What It Feels Like To Take Your Child To College


I’ve been avoiding the ‘feels’ for days. Weeks. Months.   I’ve immersed myself in a major DIY. Tearing apart the kitchen. Adding height to the cabinets. Priming and painting walls and cabinet doors and drawers.   I’ve been shopping till I drop for mini fridges and surge protectors and school supplies and cleaning supplies.   […]

Summer Vacation

Screen Porch in Navy and White Decor

    Vacation time is reading time. And this year, I introduced my 18-year-old son to David Sedaris. And in doing so, I reintroduced myself to David Sedaris.   Nice to meet you again, David Sedaris. And thank you for making me laugh and mutter and shake uncontrollably while sitting in a beach chair as […]

Painting Builder Grade Cabinets: Prep & Priming

How To Paint Builder Grade Oak: The Prep

And so it begins. Again.   Somewhere … some time … somehow(!) … I’ve come full circle. I find myself standing in the middle of the kitchen with a paint brush in one hand and a sample size paint tester in the other. And as I watch two eerily similar looking shades of gray-blue paint dry on […]

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Mason Jar Crafts: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Blue Mason Jar

Sometime in mid-June I lapsed into vacation mode. Which was odd, because I wasn’t on vacation.  That was still over a month away.   But somehow … inexplicably … when the kids finished school, I clicked into island time.   I’m lucky if I make my bed each day. And feed the family. Accomplish a bit of food […]

Wrigley Field

Mason Jar Craft: Baseball Uniform Mason Jar

My son has been hard at work looking for a part time job this summer. To earn some cash for college.   And when I say working hard I really mean his mother has been prodding and poking and pestering him to walk the streets handing out resumes, and submitting online applications to the big […]

Three Cheers For The Red, White & Blue

Red White Blue Mason Jar Flags

Okay, not just three cheers.   But four.     Four conspicuously similar looking red, white, and blue mason jars.   Though always in sets of three.     Just variations in composition.     And jar sizes.   But on this 4th day of July I would like to send out three cheers to […]

Cutting Board Collection

Wood Cutting Boards - Rustic, Wood, Small Cutting Boards

  I’ve never been a collector of things.   Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’ve amassed quite the collection of dust. And dust bunnies.   I’m also very skilled at collecting dirty dishes in the sink. And shoes in the foyer.   And at varying times throughout the week, the dining room sports multiple collections […]

The Making The Bed Experiment

Blue white brown bedroom

I read somewhere that making the bed each morning will make you more productive. The single act of accomplishing a task that, for many (myself included), is less than desirable can get your day off on the right foot. The productive foot.   Which I think may be the right one.   For the past month-and-a-half or so […]

Tool Box Herb Planter

Rustic Tool Box Planter

A miracle has happened.   And I don’t mean a parting-the-sea-turning-water-to-wine variety of miracle.   Mine is much more humble. Though, life and death was involved. 😉   In my little corner of the universe, this was a truly monumental feat. Something that has never, ever happened before. To be honest, I’m still scratching my head how it […]

Beach Blues & A Giveaway!


You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can never, ever take the Jersey out of the girl.    After 22 years in Chicago,  I still identify as a Jersey girl. Those roots run deep. Especially at this time of year.   You see, I’m not just a Jersey girl. I’m a Jersey shore girl. […]

Pomp & Circumstance

Molly Braden - Blaine 8th Grade Video

This week isn’t about paint or crafts or diy or mason jars.   It’s about caps and gowns and fancy dresses and khaki pants and button down shirts and ties. It’s about processions and diplomas and pomp and circumstance. And parties.   Oh, and tears. Lots and lots of tears.   Yes, I’m stocking up on […]

How To Paint and Distress Mason Jars

How To Paint Distress Mason Jars: Chalk Paint Mason Jars in Pink, Grey, Greige, White

For those of you who are regular visitors here at Paint (thank you!), you probably scratched your head when you saw the title of this post in your newsfeed. Or inbox. Because you know I’ve been painting and distressing mason jars … and selling painted and distressed mason jars … for 2+ years now.   But […]

A Pop of Color

Easy DIY Art Idea

Okay. Give it to me straight.   I’m a big girl. I can handle it.   Are you so over the term “pop of color?” Should it be put to rest along with “man cave” (shudder) and “mom cave” (double shudder) and any and all things made with coffee filters?   Though, admittedly, I still […]

A Mason Jar Giveaway

Painted Distressed Mason Jars in Lavender

Source: Drop Cloth Design Co. on Etsy   If my blog truly … truly … reflected my everyday happenings, then each and every post would look like this.   Mason jars.   Painted and distressed.   Because not a day goes by that I’m not working with mason jars. Painting, distressing, sealing, packing, labeling, and/or […]

Weight Watchers Ice Cream

pictures of ice cream bars

This post brought to you by Weight Watchers® Ice Cream. The content and opinions expressed below are that of It All Started With Paint. You know how I’ve declared this The Year of the Blog. Well,I’ve also declared it The Year I Get Healthy.   Hence all the Weight Watchers recipe ideas I’ve been eating […]