before the after …

There can be no “after” without the “before.”


Well, I guess technically there can be an after.  But isn’t it  just so much more dramatic with the before?


So, before any paint touched the living room walls – but not before the paint samples and painter’s tape went up – I shot some living room “befores” …






And since I’m keeping it real here on the blog, couldn’t resist a little color commentary …








I didn’t get to the dining room before I started priming so you’ll have to settle for a glimpse of the “in-between” …




You can also get an eyeful of dining room “befores” on this old holiday post …


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  1. I think it’s going to look great. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Remodeling is such a chore.

  2. Love the reality of it all! So important to keep it in perspective. (Especially for us ADD types!)

  3. Perspective is good.
    But…. You have UN OPENED packages?!?! Seriously? Mine are almost ripped apart before they make it in the door. I love getting packages!

  4. I see lots of “Linda creativity” going on….Can’t wait to see your painting project!…and yes, I am glad I am not the only one who watches Sex in the City re-runs!!!

  5. Your on your way to a new room!Ooooo I love that color!

  6. Ooh, I am excited, Linda! That blue is going to be fabulous. And I really like your hutch in the corner–I think that is what you call it. The medium size with a plant on top, that is a great piece.

    PS-I am painting my kitchen while my husband is at a Memphis Grizzlies game next week. Sshhh, it is a secret. ;)

  7. Oh, hurry up already! We’re dying of suspense here!

  8. Before pictures are so great. I’m not sure why I so often forget to take them. It really adds to the drama of it all. ;)


    P.S. Love Ernie. I just repainted my dining room while my cat napped yesterday and he woke up and you could just sense his confusion as he walked in circles around the dining room over and over again.

  9. Oh Linda! I KNOW it is going to be amazing! I can’t wait to see it when you are finished….and I blog and watch Sex and the City reruns, too! Maybe that’s why we are BFF’s!

    Happy day to you!

    :) me

  10. I LOVE your before pictures. They look just like my house! Seriously! I have a red bedroom.

  11. Are you telling me my Christmas wreaths should be off the doors? Say it isn’t so!


  12. Linda,
    Tim and I are diving into Board and Battenland. (Sounds like a place where your coaster only goes sideways and up and down.)

    We’ve studied your tutorial. ALMOST….so close to picking a color. (Realizing that since we we’ll be replacing our light fixture that honestly, the new light might completely change the color…so jst pick a darn color and move on. Or, wait and get the light first, but that’s so not happening.)

    Wish us luck :)

    BTW – Soooo enjoyed your captions :)

  13. Have no fear – you are light years ahead of our place.

    We still have our $5 Goodwill Autumn wreath on our front door.
    I’m so not kidding.

  14. First – my Christmas door is still up, but it is snowflakes so I think that technically I’m ok. 2nd. I think your LR rug would work in my LR after I paint it white. Are you going to sell? If so, can you send me some info and a better picture? 3rd. You are going to love this when it is done – I can tell already. 4th, I’m so addicted to TV that I hate it when I have to turn it off to take pictures.

  15. I loved a peek into your before living room. Ernie is adorable. My own Ernie (Riley) is often count striking the same poses and happily lounging about. I can’t wait to see what you do with this room.

  16. I love the labeled tour of your real living room. I really love the mirror that your daughter whispers too. I need a mirror to talk to as well.

  17. Oooh! I can see the potential! Love your high ceilings.

  18. Holla! It’s gonna be a stunner!

  19. Love these before pictures! And we have a few (yes, a few, to be exact) of those fake dusty plants around here too. I might have accidentally included one of them in a recent blog picture. And we also have a few brown walls left, you’re not the only one! It was the style at the time, right?? :) That probably means that 10 years from now when everyone will be wondering why we painted all of our walls blue….


  20. I’m excited to see what you have in store for us. I love how the room looks “as-is”…so I’m sure you have something fab lined up to trump it!!!

  21. Hahahaha, I said “is that a Christmas wreath?” before I saw your commentary … there’s no shame is celebrating all winter long. :) And we have that same coffee table … in storage in MD. The after is going to be so awesome!!

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