Paint’s Chips

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

My to do tomorrow list has gotten out of control.   Which shouldn’t come as a big surprise. I’ve been working on it all week, after all.   Oh who am I kidding, I’ve been working on it for two weeks.   It started innocently enough. A to do today list was created at the […]

Chicago Subway Art with Chalk


Regrets.   I have a few. Some bad choices I made back in my youth. But I don’t let those regrets define me.   In fact, I’ve used those bad choices as learning experiences. Opportunities to make better choices moving forward.   And moving forward has turned out fabulously.   But there is one regret I […]

Fabric Scrap Banner

how to make a fabric banner using scraps

I dropped my laptop.   So not cool.   My laptop is my everything. It contains my life. My work. My family. My blog. My Etsy business …   and my pictures and picture editing software.   That last one really hurts.   Let’s just say I would be lost without my laptop. Crushed. That […]

Weight Watchers Recipe Ideas

Weight Watchers Recipe Ideas

Although I spent my Spring Break vacation with the kids firmly rooted here in Chicago, I somehow managed to indulge in food and drink as if I was living it up in some tropical locale. You could say I was eating and drinking my way through all those  Spring Break Facebook posts reminding me that […]

Paint’s Chips


And so it comes to an end …   Spring break, that is.   The daughter is ready for her Washington, D.C. trip next month. It only took two hours, but she now has a Illinois state ID in hand featuring a picture she despises. Something about her head being shaped like a potato and […]

Spring Break

painted mason jar with flowers

{Click here for the full tutorial on how to make these mason jars}   Dear Facebook Friends,   You’re killing me.   One happy Spring Break vacation post at a time.   There you are in a tank top and shorts smiling wide with one arm flung around your “girl” and the other toasting (or […]


how to paint a pillow

I have a theory about diy-ers. A common thread that ties us all together.   It has nothing to do with talent. Or creativity.   And it has everything to do with frustration.   I think our diy’ing ways are born from frustration.   We get this vision in our head about how we want […]

Paint’s Chips

painted and distressed mason jars

Today is a big day.   A big, BIG day.   A big, BIG day that has nothing to do with Easter.   A big, BIG day that has nothing to do with Cubs opening day at Wrigley …   though, for my husband, this is a big, BIG day.   A big, BIG day […]

Chick Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Some may see this Easter egg craft idea as last minute. And while it may seem that way, it feels natural to me. Perhaps because I’ve always approached Easter as a last minute holiday.   Well, the bunny and egg decorating part of the Easter holiday, that is.   Growing up, the Saturday evening before […]

Dye Easter Eggs With Rice & Food Coloring

dye Easter eggs with food coloring and rice

You know how you never want to be the first one to arrive at a party …   especially when you only know the hosts casually …   because it can only lead to awkward moments. Forced conversations. Repeated glances to the front door. Ears primed (and praying) for the sound of a knock. Or […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green & A Giveaway

kale juice drink jamba juice chicago

This post brought to you by Jamba Juice. The content and opinions expressed below are that of It All Started With Paint.   A funny thing happened on the way to the craft store …   well, not exactly funny. But I did make a wonderful …   surprising …   delicious …   and […]

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

mason jar craft idea sewing kit

I was digging through the blog’s archives looking for something to share today …   the planned sponsor post has been delayed …   and I realized something.   And it wasn’t good.   As far as the blog goes, last year was a bust. I was just limping along. Using participation as a link party […]

Dirty Little Secrets: Cleaning & Organizing the Entry


  Remember my entry and how I told you it held dirty little secrets? And you all were all like, yeah, right, Linda. It looks just fine to me.   You pointed out how the closet door and storage bench could close fully. And how papers weren’t spilling forth from my mail sort bins. And, […]

Hydrangea Wreath: How To Make

spring wreath ideas using faux hydrangea

To create this hydrangea wreath, I first had to collect my supplies from my car …   because, somewhere along the line, my car has become yet another space where I store craft supplies. And Etsy shop supplies …   and the simple act of running out the car had me longing for Spring.   Because in […]

Weight Watchers Zero-Point Cauliflower Poppers

Weight Watchers Zero Point Recipe

Have you heard about the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music? Did you see the behind-the-scenes Diane Sawyer special about it this past weekend?   I did. And I watched.   Only thing, it made me very emotional. I watched with tears streaming down my face. Not exactly sad tears. More like nostalgic tears. […]