Candy Cane Wreath

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When the very kind folks at FrogTape® asked it I’d like to try out their new FrogTape Textured Surface tape, I have a feeling they didn’t quite mean this particular very textured surface …


candy-cane-wreath-frog-tape-textured-surface 650 3


Because, really, this tape is designed for textured walls.  And I could have tested it out on my kitchen cabinets – right at the tricky juncture where the tile meets the side of the cabinet – but that would’ve been exceptionally dull …


and not at all festive.


So instead I decided to put tape to the ultimate test.  On a ridiculously textured, bumpy surface …


candy-cane-wreath-frog-tape-textured-surface 650 2


a wreath form.  That I first spray painted white.


And I’ll admit, as I was working on this project I was forming a back up plan.  Not that I doubted FrogTape®  … on the contrary.  I doubted myself as I taped off my candy cane design …


candy-cane-wreath-frog-tape-textured-surface 650


Following the instructions on the FrogTape® Textured Surface box, I used a damp cloth along the edges to seal the tape.




Once dry, I applied the liquid edge sealer …


candy-cane-wreath-frog-tape-textured-surface 650 5




candy-cane-wreath-frog-tape-textured-surface 650 6


After waiting 15 minutes (okay, I waited a little longer than that for it to dry because I was a little too generous with the liquid sealer) I went ahead and spray painted red …


and held my breath as I anxiously awaited waited for the spray paint to dry.  And then peeled off the tape for the reveal …








Looks like I won’t need my back-up plan after all!


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  1. That’s awesome. I have textured walls, which I detest btw, and I always have to paint over the tape with the contrasting color first… this would make it so much easier to get a crisp line!

    Cute wreath, too, Linda!

  2. Oh my gosh this is amazing! I have lightly textured walls and no matter how careful I am I usually get paint bleeding through the tape. I would buy this just for that sealer! Love the wreath. I was so happy you stopped by and said hi. I know you are super busy and it was so good to hear from you. Merry Christmas!

  3. adorable! i love candy cane stripe anything! i have candy cane stripe wrapping paper and i have a candy cane stripe picket on my porch- it’s just a happy design!

  4. This is really cute. I always just use a coat of the base paint over the edge to seal it out. I’ve also used a clear glaze and that worked too. This wreath was probably the perfect guinea pig! I like it. A lot.

  5. Too Cool! I’ve got about 100 things that I can think of to use this on! Your candy cane wreath is adorable! No “plan b” needed! Merry Christmas, girlfriend.

  6. Such a simple tutorial and a great effect. The tape is excellent also. Have to remember this for next Christmas!


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