Holiday Home Tour 2013


I’ve finally got the house decorated.


Okay, I’ll fess up.  I still haven’t put the Christmas in the City village up.  And I must.  The kids are already smarting that I’ve changed up so many things this year.


But that’s a story for another day …


Today’s post is going to be more about the pictures and less about the words.


So let’s start at the beginning.  The entry.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-23 2


I’m a sucker for twinkle lights and I used them generously around the house.   I’d leave them up year round if I could without being accused of being a frat boy …


My candy cane wreath is hanging proudly on the board and batten wall treatment we installed a few years ago.


candy-cane-wreath-2 3

I also made some stockings …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-21 2

using  fun, graphic fabrics.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-25

But these are strictly decorations, I assured the kids.  They have beautiful, treasured hand-embroidered stockings that their aunt made for them when they were first born.  I’m pretty sure she spent the full nine months of my gestation to make them …


The living room gets a new look for the holidays to better go with the redecorating thing that happened in this room over the summer …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-18 2


I kept it pretty simple with new pillow covers and poinsettias …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-9 2

Poor things.  They had no idea crossing the threshold into my home was the kiss of death …


The pictures over the couch received wreaths tie up with red ribbons.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-11 2



Holiday-House-Tour 2013-2 2

The little car in a jar snow globe I made found a place to reside beside the couch.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-22


On the other side of the room you’ll find my Pom Pom mirror wreath.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-8 2


Which I shared here last week.


Pom-Pom-Wreath-Holiday-Mantel-6 2


Residing over my fantel mantel.


Pom-Pom-Wreath-Holiday-Mantel-3 2

Last but not least in my little living room is the tree …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-13 2


The real one.  Filled with family ornaments we’ve been collecting for 20 years …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-12 2


The dining room received a similar decorating treatment to go with it’s remodel.  Reds. Greens. And soon-to-be-R.I.P. poinsettias.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-4 2

A little tree sits in the corner under the clock.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 4 2


With  empty boxes wrapped up underneath.  You know, to taunt the kids.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-23

Oh. Wait. The kids taunted me with these.  A bit of mocking for wrapping empty boxes …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-30 2


In the funky little window I added battery powered candles and hung red ornaments on white ribbon.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-29 2


What to do with the china cabinet was a challenge …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 3-2


I really didn’t want to pack everything up and replace it with Christmassy stuff.  But then my friend Kim shared her French Farmhouse holiday kitchen décor.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-20

She decorated her hutch with simple red balls and bottle brush trees.  So I decorated my china cabinet with simple red balls and bottle brush trees.


Thanks Kim.

Winking smile

On the backs of the chairs I hung dollar store wreaths …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-14 1 3


using a few scraps of fabric left over from the living room pillows.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-17 1


Last but not least in the dining room, of course …


Holiday-House-Tour 2013-5 2


our pallet wood B.


Holiday-House-Tour 2013 2-4 1

You can order your own here …


And if you do, it will fill your heart with joy.  The family making these wonderful pallet wood projects is doing so to help raise money to adopt a child.


The family room/sun room is last on my hit list.  It’s close to complete.  I still have that pesky village to set up.  But I do have a tree back there as well.  A snow themed tree I shared last week (at this link) …


snow-theme-christmas-tree 2-5 1



snow-theme-christmas-tree 1



snow-theme-christmas-tree 2-4 2



snow-theme-christmas-tree Final

Thanks for stopping by and touring my holiday home!

Red, Green, Lime Green Christmas Decorations


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  1. says

    It looks great! And if I don’t find the dang stockings, my adult children will have a meltdown. DL says he has “seen them,” but has no idea where. I guess it’s another trip to the attic. *sigh*

  2. says

    It is absolutely stunning Linda- I don’t understand why I haven’t been following you on bloglovin’ yet- I absolutely adore your style. From the white board and batten to the fresh hits of color everywhere including all my favourite premier prints patterns and fabrics- I love it!! Heading out to rectify and add you to my feed so I don’t miss another thing!!

  3. Beverley says

    So beautiful, so creative… there is no room for improvement. It’s perfect. Love the graphic patterns and the colors. Particularly like the different shades of green…not just the stereotypical hunter green but a mix of lime green, apple green etc. Really, really festive.

  4. says

    Love! I want to see the Christmas in the City when you get it up! I have it but haven’t put it up in years… I have all the villages, but North Pole is our favorite so we do that. My sone is the same if I change anything. 16 years old and so very full of Christmas Spirit! Love that!

  5. says

    So charming! I love it all. Are you hosting a leg of the neighborhood progressive dinner? After all that work, you should. But do the desserts so you don’t have to move anymore furniture. Happy Holidays, jolly lady.
    The Other Marian

  6. says

    Spectacular tour Linda…and I love, love the bright colors and patterns that you used on the pillows and stockings…so very “Joy to the World” look!!!…you nailed it .. a great, great tour and fabulous job Linda..
    Merry Christmas!!!

  7. says

    I LOVE all of the graphic print pillows and the colors that you chose and your “luck” with poinettias made me laugh out loud. As much as I love all things “green and growing” I simply can NOT manage to keep one alive for more than a week! I swear, they start to die as soon as I set them on the table! Merry Christmas to you, my dear, dear girlfriend! Here’s to a wonderful 2014. Let’s have lunch?! xo

  8. jenny says

    This was my first visit to your blog ever. Your home is beautiful, your decorations are creative, classy and executed with style. The pictures are of fantastic quality. I was two seconds from adding you to my reading list and then I was suddenly bombarded by an autoplay video ad. Sadly, that’s a deal breaker for me. I understand the need for advertising. But autoplay video ads are obnoxious and offensive.

  9. says

    Oh Linda- everything is just so beautiful and festive. The last picture is absolutely beautiful. I like how you used the fabric from the pillows to secure the wreaths to the chairs. I must have missed the candy cane wreath. that looks so cute. I sure do hope you and your family have a very merry christmas. Many hugs to you!.:)

  10. Lisa W. says

    Hello…I stumbled across your blog from Thiselwood Farms blog (love HER) but I SO truly TRULY enjoyed this post. Your decor is magical, you ARE a very talented lady. For that I say thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family. MAN they have to feel the magic of Christmas while in your home!!!


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