Mini Trees 4 Ways


Don’t you just love a Christmas craft project that is so simple.  So easy.  So uncomplicated that even the most diy-challenged could execute it flawlessly …


oh please reassure me that I haven’t just set myself up for hundreds of “pin fail” posts.

Winking smile

And speaking of uncomplimentary posts …


Have you heard of a website called Get Off My Internets?  It’s a blog that offers “insider scoop” on various blogs and bloggers.  And then there are the Forums …


dun dun dun dun.


It’s free-for-all in the Forums.  A place where blog readers express their thoughts on various blogs in the DIY blogging world.


Not all bad.  But not all good either.


So when I saw traffic coming to this blog from a Get Off My Internets Forum, let’s just say my heart stopped …


and there may have been some quivering in my boots.


You see, at the time I had no idea what the site was all about.  Though I did infer from the name it couldn’t be good.


And then … well then I had a decision to make.  Do I follow the link and see what was being said about me and this blog in a Forum on a website that wants people (like me?) off the internet?


The rational answer is a resounding “no.”  But I’m not always rational …


So I went.  And I held my breath as I scrolled down the page.  Let’s just say, it wasn’t looking good.  There was some major snark going on.


And when I arrived at this comment …


Since we know S reads here, I found this and wanted to share… Its holiday fun and holiday color done right,


I gasped.


What?  What?  WHAT!!!!


But then …


well, then I kept on reading.  For follow up comments on that comment above.  Because I’m a glutton for punishment.


A rational person would’ve just taken the compliment and run.  But, as I said, I wasn’t feeling all that rational …


So what did I find?  Well, I found this follow up comment: Love that! And, she takes great pictures.


And this follow up comment:  Wow that link is awesome, really cute designs!


And this:  And I love that.




And wow!




I survived the snark that is the GOMI Forums unscathed.  In fact, my first appearance in the GOMI Forums was good and positive and reaffirming …


Thanks GOMI Forum folks!  I am forever indebted to your kindness!


And now I should probably get back to the regularly scheduled post. The one about those easy-to-make mini trees.  Like this scalloped felt one …




I shared the tutorial on how to make this tree at my guest post on Made From Pinterest.  Just click here …


And then I made some ribbon trees.




Unlike the scalloped felt trees, I abandoned the hot glue gun and opted for pins instead …


Mini-Trees-How-To 4


This way I can change up the look if I decide to change up the colors in future years.


The fabric trees used some scraps left over from my holiday pillow covers …




attached again with pins.




I simply laid the cone on the fabric and rolled it around.  Then I pinned in place and trimmed.


And then there’s the wrapping paper covered trees …


Mini-Trees-wrappping paper


Yep.  Pins again.  I used the same method as the fabric.  I simply laid the cone on the wrapping paper and rolled.  I pinned in place and then trimmed along the bottom edge.




Now you may be wondering about that glittering gold tree.  That one I purchased.  It was $14 at Lowes and the sparkle caught the corner of my eye when I walked through the doors …


drawing me to it like a moth to flame …


or a snarky Jersey girl to hairspray …

Winking smile

Christmas Crafts - Mini Trees

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  1. Shannon says

    Linda…Linda…don’t look!!!! I’m so glad it was a great affirmation for the hard work you put into this amazing blog!!! BUT, not all people are going to be happy with anything you do. It’s just a fact.. We can’t please everyone!! So what really matters is your fellow bloggers and followers (ok not in a cultish way, followers) your readers (better) love your blog. It’s amazing and creative… And best of all… It’s YOUR journey!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. says

    You make me laugh out loud! I was on GOMI a month or so ago…unlike you, I had NO CLUE what it was all about. They had some nice things to say…and I’m thankful. I love your trees, especially the red one and I agree with you on the gold glitter one….love it like the 1970’s loved hot pants…and tie dye.

    I may need to go lie down now…Wow,THAT was a bad visual. xo

  3. says

    Oh gosh… I’ve never heard of that site. But I’m glad I didn’t have to go set them straight on It All Started With Paint. Hate to start off on the wrong foot.

  4. Carol-Anne says

    Lots of us on GOMI are a bit over the top. But MOST of us are decent people who feel completely justified in commenting on people WHO PUT THEIR LIVES & CHILDREN’S LIVES out there for all to see/comment upon. The fact that your blog didn’t receive horrible criticism most likely means you’re doing it right.

  5. Erin says

    I’m a GOMI cat as well and trust me…as long as you are a good and true human being no harm can come to you. I have you on my reader now and I can’t wait to look back at all your posts!

  6. lisa says

    Another GOMIer here. I love your site! I’ve added it to my Bloglovin feed :) You have a good eye. We actually can be quite reasonable when making money off of children and really crappy decor aren’t involved lol

  7. says

    Hi Linda, just found you through Metamorphosis Monday. I love those little trees, the glitterier (is that a word?) the better! Of course my favorite thing about them is that they are so quick and easy!

    Have a great day!
    Val @ artsybuildinglady

  8. Kris says

    I just found your site through Pinterest. Its an awesome site and I love the crafts. However it won me over when I read this line: or a snarky Jersey girl to hairspray …:)

    Im Jersey born and raised too. I live in Seattle now and I just made my Jersey heart happy. :)

    • says

      See, only a Jersey girl gets that joke! And thanks for reading all the way to the end of the post!!! Oh, and I may or may not have been watching the Jersey Real Housewives when I wrote that. Though, I do much prefer the original season!!!

      :) Linda

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