMO Harris Bank N.A. Member FDIC. All opinions are 100% mine. The last three posts in this My Life Journey series looked back on my milestones. Today, I’m looking forward. At my college bound kids. And I don’t have to look too far …     which freaks me out. […]

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

St. Patrick Day Craft Recipe Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is, hands down, my mother’s favorite holiday. Of all time.   And not just because the traditional corned beef and cabbage and potato meal is the easiest one-pot meal in the history of all meals. Just toss everything into a big pot and boil.   And not just because her name, Molly, […]