Hydrangea Wreath: How To Make

spring wreath ideas using hydrangeas in greens and blues and whites

To create this hydrangea wreath, I first had to collect my supplies from my car …   because, somewhere along the line, my car has become yet another space where I store craft supplies. And Etsy shop supplies …   and the simple act of running out the car had me longing for Spring.   Because in […]

Weight Watchers Zero-Point Cauliflower Poppers

Weight Watchers Zero Point Recipe

Have you heard about the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music? Did you see the behind-the-scenes Diane Sawyer special about it this past weekend?   I did. And I watched.   Only thing, it made me very emotional. I watched with tears streaming down my face. Not exactly sad tears. More like nostalgic tears. […]

Ikea Mirror Makeover … And Teen Girl Groupies

paint a mirror makeover

  A few weeks ago my teen daughter and her friends went to see a boy band play. But it wasn’t some famous scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-and-pull-your-hair-out-as-tears-stream-down-your-face-in-sheer-excitement boy bands.   This band was made up of 13- and 14-year old boy classmates.   And they didn’t play at a giant arena. They played at a bar. And not […]

31 Days of Color: The Perfect Gray

teen girl bedroom ideas

I worked with my first design client last month.   My daughter.   And let me tell you, she was one tough customer. Full of ideas. And strong opinions.   Which was a challenge for me. Because, up until last month, I was flying solo when it came to redesigning this house. Sure, I’d ask […]

Dirty Little Secrets …

house cleaning organizing tips

I realized, after the fact, that my graphic calls out all diy bloggers.   I didn’t mean to.   And that it seems like I’m introducing some type of multi-blogger confessional.   I’m not.   The only dirty little secrets I’ll be sharing here are my own. Though, I’m not the first diy blogger to make […]

Pot Of Gold Topiary

how to make topiary

Today may be St. Patrick’s Day, but in Chicago the celebrating started on Saturday morning …   the dyeing of the Chicago River green …   the parade …   and the bar hops.   The revelers get an early start on Saturday morning too. Like 10 and 11 AM early.   Now I’ve never […]

Gold Bed Frame … Spray Painted!

spray paint a bed frame gold

If you’re ever in the middle of a project and run out of liquid nails, just use toothpaste.   That’s right. Toothpaste.   Because toothpaste has some serious staying power. I know, first hand. Because this past weekend I ventured into the kid’s bathroom …   armed with a chisel and a jackhammer.   I […]

Paint’s Chips

mason jar crafts book

It was a week of surprises. Starting with this … It just showed up on my doorstep. Via UPS. No forewarning whatsoever.   You could say it caught me by surprise. The accolades on Facebook have been overwhelming. Friends and family and former colleagues and sorority sisters and gymnastics coaches and new blogging friends have […]

Spring Flowers in Mason Jars

mason jar and tulips

  There are days when I read other blogs and I think, maybe I should be more playful. Or more upbeat. Or more descriptive …   and my posts should end with some kind or moral. A lesson learned.   Maybe I should share my escapades at the craft store. Or the home improvement store. […]

Throwing It Back to Aged Locker Baskets

how to age locker baskets

You know how everyone is always talking about bringing the outdoors in?   Well, as far as I’m concerned the outdoors can stay out.   Pretty please with sugar on top.   Because lavender scented bug spray does not smell like lavender. It smells like bug spray.   And that rotting cabbage smell we woke […]

Weight Watchers Sesame Chicken & Rice

weight watchers recipe

This is not the regularly scheduled post for today.   Nope. Nope. Nope.   Today I planned to share a St. Patrick’s Day craft. And it was going to be amazing …   AMAZING …   truly. Crepe paper and a dollar store shamrock were going to be so artfully – and amazingly — hot […]

Chandelier Stencil

chandelier stencil

You know that “Champagne taste on a beer budget” saying? Well, my daughter and I have chandelier dreams on a …   a …   a …   hmmm …   I can’t seem to come up with the beer to champagne equivalent in the realm of lighting.   Perhaps light bulb budget?   Either […]

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

pin tuck white duvet cover

Sleep.   I’m a big fan. In my B.C. days – that’s Before Children days for those of you trying to figure out exactly how old I am – you would be hard pressed to see me before 10 or 11 AM on a weekend morning. Mike would have to rouse me with the promise […]

The Year of the Blog: Month Two


February was the month …   The month high school letters were mailed out.   Letters letting students know if their grade and standardized test scores and entrance exam results would qualify them for a much-coveted spot at one of Chicago’s Selective Enrollment high schools.   It’s stressful for all involved.   My soon-to-be-high-school student […]

Pot O’Gold Giveaway

st. patrick's day giveaway

In the spirit of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday, I’ve joined forces with 22 bloggers to put together a Pot O’Gold giveaway event! And one lucky winner will receive a prize package valued at $500+ from 10 very generous sponsors … … a prize package that includes: $50 Ace Hardware Gift Card Ball Brand […]

Inspired by … Spring

mason jar vase

I am under no illusion that Spring will arrive anytime soon in Chicago. Not when the wind chills are clocking in at below zero as I type this …   In fact, Spring in Chicago is an oxymoron. It’s a fleeting event. Arriving in bits and spurts. A warm day here. A sunny week there. […]

Dreaming Of A Master Bath Remodel …

gold master bathroom

Product Source: Decor Planet   There are spaces in my home that will never make an appearance on this blog.   The basement, for one. Well, the ‘old’ basement area. And the laundry cave in the ‘old’ basement. It’s a space in our 120-year-old home that truly shows its age.   Then there’s the master […]

How To Weatherize Your Home & Ace Gift Card Giveaway

winterize your home to make your house more energy efficient

People’s Gas and ComEd have started a new practice. A practice I’m going to call energy shaming.   Over the past year, they’ve been sending me monthly energy reports. They’re all colorful and upbeat with pie charts and bar graphs to show me my energy use …   and compare it with my neighbors.   […]

So I Married A Creative ______________


My better half is taking over the blog today to dish on me and my never-ending DIY/crafting/mason jars projects …  1.  What is your favorite project Linda has done, and why? I was really impressed with all the board ‘n’ batten she’s done in the front hall, the ‘powder room’ and the dining room because […]

Paint’s Chips

american flag mason jars red white blue

It’s the weekend. And I should be excited. I should be winding down. Relaxing. I should be snuggled on the couch with my fuzzy sweater and fuzzy slippers absorbed in a good book …   But there’s no rest for the weary.   This weekend brings with it a lengthy list of to do’s:   […]